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I am a social media addict, yes there I said it and I don’t feel any different to be honest. For many like me social media is a way of life, I am not talking about constantly posting pictures. I am talking about being a blogger and always glued to your phone. Many assume if you’re a blogger then you don’t have to work that much. But actually we do more in the behind the scenes than people realise.

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Take for example this article, before I even started writing I had to think about what I want to cover. 90% of the time posts will start one way and end another but as a blogger you have to remember the reason for the post. For me in this case it’s about my social media habits and how I have become an addict because of it.  Once I have decided what I want to write about, I then start a draft post or if inspiration strikes I go right in.

Upon finishing the article, I check for grammatical errors and see if the article is flowing well. Then there are other SEO pieces that I need to invest in for each post. Once that’s all down, I click publish and some sites I auto-post but others I have to manually submit my article. It is this manual submission and promotion that causes many of us to be social media addicts. Because we have to promote our posts on every platform available to give the article the maximum exposure.

Social Media Habits of a Blogger

As a blogger I am automatically a social media addict with certain social media habits that I have developed. I have alluded to many above but here are a few habits that I constantly struggle with.

First thing and last thing.

When I wake up the first thing I do is reach for my phone, mostly because my alarm is going off. Then before I even open my eyes, my fingers navigate to whatever social media icons are lit. That is social media icons with messages waiting on me and that’s mostly Facebook.

Before bed I always grab my phone to reply to all messages from friends and family. Then it’s checking if I have posts scheduled for the next day and if note start writing new posts. Once done I check my social media accounts like Instagram one more time before I sleep.


For me to be able to be online constantly both for work and for the blog I rely on broadband companies. For me it’s all about internet packages including business fibre broadband with 5x faster download speeds. There is nothing worse that having slow broadband when you’re pressed for time to meet deadlines.

Throughout the day

I am a part-time blogger and a work 9-5 in a corporate gig which I love very much. Throughout the day you will find me glued to my phone and work laptop. When I have a spare moment at work or are on break, I am checking my phone. I try not to use the phone during my working hours except for break times when you will find my neck at breaking point. Often I think the future diseases that will inflict most of us will be neck related because we all looking down.

A point I should make clear is that, not all of us bloggers blog daily even though we sharing daily. Most of us have invested in scheduling tools that allows us to take a necessary break from social media. But there are always times when we find ourselves glued to our devices to meet deadlines.

I must declare that blogging did not make me a social media addict, it just emphasized it more. With the many tools available I could easily schedule posts two weeks in advance and chill. But like doesn’t always work like that.

*Collaborative piece with TalkTalk, all opinions are my own*

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