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Hi there and welcome to the 2nd post in the What I Ate Today series, y’all know I am not exactly sharing what I ate today because I am choosing my different ‘Today’s’ to cover the meals I want to share with everyone. My day (food wise) starts with either porridge or cereal which for me is GRANOLA (love this stuff). It usually depends on what time I wake up too because with my insomnia I could sleep at 9pm and be up at 4am which is so not cool when I could have slept three more hours before I need to get busy anywho, if I am up at 4am I will have porridge then when I get to work around 8am I will have some granola to help sustain me through the morning. My lunches usually depend of what I have cooked for the week or what I made that morning, sometimes I am happy to have a light meal like mackerel salad or I will have something heavy like lasagna with a salad on the side plus dessert which is usually yoghurts but when at work I am not a dessert fan any time outside I totally am. When I get back home I usually check my freezer to check if I need to cook new meals or could just defrost the ones I cooked earlier in the week or over the weekend but there times when I just feel like a salad and mackerel usually comes to the rescue or if I don’t feel like eating I will bake a small cake for the week and have a piece (I told you I was a dessert fan outside work). And ladies and gents that’s a typical day for me these days and I love. The idea of meal planning is so amazing that when I get back home and I am too tired to cook I will just defrost a meal I made already or snap up a quick salad and sometimes just soup with a bread roll is all one needs.

I know we have all different schedules and/or meal plans but what does your typical day look like?

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