6 top tips for travelling to busy cities

travelling to busy cities

Visiting a busy city can be a particularly overwhelming and difficult experience if you aren’t prepared. There are many ways to make it much easier for yourself. Here are six top tips for travelling to busy cities.

Don’t overpack

A city break doesn’t need a big suitcase. Try and condense your packing into a smaller, more manageable and less stressful bag or holdall. It’ll make transporting it through the airport into the city much easier, and won’t have you overwhelmed in choosing what to wear during your stay.

Make sure you plan out your outfits for your trip before you pack, and bring just the essentials. In reality, you’ll be spending most of your time exploring the city – you won’t need to bring tons of gadgets, accessories and other extra bits that you might consider on a longer holiday elsewhere.

Bring a portable charger for your mobile

When exploring a busy city, you’ll likely be using your phone a lot. Whether it’s for navigation, taking photos, making plans or anything else, your phone will be your most important companion during your trip. That’s why it’s crucial you’re bringing a portable charger with you.

You don’t want to be left in the dark when exploring a busy city. And although you’ll more than likely be fine to go without, your phone will be extremely helpful during your break. You also can’t miss any Instagram opportunities!

Wear comfortable clothing

A city break brings with it a lot of walking. So it’s crucial you’re wearing clothing which won’t prove to be uncomfortable after a long day. Avoid tight jeans or tops, as well as unsuitable shoes – heels and smart shoes, will cause problems when walking around all day.

Keep it casual with loose-fitting, free-flowing clothing and trainers. It’ll be much more comfortable when spending long days exploring a busy city.

Walk as much as you can

Speaking of walking, it’s best to stay on your feet during a city break instead of opting for trams, buses or taxis. The beauty of visiting a busy city is discovering new, exciting and hidden locations throughout that weren’t previously on your radar. Every city from New York City to Bangkok has underrated spots tucked away that you’d miss if you didn’t explore.

Be spontaneous

Try to avoid making a strict itinerary when visiting a busy city. It’ll leave you with no room to enjoy things that you discover during your stay – whether it’s a restaurant, an activity or a whole district you weren’t previously aware of, being spontaneous allows you to explore at your own free will and really make the most of your surroundings, as echoed by 1Cover.

You’ll likely have a select few things you do want to see, though. Be sure to leave enough time to fit those in.

…but book some restaurants and activities in advance

Perhaps it’d help if you booked things in advance. This way you’ll avoid the disappointment of there not being enough space in a restaurant, for example, and you’ll also have certain times to stick to – whilst also leaving enough time to be spontaneous and explore.

A city break requires that perfect balance. Follow the above tips and you’ll be able to make the absolute most of a busy city.

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/XWl8Pu3HrgY

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