12 Months of Happiness – 3 of 12

Though this post is weeks late, it’s better late than never. I can not believe we already in March and next week is April? I can not believe I am sharing the 12 months of happiness – 3 of 12 , I was honestly not ready for March but it is here and I have had to tag along because that’s exactly how I feel. February was slightly a hard month for blogging for me since I was busy jetting around Europe or trying to catch up on the many threads on Facebook (#firstworldbloggerproblems). But as I have always said on this blog happiness is a choice and I always make sure I see the good in everything and set about my own happiness without waiting for anyone’s approval or validation.

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As always with every one of these posts I share what brought happiness to me in the ended month (this would be February 2016) both blog wise and other wise.

12 months of happiness 3 of 12

As mentioned above February saw me jetting around Europe exploring Eastern Europe to my heart’s content.

Travel: I spent 4 days (Friday to Monday) Exploring Brno in Czech Republic, Vienna in Austria and Bratislava in Slovakia before returning to Brno and then flying back home to England. It was such a lovely experience, one of the best as a solo traveler. I practically did 3 cities in 3 countries in 3 days, I am honestly very proud of me for the courage I somehow found to go to all these foreign lands scared out of my mind but also excited to see what else was out there.

Relationship: I spent the second weekend with MOH trying to get the romance wagon on the move, I mentioned on my main blog A July Dreamer about how I wanted to be intentional during this month of love and spend some time together but obviously that didn’t work out as I planned but still managed to spend some quality time.

Me time: Because I am always on the move I don’t usually have me time, I put in my goals to schedule some me time and just relax and let the world go by. It was nice to have a weekend to myself in my own apartment and just basically lazied all weekend.

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Travel: As the #solotraveler bug has bit me big time I couldn’t seat still so I went on a weekend getaway to Amsterdam (Saturday) then to Brussels (Sunday) and threw back to England like nothing had happened. Us people living in Europe are so privileged to have so many lovely places to visit which are less than an hour (Amsterdam) to get to and spend some time in new surroundings and experience new cultures.

Education: I also made a decision to go back and do my master’s program this September and pleased that my work agreed to co sponsor it which is amazing. I hear some friends saying they wish they had done this and that before having kids so I decided to do some things now than be in the same situation. I have the opportunities now and I am making use of them, I do not know if I will have the same ones in the future.

This is what my 12 months of happiness 3 of 12 looks like and made my February an awesome month and can not wait to share with you what has made my list for March.


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