12 Months of Happiness ~ 12 for 12

Hi there and welcome to a new series on The Myrabev Life, though this series is new on this site it is a monthly occurrence on simply sinova and you can check out her posts HERE. After spending the last few months reading her 12 months of happiness series, I decided that I too would start this series next year but then I thought there is nothing better than doing it in the present for I am not guaranteed the future.

12 months of happiness

There are so many things that I am thankful for so many things that it would take a while to explain it all, but since this is my first post I will share some major things for 2015 and then from January 2016 I will be sharing what made me happy in the previous month.

12 months of happiness

  1. January 2015 – I applied for British Citizenship, this made me happy because I had been wanting to do it for the last 5 years but money was always an issue for me. The fact that I have a job and was able to afford this made me happy. I was also happy to work with George Asda (Wal-Mart) on the biggest budget (for me as a blogger) ever.
  2. February 2015 – My citizenship got accepted, I attended the mandatory ceremony and applied for my passport. This month I also managed to save up some dosh to renting an apartment.
  3. March 2015 – I got my passport and my offer for an renting an apartment was accepted, you have no idea what this meant to me. I had been wanting to have my own place for the longest time but again because of my finances I wasn’t able to do this. Getting my passport was like someone telling me I was free to roam the Earth and I am putting a dent in it.
  4. April 2015 – Biggest decision was made in this month, I visited my friend in Seoul South Korea for the first time ever. It was amazing I am still dreaming about it months on. My obsession with everything korean does not seem to be going anywhere any time soon.
  5. May 2015 – I was still in Korea for the first week and half, I had so much fun. This month I also moved into my apartment. I was totally broke but I loved every minute of May, I travelled and I got my own apartment. weekend in brussels
  6. June 2015 – I surprised myself more than any other time, one day I just got up and booked a weekend getaway to Brussels, Belgium alone. I was pretty scared but also very excited and happy to have the opportunity to travel spontaneously.
  7. July 2015 – I celebrated my 28th Birthday and took another spontaneous holiday but this time we drove across Europe, which was fun for me but not the driver. 🙂 Family
  8. August 2015 – My little sister celebrated her 23rd Birthday (I know she ain’t little but I can get passed it). My parents and I went on a weekend getaway to Aberystwyth, Wales and I flew to Seoul Korea.
  9. September 2015 – I spent the first week in Seoul and I managed to explore the city alone whilst my host was working. Second week I was in Japan for a day then came back home. Though I was not able to attend my mother celebrated her 51st birthday.
  10. October 2015 – We celebrated my dad’s 51st birthday, Zambia turned 51 and I visited the USA for the first time. I managed to sneak in a trip to NYC whilst there for a business trip. leon
  11. November 2015 – I can not seriously believe this month is already over, I did not do any travelling apart from seeing my family and friends in Cambridge, attending a funeral, doing my hair and surviving one week of audits at work. It did not help that I spent majority of the final week in bed (or shall I say loo) with stomach bug. My happiness from this month was I survived it. Plus my one and only nephew turned 3 🙂 <3
  12. December 2015 – This month obviously is now underway and already there are so many things to be thankful for. I will not share anything that will be happening in the rest of the month but I am just overall grateful for all the opportunities that blogging has brought to my life and I am forever grateful

That’s my 12 months of happiness lot, as you can see I have spent most of my year travelling and I hope to continue this in 2016. I have not listed small things that have happened and made me extremely happy but that’s fine for now.

How has the last 12 months been for you?

xoxo ciao