Week 24: Personal Confessions ~ Everything for A Reason

They say everything happens for a reason but sometimes we don’t know or understand the true meaning behind everything. Sometimes we start asking questions like; what was I in my previous life for this to be happening to me, below is a conversation I was having with an old friend:

Me: girl who did we kill in our past lives to have such bad things happen in our lives 
Friend: I don’t know girl but I think maybe the Chief’s eldest son
Me: He must have been the only son girl because  things like these don’t just happen
And so on and so forth! You get the gist. 
There so so many situations in our lives that we do not understand and sometimes can not even comprehend. There are usually two routes that people take, route A (self blame) and route B (blame others or the next person). So let me give an example of each route some of us will take. Route A – what did I do wrong? What did I do to deserve this? Why am I being punished? Others route B – they did that too me on purpose? They have always had it in for me? I was not treated fairly I was always singled out, is it because of my colour?
Let me give you a personal example:
I started 2014 on such a high personally, spiritually and mentally. By the 6th day of 2014, I was brought down to my knees like a box carried upside down emptying all it’s contents onto the floor. I could not understand it, 1 minute got dream job next minute dream job gone. I couldn’t even comprehend the situation I just started to pick my self up. The so called friends disappeared with the so called dream job (I know who my real friends are). My world collapsed on it self and all I could do was sit their until the rable finished then I started picking me up. I didn’t immediately take on route A or B for me that came last but because of the kind of person I am I didn’t dwell on it too much because I had a life and career to rebuild. 

A week after dream job disappeared, I had 5 interviews lined up and in course of two weeks got 4/5 offers. I was chuffed, I could not believe it. I thought I had it good before but I was mistaken what I had before was just right for that situation. What I have now well is more than I dreamed of hence not a dream job but one above that. Friends! What friends, I still got my friends from uni and my family they are friends enough. I would rather have 1 true friend than 10 only in your face friend and forgotten once outa sight. 
So the moral of this personal confession is when you don’t understand why certain things are happening pray, eat & sleep I tell you and in that order. 
“Everything works out for those who trust in The Lord”
So many things have rocked me to the core in a space of 4 months but that will never break my spirit. I will get up and work hard for me because no one else will, not even family. 
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