12 Months of Happiness – 2 of 12

Happiness is when you feel good about yourself without feeling the need for anyone else’s approval.

Happiness is a choice and one that I choose a long time ago. I realised a while back that waiting for someone to make you happy is like waiting for rain in the Sahara Desert. I have grown up surrounded with happiness, love, care and I have been given everything I ever needed if not more and I do not mean this in materialistic way but I mean being provided with a good healthy home. I hope one day when I have a family of my own I will be able to provide the same if not more.

12 months of happiness

January for me was an amazing month, I do not know where it zoomed off to but I am glad that I had the fun I was meant to have in it and ready for February. As always with these types of posts I will be sharing things that made me happy and things that really stood out for me blogging wise and otherwise.

Blogging wise

This blog has taken such a back seat over the last 12 months that starting this month I will be investing more time. If I do not have content for the blog I will be spending time promoting old posts. What made my January happy blog wise was that all my Period Box posts were such a hit with my readers, they each averaged 2k views in a few hours which is might awesome.

January period box

A July Dreamer had an incredible January, my usual monthly views are just shy of 8k per month but January saw the blog hit just under 17k views, I mean what is that all about! I am still in shock but I aim to improve on that for February.

Though this blog suffered big time, A July Dreamer had more opportunities just liked December and we made just over £1000 in sponsored posts.


I live alone and most would thing I get a lot of ‘alone time’ to chill and relax but with working 9-5, trying to run to blogs plus their promotion I hardly have time to myself so I was very pleased to have had two Saturday’s all to myself and did absolutely nothing.

Just before Christmas last year a friend and I booked a girls weekend getaway to Prague and even though it was almost -20 we had so much fun. We managed to visit the famous Charles Bridge, Prague Castle and whilst wandering the streets of Prague we found ourselves in old town square another popular place for tourists.

Because just going away one weekend away is not enough I had arranged to visit my brother and he’s family at the end of January and I did just that. We had so much fun, my nephew is a the cutest list man ever, he couldn’t pronounce my name (Miranda so he kept saying HEY or Randa or Ratanda)

January was an amazing month and I am so excited to see what February has in stall. I am traveling a lot this month but I intend to make the most of it.


To be happy, you have to be your very own sunshine

  • Such an inspiring post!!! Congrats to your success and enjoy your traveling!! 🙂

    • Thank you so much, I love traveling

  • Great read. The period box look like a lovely treat to get

  • Yay huge congratulations on your blogging success, I hope 2016 is even better for you x

  • Oh well done – fab stats and opportunities, I have just started a second blog – a travel one – and I already knowI will struggle to keep both alive! Good luck for this year. Kaz x

    • Thanks Kaz, good luck to you too. It can be overwhelming but its keeping (once a week or few times a month is fine in my book) it up and not quitting that counts.

  • I’m glad you’ve hada brill few months in terms of blogging and personal life – its great to have balance isn’t it. Your Prgaue trp sounds dreamy – I went a few years ago and i’m itching to get back again.

    • Thank you, I aim for balance even though sometimes it alludes me. I am itching to go back to Prague again but I did have so much fun.

  • Well done on the blogging success and I am very envious of your trip to Prague……..hoping to travel more when the kids are older!

  • Congratulations on the January stats. That’s a massive uplift. And lucky to be traveling so much (unless it’s for work, then it’s never as good)

  • What a lovely month to look back on and congratulations on the blog views. I totally agree that while other people can and do make us happy, we can’t just sit back and expect happiness to happen to us.

  • What a great January you had! I enjoyed the period box post of yours I read and would like to get on board with that once I have s more steady income flow myself. I’m hoping you will have an even happier February and look forward to more of your posts of this sort! x

  • It sounds like you had a great month. I can’t wait to hear all about your travels in February. Will be keeping a close eye on your instagram too I think

  • Sounds like a successful month for the blog. I did well in December, but January not so hot.

  • I enjoyed this. I have only lived alone a few times but i loved it. Enjoy your next month of happiness. Angela x

    • Thanks Angela, wishing you the same

  • I can’t comment on the packs as I’m clearly not qualified! I did want to say, though, that the happiness part reminded me of this:

    “He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have.”
    ― Socrates

    • What a great quote and so truly

  • aw what a lovely and inspiring post and that period box looks amazing my two teenage girls could do with these monthly

    • Thanks Emma, hope you give the period box a check out