{Review} The November Period Box 

The November Period box review is definitely girlie, you’ve been warned. November Period Box

I started having periods when I was in high school 12 years ago and at that time I had no clue what was happening to mm. I was super freaked with my first that I hid it from everyone. The first period was just drops of blog here and there so made me think I had hurt my butt somehow but when the second one started I reconsidered my stance. I changed clothes every ten minutes (I had no clue how to stop the period) until I finally gave up and told my mum who to my annoyance was happy that I had ‘come of age’ which apparently is big deal for parents (amongst the being scared of their child falling pregnant).

 November Period Box

November Period Box

November Period Box

My Mum introduced me to pads, in Zambia when we didn’t have pads you made them from disposable clothes and either wash after use of threw away. I got lucky because my mum was the sister in charge in maternity ward at hospital so she had access to pregnancy pads and since then I had loved pregnancy pads (the longer/larger the better).

 November Period Box

At the end of October I read a post that talked about the period box, this was obviously new to me and I was so excited to check it out. After that I signed up immediately for a monthly service. One thing I definitely loved about signing up was the fact that you can choose dates when your next period is and they will aim to send the boxes before your period starts and that continues until you stop the subscription. So I was all sorted for my November Period Box, a first box.

According to the period box company, what you get in the box is something that will ‘Stop the flow’, ‘Distract the body’ and ‘Soothe the soul’ and I can only say it certainly does pack all these.

With this box, you get to choose what you want to be getting in the box (excluding the goodies which they choose). You can choose to get, all tampons, all pads or a mixture. I am a pads girl so I choose all pads box and my first box arrived few days before my period in November 2015.

The price for my monthly subscription box is £17.95 and this includes courier. I think this is a reasonable price.


Pure organic chocolate bar – yes that’s the first thing for me

Pads – good size for wearing during the day but I prefer larger for the evening.

Pantyliners – I am ok with having pantyliners in my box but for me they have to be a bit longer unlike the ones in the box.

Au Lait Body Milk & Shower gel – cute little bottles were included in this pack

Intimate purifying cleanser & skin concentrate – I love that these where included, I love having these intimate area wash bottles in my bag and home.

Card – detailing what’s in the box

Teabags – I am a huge tea lover so this was a welcome little goodie alongside the chocolate.

I personally think this is a good box for (1) those with teenager daughters who are just starting their periods, (2) someone as forgetful as me who always runs out of pads since I can go through up 8 in one day (don’t like feeling wet). and (3) someone who just wants to try something new.

XOXO Myrabev

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