Happy 2nd blogging anniversary

 How is it that I am already celebrating The Myrabev Life 2nd blogging anniversary?blogging

Even as I type this I can not believe how fast this blogaversary has come round. I think mostly because I am not as active on this blog as I am on A July Dreamer. I have hardly posted anything this month and last month was no better, I used to enjoy blogging on both blogs but now I hardly have the time to think about it before the day is over by the time I realise it another day has gone that I won’t get back and I have not done what I wanted to do.

With the first anniversary I did a giveaway but like I said with my 2nd blogaversary for A July Dreamer I would not do giveaway but just write a normal post. On this blog I hardly earn anything so I won’t be writing a financial report but I would like to share my blogging experience over the last two years for this blog’s perspective.

1. Always be yourself – whether online or in person it is always important to be true to yourself. There is no point in putting out a front, sooner rather than later everything gets revealed so it’s best to be yourself. With blogging, though not talking to people directly people can still tell when someone is being fake and that is the last thing any blogger wants to be known by.

2. Write for you – l run two blogs and there are so many companies and PR’s who want to work with bloggers and I am not against it but I feel sometimes as bloggers we lose our voices and end up being a puppet in someone else’s story on your blog. I started this blog for me and I am grateful to have readers and other opportunities blogging had brought me but I do not  want to lose myself in earning something from my blog.

3. Blog when you can – it’s all good and nice to be consistent on your blog but better quality than quantity. I have only learnt this piece of advice in the last few months. It is ok to take a break and recharge, some breaks take longer than others but it’s ok you need it and deserve it. I am not sure if I have reached the quality over quantity part yet to blogging but I am working on.

4. Never underestimate your talent – many people who do not run blogs have no idea how much of a talent it is to do blogging. People think you just come up with your post, push publish and be done with it. I am afraid it is far worse than that. You have to plan and think about your post, what images to use, what style you want to write your post. You have to edit both the post and the images (where necessary), once published you have to share on your social media, participate in blogging groups – which is no easy thing. You have so many talents that you did not know you had, you are the editor in chief, the director, the employee, the accountant and much more. Take pride.

5. Have fun – the worst thing about blogging is it can get tiring, if you find yourself in that position always struggling then take time out and go back to the basics. Losing the fun side of blogging (if your original reason was blogging for you) can be the start of the end. Always have fun blogging and when it’s not fun anymore, step away and re-evaluate or come back another time.

These are some of the things have learnt in the last two years of blogging on this blog. Blogging has changed my life in more ways than one, blogging has brought me opportunities I never knew existed. It has been fun and I hope to continue.

xo ciao

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