{Food Box} September 2014 Degustabox

Y’all know my love for the Degustabox and how hooked I am to be trying out new products every month for only £12.99. Regular readers know I cancelled most of my subscription boxes in order to save money but I kept the Degustabox. Not because it is not costing me money but because it’s helping me not spend too much on food.

September 2014 Degustabox

When my September 2014 Degustabox arrived I was in Zambia so I had no idea what to expect. When I arrived I had to move house immediately after work (the very day I arrived – greatly plan huh!). I was so tired I didn’t even get a chance to go food shopping but then I remembered my Degustabox. At that time I had them delivered to work and I was officially saved for the first few days in my new place. So what did I get in my September 2014 Degustabox box?

Jordan’s Simply Granola

Let’s start with a confession, I am not and never have been a fan of granola. Among other reasons my biggest one was the taste of it I don’t know why but it never impressed me. That was until I tried  Jordan‘s Simply Granola and I had a 360 change in opinion. I can not praise this product enough, it seems I have found my true favourite granola thanks to Degustabox. Though I had other Jordan’s products and have liked them I never dared to try the granola. I have been enjoying the Granola so much it’s now my essential “food”.  Every morning I mix my granola together Raisins, Natural Greek yogurt, banana and topped with Honey.

September 2014 Degustabox

Burts Lengil Waves, Bahlsen Pick Up & Elizabeth Shaw’s Dark chocolate Mints

After moving house I needed something to snack on as I planned what I was gonna eat for dinner. These two treats came in very handy and I can not recommend them enough. The Burts Lentil waves came in three flavours which I enjoyed but sweet chilli was my favourite. Bahlsen’s Pick Up are just so yummy, OMG I could not believe it when I eat the milk chocolate ones. I am still searching for them in my local supermarket stores and high street shops. I got them in two flavours but milk chocolate is my absolute favourite.
The Elizabeth Shaw dark chocolate mints are still in the cupboard and will stay there until someone claims them. I am not and have never been a fan of dark chocolate regardless of whatever flavour it comes in. So I can not say anything about them except I do like other none dark chocolates form Elizabeth Shaw.

Crabbies & Little Miracles

So I am sure everyone knows or have seen the crabbies TV adverts. I always used to laugh because the woman in the adverts always looked a bit off the screws. I had never drunk it before and my honest opinion it’s a really really good drink and only has 4% alcohol.  So it is safe to say I was happy to drink this during the week instead of the weekend.  Little miracles are a beautiful blend of organic tea and fruit juice, I absolutely loved them. I drunk them mostly before bed and immediately after waking up. They were my secret energy boosting drinks but also found them relaxing somehow.

Carnation & Righteous

When I first opened my Degustabox and saw the Carnations I thought thank God I have milk. I can have a cuppa but at close inspection I found its cooking milk. Never having used or seen such before, I was very eager to try it out. Luckily for me I wanted to make Carbonara sauce and there was a recipe on the back of the carton. The righteous dressings I am yet to use but since I have started cooking again I have plenty of plans for them. I am happy I received three different flavours to try out so can not wait to use them.
These are the wonderful items I got in my box, I believe this box is only open to UK and a few other European countries. If you in Europe then I could not recommend this box more it’s amazing and very affordable.
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