12 Months of Happiness – November 2017 Recap

12 Months of Happiness is a monthly recap series of all the wonderful things that made me happy that month. The aim of this post is to focus on the positives in life and also look positively on the negative ones. Our world has enough negatives to go round so for my corner of the world, I choose to only be positive. Trying to put this post together when we are so close to the end of the year has proven difficult. October 2017 recap was an impressively busy month from walking a half marathon to flying off to Barcelona. I wasn’t sure what November 2017 recap would hold against such a busy month previously.


Whenever I am putting these types of articles together, I always have to think long and hard. Some months are easier than others, November was definitely a latter month for me. Here goes nothing, trying to remember what to include in the November 2017 recap.

12 months of happiness

The Social Life

Those who know me know I don’t have much of a social life but I have been making steep changes of late. My colleague and I meet up once a week for a meal or a night in at mine. It has become our thing that it is often weird when we do not meet up for something.

The Blogger Life

November was such an incredibly successful month in terms of blog collaborations on A July Dreamer. I always put together a roundup post to share the various sponsors I worked with. Because of these brands I was able to give my family their early Christmas presents. This like Suit from Dobell for my brother and Winter coat from JD Williams for my mother. It was truly incredible and busy month for me.

The Solo Traveler Life

A month wouldn’t be complete without me jetting off somewhere, November saw me off to Rome. It had been on my bucketlist for the longest time and was too excited to go. The weather was not perfect but nothing was going to deter me from seeing Rome. I know I have to go back and revisit the city properly because I didn’t see half the things I wanted to.

And that as they say is that for the 12 months of happiness November 2017 recap. A bit late asking but how was your November?

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