Week 32: Personal Confessions ~ Debt is no small matter part 2

no smallSo after the success of debt is no small matter part 1 I decided to update you all on my progress and plans so far. In hopes of being debt free by Christmas (new target) I decided to cancel some of the subscriptions that I have and also I have decided to rent a flat instead of renting a room in a house. I know the renting a flat on my own doesn’t sound like debt solution but actually for me it is. I am not 100% comfortable destroying someone else’s chicken with my African food which can take forever to cook and that can really clog up the gas bill and I don’t want to increase someone else’s gas bill. Renting my own place will allow me to cook more than eat out or order take away. I love eating out and ordering take care and being a social creature I eat a lot out than in so i want to move my social ness to cooking good healthy foods and inviting friends over to my place. I am no Jamie Oliver but I can roast up a few things to sate even the faint hearted.

So back to some cancellations of subscriptions. I have decided to cancel or change up the subscription type I have. 

1. Credit expert (£14.99p/m) – back in the day when I was building up my profile and racking up debt I found this site really useful in finding deals which were good for me but now it’s been two months and the damn thing has not worked every single time I log on it says error and when I call (not cheap line) they say the same thing. I am done and since companies these days do their own credit checks on potential customers I think I can live without this subscription.
2. Audible.com(£12p/m) – I got introduced to audible by brutnull and gabeflowers. I decided to try it out and one long trip to Cambridge I got hooked and before I knew it I signed up. It’s only <£12 but still when saving money every little helps so instead of £12 a month I have changed it up to £10 for a year which works out best for me and if it don’t I will cancel.
3. Wantable.com ($50p/m)- y’all know I love my Wantable accessories sub box but I can not justify this expense anymore so July accessories are my last.
4. Justfab (£35p/m) – I love this site I have some amazingly good shoes and bags but again I can not justify this expense so it’s gat to go.
5. Glossybox (£13.25p/m) – I really loved the last two boxes but I can not justify or even keep two beauty sub boxes. Since 3/4 of the items I got I did not love highly I have included them in my giveaway hoping someone will love them more than me.
By cancelling or changing up my subscription I am saving me £100 more or less and I think I can make better use of this money than these mostly unnecessary items I have been getting. I could use that £100 for my monthly train ticket or an entire month’s worth of food shopping plus leftovers.
These are some of the ways I am trying to clear my debt and save up for the future. What are your plans?

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