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June 2014 Degustabox marks the 100th post on The Myrabev Life and I am so excited about it. Fellow bloggers know it’s not easy coming up with material that you like and believe will engage your readers. To celebrate this 100th post, I wanted to share with you this amazing food box called DegustaboxDegusta means ~ tasting in Spanish
One unfaithful day I was scrolling through the bloglovin land when I stumbled upon Degustabox. I was so intrigued I immediately checked it out and now I am wondering why I didn’t know about before. OMG I am so happy with Degustabox like you wouldn’t believe, here is some information on Degustabox box.

Who and What is a Degustabox

Since I have not tried another food subscription box I have nothing to compare to in terms of subscription T&C’s. But as with most subscription boxes they offer; amount, frequency and expected-ness.  Here is what Degustabox is about and what they offer:

  • Amount and Frequency ~ £12.99 delivery included, monthly box and payment is taken on the 10th of every month.
  • Expected-ness ~ Expect the box on or after the 25th of each month, mine arrived exactly on 25th with text message the day before. They also send you a link to check the driver’s progress.
  • Review ~ Once you tried and tasted the items you can go back onto the website and review the items you got. They also share on their website what items are in that month’s box and we mostly get the same. But there are a few items that are different for each box, i.e. is in flavour.

Items I received – click here to see more about the items HERE.

  • Elizabeth Shaw ~ Milk Chocolate Amaretto flutes: In my honest opinion I didn’t like the after taste of amaretto. Y’all know I love chocolate too much especially milk chocolate but don’t mess with it. Please just leave as is and let me consume it.
  • Urban Fruit ~ Pineapple: The degustabox got delivered at work and whilst in a long boring T/C I decided to open the box. At first I thought was not gonna like them because they looked like haribos (I was not a fun). But I was wrong like so wrong, the pineapple OMG was so good I cried (shed a tear) when they finished. They were consumed in under 30 seconds.  I could not believe how deliciously good they are, I am hunting for them every trip to the shops.

Be Fast Breakfast ~ Banana/Vanilla

The day after I got my box I decided to give the be fast a goal, I was not entirely convinced. When I drunk the vanilla I thought ok I like milk shakes no biggie, got into work had a meeting (totally forgot breakfast). After three hours at  work I felt hungry that’s when I realised I had not eaten anything at all that morning. Apart from drinking the Be fast drink, it kept me going without me even realizing it. The Banana was really good I held it back till the morning after as I had an early meeting. As I needed something that will keep me nourished till I ate my new favourite cereal.

Bear Alphabites ~ Cereal: Getting cereal shaped in all the letters of the alphabet is seriously cool I mean who wouldn’t love that.  You can even spell your name with cereal put on the side whilst you consume the cereal in your bowl. What I love about this cereal is its has no added sugar and no-nonsense stuff in it. Having this item makes this box even more family friendly (excluding my next two items which are so adult friendly).

June 2014 Degustabox

For the adults in your family

  • Lambrini ~ Strawberry: I feel like the Degustabox team knew my love for strawberry (Vanilla too). This adult friendly item will be opened in a few weeks when I will be attending a farewell get-together. I do love Lambrini even before I got it in this box but I do not believe I have tried this flavour before.
  • Estrella Damm ~ Beer: I drunk this bear (I am not a regular beer drinker) on a Thursday and tweeted Degustabox. They told me to think of it as a Thursday treat and I am not denying it. I did enjoy this beer but I like to let my beer stay overnight just to see what the taste is like. I am sorry I didn’t like the day after taste.
  • Veetee ~ Basmati & Wild Rice: I have always been a fan of Veetee rice, I got introduced to it when I was in first year of university. As a student anything that’s usually already done was better than not and that’s where my veetee love came in. They have so many flavours but I do not believe I have tried this one before. I am saving it for a rainy day for when I do not feel like cooking.
  • Dr. OETKER ~ madagascan vanilla grinder: I am actually saving this one for my mummy to use on her cakes. I know she uses a lot of products from Dr. Oetker for her baking. I love the size of this item and I love vanilla so win/win situation right here.

Extra Item

  • Tyrrells Popcorns – Having visited the Degustabox website I found this little beauty was part of the March Box. I got it as an extra treat for my June 2014 degustabox which made me really happy. The popcorn was delicious and they were consumed within 50 seconds of finishing the urban fruit treats at work.

What are my thoughts on this box?

  • Affordable and getting full-sized products not mini samples is absolutely a big yes in my book.
  • Delivery is reliable and on time especially because the link once opened tells you the exact town your driver is in and also what number you are on his many deliveries I think this is super cool
  • The number of products you get for £12.99 is great, use my code {MIRANDAM-11C6} for £7 discount.
  • Degustabox team are super friendly and they always (at least for me) RT’d every single tweet I have sent out. Including the companies I have mentioned in the tweet.
  • The quality of the products is great
  • Packaging of the items is superb ~ everything is in bubble wrap (a strong type), keeps items intact.
Have you ever heard of Degustabox? What do you think of the items I got in the June 2014 Degustabox?
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