How to Stay warm this winter

Winter has been upon us for the last several weeks but I have only started to feel it deep in my bones the last few days. I was born in a warm climate so this winter busy has never been fan for me, I know most people love winter as they get to layer up I do not like winter I despise winter my favourite season is summer through and through. I tried to understand people who love winter without me making silly faces, so to cope in this horrid weather I have decided to share with you my go to items which I think are going to save you switching up your boiler or gas/electricity  heaters to stay warm.

Fleece throw – The fleece does not have to be the most expensive or cutest it just has to be warm
$55 –

Food drink – I love hot chocolate so much, it keeps me warm and since I make it at home it does not need to cost me an arm and a leg.
$16 –

Abercrombie Fitch pajamas – I love PJ’s so much people who know me know that if I had a choice I would rock PJs all day even worse all week long. I usually stay in my PJ’s when I am working from home.

Christmas socks – It’s important to always have warm socks and I am one who always always manages to lose mine every single time so if you came to my place you will find I always wear miss matching ones because I can never find the proper pair

TOPSHOP Snowflake Hot Water Bottle – Now this for me is this item to have, I love my hot water bottle and it has saved me more times than I care to mention. I can not live without this, even when that time of the month arrives and my cramps seems to think they control me I always snuggle up with my hot water bottle. $16 –

These are a few items that I think everyone should have to stay warm and also be cost effective, you don’t have a huge bill at the end of winter so use some of these ideas. What are some of your ways to staying warm during the winter?

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