4 Top Things to Consider When Thinking About Purchasing A Holiday Home

With summer on the way, you may find that you are becoming slightly fanatical about the thought of a few lazy days at the beach or escaping to a secluded country cottage. Or if you are lucky enough, maybe perhaps you’re considering that it’s time to buy your own piece of personal paradise. Buying a holiday home is not too different from buying a normal home residence or investment property. The main difference is that one property is in your native country, and the other, holiday dream home, will be abroad somewhere of your choosing. Location, price and the property…

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Happy New Year – Top Five Friday

Happy New Year everyone, I know I am about 12 days late saying this but to be honest its been hectic. So hectic that I couldn’t even share a Top Five Fridayfor the first Friday in the New Year. Anyway, so much has happened since I last shared a Top Five Friday post and can’t wait to share. Anyway before I continue to ramble on about my happenings, Happy New Year again. As is tradition with this series, I try to share items of interest to me from the last five days. Obviously since I have missed about four Fridays,…

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12 Months of Happiness – November 2017 Recap

12 Months of Happiness is a monthly recap series of all the wonderful things that made me happy that month. The aim of this post is to focus on the positives in life and also look positively on the negative ones. Our world has enough negatives to go round so for my corner of the world, I choose to only be positive. Trying to put this post together when we are so close to the end of the year has proven difficult. October 2017 recap was an impressively busy month from walking a half marathon to flying off to Barcelona. I…

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Top Five Friday Frankfurt Getaway

When I started the Top Five Friday series, it was to share the major five happenings. Whilst I have continued to do that, it is now more focused on the good than the bad. As I always say, the world has enough bad things happening without me adding to it. This weekend I am in Frankfurt, which is obviously the highlight of my week so far. Even though it is a highlight, it has come at a bad time for me financially but oh well. Frankfurt is a city I have wanted to visit for the longest time, I have…

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Top Five Friday November Recap

This is now becoming a trend because I can not seem to catch up on The Top Five Friday series. But as always I am hopeful I will be able to keep up with them even with just recaps. Can you believe that today is the first day of December 2017? Like how did that even happen, one minute we celebrating the new year and next its end of the year. I must confess the last few weeks have been pretty hectic but excited to see what December 2017 has in store for us. Before we get to the bright…

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Top Five Friday Rome wasn’t built in a day

November has been such a hectic month, I have not even consistently blogged on The Myrabev Life. I have mentioned many times how its been difficult trying to manage the blogs and life offline. But honestly if I think about it, I can do it better if I organised myself better. Blogging has never been easy anyway so that was to be expected trying to manage to blogs. Regardless I love it and days like tomorrow make me happier when I do nothing but explore. Top Five Friday Rome wasn’t built-in a day From the title I am sure you…

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12 Months of Happiness – October 2017 Recap

12 Months of Happiness is a monthly recap series of all the wonderful things that made me happy that month. The aim of this post is to focus on the positives in life and also look positively on the negative ones. Our world has enough negatives to go round so for my corner of the world, I choose to only be positive. When I shared the September 2017 recap I mentioned how busy the month was for me. October seemed to be no different but at least I got some respite in the middle of the chaos that is life.…

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Top Five Friday – The October Recap

It’s already been 3 Fridays {including today} since I last shared the Top Five Friday with you all. I am a blogger whose pretty bad with keeping up with series and this time was no different. There is no rhyme or reason why I didn’t post the last two Fridays other than pure boredom. You could say I was not motivated enough to blog or had a blogging slump. Both which are equally true and very applicable to me those two weeks ago, slowly improving. Thinking about what to include in the October Recap plus the first two Friday’s in…

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Top Five Friday – Christmas Hampers

This week Friday has arrived faster than any other week but I couldn’t have it any other way. Though I wish I could stop procrastinating and actually start working on my 4 assignments due next week for postgraduate. With only 7 days left to submit the assignments I am now even more desperate than before. Today has also been the best one yet, I managed to set up my new coffee machine. I also managed to receive my new Christmas hamper which has me smiling from ear to ear. Top Five Friday – Christmas Hampers  Prestige Hampers – I am…

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Top Five Friday – local adventures

I can not believe it’s already Friday, which means another dose of Top Five Friday, Local adventures. This week has gone by so fast, I am now just realizing I have wasted 4 weeks and not managed to work on my postgraduate assignment. It’s due in two weeks and I am procrastinating too much which is not good as I have 4 assignments to get done ASAP. But never one to dwell too much I am planning on working on one assignment today. The plan is to do the blog things along side my normal day job between 9-5 then…

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