Personal Confessions ~ Finding the good in goodbye


The first time I heard Beyonce sing ‘Thank God I found the good in goodbye’ I didn’t really get it until I sat down and thought about it and what that meant to me. There are so many things in this life that we always wanted to hold onto and some of it is not even good for us but we are so scared of saying goodbye we decide it’s better to have or keep that than to say goodbye. Why? Because it is what we know, it is comfortable and at least for the time being we know what it is and mostly it’s future we have an idea. It’s like the good old saying “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t”.

I am a hoarder by nature, I really do not like throwing away my things but I am also not the obsessive kind. There things I am just like ok that can go but there are somethings that no matter what I want to keep it. I think I have two old pair of jeans that are size 8 that my mind keeps telling me I will one day go back to size 8 so I will need them (I wish). I have letters from my first ever boyfriend, I have little presents from all my past relationships that I keep in a box and find it hard to even consider throwing but never even look at.
There are so many things I do not want to let go of, I want to keep it all but I have now learn’t the good in goodbye. I never thought I would, be it in my personal life or my life in general and I am quite proud of myself. I feel like I have arrived at a certain point in my life where tagging on anything that is not contributing to my happiness, my well being and my plans for the future is not something I want to keep a hold of. I have looked at what I always wanted, what sometimes I feel like I am missing and things which in the over scheme of things are nothing.
My new hairdresser recently told me, do not worry about tomorrow because tomorrow is not your concern today is. Do not live for tomorrow for tomorrow has it’s own plan, today is an opportunity to do something new, to change something and to challenge something. It is not a day to sit and wonder what tomorrow looks like for tomorrow may not have a plan for you.
I wish you all a wonderful weekend and remember do it all today for tomorrow is not guaranteed.
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