{Food Box} August 2014 Degustabox

Hi there and welcome to my August 2014 Degustabox review of my one and only foodie box. Unless you are new to this these parts, you will know I subscribed to receive this foodie box monthly. To subscribe it is easy and its very affordable and the charge £12.99 includes delivery charge. What you get is worth more than the price of the subscription so I think this is a win in my book.

August 2014 Degustabox

Last month’s box I got a lot of items that required me to be in the kitchen to use them. I am not complaining just saying how it is and most of you know I hardly ever cook where I live. So though I loved the content of the July box I hardly used it plus there was an issue with the first box. The delivery company didn’t handle the boxes well so my bottles came broken and everything was soaking wet. I did contact Degustabox who quickly arranged for a new box with everything re-sent to me within 2 days. This definitely  impressed me and made me happy, this month’s box everything has come as it should.
 August 2014 Degustabox

Mexican Dave’s tortilla chips

I am not a tortilla chips person but boy do I love these, they taste great and they are very affordable (£1 only). For me I love these so much, no MSG or anything artificial plus they were cooked in sunflower oil. They are available in Tesco from the 25th August and get a recommendation from me.

Berry White organic drinks

These drinks are really delicious and it does what it says on the bottle. I got the berries with peaches and absolutely loved the flavour. The Berry White drinks come in different flavors and can be purchased from Waitrose or online at Ocado for £1.59 each. I think this is really reasonable and happily recommend this drink to all.


I do not know if I have ever used flavor shots before (does chicken/beef stock cubes count?). These flavor shots look really interesting and cannot wait to try them out. They are priced at £1.39 for 2, isn’t that just fantastic? I mean what more can you ask for? They come in 8 different flavors, and can be bought at any UK leading supermarket. I got Mexican fajitas and Spanish smoked paprika chicken, these too I am recommending to all.

Caribbean Twist

Ok I have a confession to make I LOVE COCKTAILS, my friends and I are familiar with this little baby. We’ve tried similar ones when we were at university a few moons ago. I am yet to try this flavour out but will take them with me next week to celebrate my friend’s birthday in London. The price is reasonable (£2.50) since in clubs they charge anything from £5 upwards for a decent cocktail. I do not have to recommend because it’s a no-brainer that this will be drunk and enjoyed.


I LOVE LINDT CHOCOLATE, actually all chocolate (excluding dark chocolate), I shed a beautiful happiness tear. Firstly I love the packaging for me it really helps when buying something from chocolate to makeup. Y’all know Lindt is quality and pricey but that’s ok because this good chocolate is £3.49. This comes highly recommended.

Cawston Press

What I love about Degustabox is that there is always something for everyone in the family. This kids drink is super cute and I drunk it quickly and happily like a kid (don’t judge). I got the Apple & Pear flavor and I love 100%, the price is more than ok its £1.89 for 3 of these. Best part is there is no added sugar to them or any artificial anything.

Brioche Pasquier – 8 pains au lait

Well what can I say, firstly I was super surprised to find this product in the box. Then I was super happy because that meant I didn’t have to go buy any rolls. They are so soft and so yummy it hurts, they are so moist and just delicious. They are priced at £1.69 which I do not think is actually bad even for frugal me. Brioche Pasquier – 6 pains au chocolate, contains chocolate and it just as tasteful but 10 pence pricey (£1.79).


I finally got the edible wafer cases – when I was a kid I was always annoyed that I lost some of the cupcake to the cover.  Have always wondered why no one thought of making cases that I can eat (don’t judge). I am so happy and I am taking this home with me this weekend so we can use them.
In this month’s box I got an extra coupon (£3) which I can use to purchase a 4 pack of Bircher Muesli (MOMA). I  cant not wait to run to Sainsbury’s and grab me these wonderful yogurts. The August 2014 Degustabox has definitely impressed me 100% have enjoyed it more than any other box. Degustabox has saved me money in the long run and is very timely.
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