3 health symptoms you can’t afford to ignore

It’s not always easy to admit when there is something wrong, especially when it comes to your wellbeing. However, if you’re guilty of letting your health concerns slide to the back of your mind, you could be putting your body and wellness in danger. So, to convince you to speak up about your health, here are three symptoms you can’t afford to ignore.

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Genital warts

Although you may feel embarrassed and awkward at the idea of discussing the subject, it’s important that you speak up if you notice any changes in your sexual health. For example, if you recognise that your genitals have changed in appearance, it could be a sign of a sexually transmitted infection such as genital warts – a viral skin infection caused by the human papilloma virus. They’re often described as small, fleshy growths or bumps, and while they don’t pose a major risk to your health, genital warts can hit your self-confidence, so if you think you have them, you should tackle the infection with an effective treatment. To find out more about how to get rid of genital warts, you could speak to your doctor or visit an online pharmacy such as Lloyds Pharmacy Online Doctor.

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Moles are small spots on the skin that are often brown in colour. They can be flat or raised, smooth or rough, and they’re usually circular or oval in shape. Although they’re mostly completely harmless, some skin moles shouldn’t be ignored. If you have a mole that has changed in colour or shape, or it’s become itchy, red, inflamed or started bleeding, you should speak to your doctor. While most moles are benign, some can develop into melanoma, which is an aggressive form of skin cancer. If caught at an early stage, the melanoma can be surgically treated, so it’s vital that you report any noticeable changes to your GP as soon as possible.

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Unexplained weight loss

It’s perfectly normal for your weight to fluctuate now and again, especially during stressful times in your life, such as if you’re changing jobs, getting a divorce or coping with a bereavement. However, if your weight loss is sudden and unexplained, you shouldn’t turn a blind eye. Significant weight loss can be a sign of a serious illness, such as heart or kidney disease, or you could be suffering with a stomach ulcer or inflammatory bowel disease. So, if you’ve not been intentionally trying to shed the pounds but your weight has dropped, you should visit your GP to get yourself checked out.

While it can be easy to bury your head in the sand when it comes to your wellbeing, you could be doing yourself more harm than good. So, to keep your health in check, make sure you speak up.


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