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Hi there! it’s another 4-day week for me and this Friday I am off to Munich for 4-days (it’s a theme 4-days lol). Today’s post is one of my favorites, I have combined the Tunesday and the Currently post as I am too excited and so ready for this family getaway, so without further adue.

Reading ~ At present nothing yet and I am holding them off for the flights/car rides to and from Holiday but the secret book I will be reading is all ROMANCE and SHAPE-SHIFTERs lol.

Writing ~ As many of you now know I scheduled 90% of my posts (this one included) as with my 9-5 job too busy to blog daily but I want to share my material daily with you my very loving readers. I have written or have guest posts scheduled for 3 weeks (my three weeks ends Friday 13th June).

Listening ~ As I write this blog post, I am listening to “Is this thing on ~ By P!NK”. As I have voiced before I absolutely love P!NK one day hope to see her in concert.

Thinking ~ about how my life has changed in the last 10 years, I will be 27 next month of that have spent 12years in UK. I will say my views/opinions and thoughts on so many things has changed and altered by my life experiences.

Smelling ~ The Earth, it just finished raining and I have my window open for some fresh air so hot here.

Wishing ~ I was 21 again, only because that time I had something special that I should have kept special eye on and nurtured.

Hoping ~ I will not make the same mistakes again, hope I learn from my experiences and not regret anything. Don’t get me wrong I am not regretting my life just some decisions.

Wearing ~ Onsie PJ that were bought for me, I think they need a wash but I can’t bring myself to sleeping without them.

Loving ~ My job, friends, family all things important to me.

Wanting ~ To book my Holiday to Zambia/Malawi on same plane as a friend, need them long chats

Needing ~ To understand how it happened and were it went wrong.

Feeling ~ Emotions are all over the place but I am happy regardless and that’s more important.

Clicking ~ these blogs have me clicking away daily Amberly & Joe, Fiona’s DollyDowise and obviously my own blog too AJD.

So that’s my Tunesday Currently for you, what are you up to?

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