How to get your bedroom cosy and ready for Autumn

Autumn is already under way and the other day I shared the best things about Autumn. Many readers agreed during the autumnal months we love snuggling up warm in our jumpers and sip on something hot. We are all the preparing our wardrobes dumping our summer sandals and pulling our ankle boots out. Though for some of us Autumn is not our favourite season but one thing I do love is snuggling up in bed. In today’s post I want to share how to get your bedroom cosy and ready for autumn.

bedroom cosy and ready for autumn

New Beddings

There is nothing more lovely than snuggling up in New beddings or waking up to freshly washed beddings. Though for some beddings might not been on budget you could add lenor unstoppables in wash secrets to your washing. The beddings can keep in storage for over 8 weeks and will still smell fresh. I use lenor unstoppables in all my washing and now my pajamas always smell fresh when I go to bed.

Speaking of pajamas there is nothing like really thick and warm PJs to snuggle up in and some fluffy sleepers. I am a sucker for good pajamas and Primark always has some good ones in stock with different designs. Last month I popped into the Oxford Circus branch and saw some Harry Potter pj’s which I was ever so tempted to buy.

New Curtains

It’s starting to get darker quite early these days and mornings are not much better either. I am someone who loves to ensure my room is as dark as possible when I sleep. Somehow having sunshine peep through my window in the morning doesn’t excite me at all. I did some curtain shopping a while back for my parents and my brother from the made to measure range and we love them.

For me curtains have to be able to do two things: keep the light out and warmth in. There are so many options on the market nowadays but I am too lazy to go shopping around so online shopping is my friend. 

Many companies offer ready made curtains, made to order and many more to give variety to the ordering process. So long as you know your measurements then buying curtains for your bedroom or Home is easy as 1-2-3. You can check ready made curtains at Yorkshire Linen Co to match the theme you have in mind.

Fleece Blankets

I know many people only keep fleece blankets on sofas or in the car but I have them in my room too. It’s not yet cold enough to pull out my winter duvet so to keep me extra warm I add a fleece blanket to my summer duvet. It works a treat and if I am working from my bed (which I often do even though I have an office at home). It’s nice to make my bed but stick sit on top with my fleece blanket as I peruse my emails.

New mattresses or mattress topper

Regular readers of A July Dreamer know last November I was sent a lovely mattress from Leesa Mattress. 10 months on I am still singing it’s praises because it truly revolutionized my sleep and the comfort is next to none. Those who know me know I am a self-confessed insomniac and often survive on 3-4 hours sleep.

The Leesa mattress definitely changed that for me and now I log in 6-7 hours a night unless stressed. Recently we got sent a new mattress from Fuum which I gave to my parents and they love it too. It’s similar design to the Leesa Mattress and I can not recommend it enough either. The importance of a good night sleep on a comfortable and cosy bed should never been underestimated.

There are so many ways in which you can get your bedroom cosy and ready for autumn.  The ones listed above are just some of the ideas I personally use, what about you? How to get your bedroom cosy and ready for autumn

  • Afshan

    Having a comfortable room for sleeping is a must and great ideas. I do love comfy pjs too.

  • Stephanie

    I love blankets, I love the colder nights as it means I can snuggle up in bed!

  • Postman Spotting

    Good suggestions. I’d add another – lightbulbs! Make sure you’ve got a backup supply. There are also a lovely range of warm bulbs which contribute a lot to a cosy bedroom in the winter.

  • Lauretta

    Loving the idea of using fleece blankets in the bedroom.

  • great ideas.. I love a good cosy bed as the weather cools down. x

  • Im a massive dark room lover as well. I cant sleep if my room isnt dark enough ha. I love adding throws to the beds come autumn time makes them super cosy 🙂

    • Good to know I am not the only one who struggles to sleep if its not dark enough

  • Healthy & Psyched

    I love buying my pj’s to get ready for winter. I never considered buying different curtains though!

  • Laura Dove

    A mattress topper is a great tip! I keep meaning to get one to add another cosy layer!

  • FussFreeJen

    I do like the snuggliness of Autumn, being able to have the heating on a little bit in the evening, hot baths and warm bedding. My daughter had just rearranged her bedroom, and made a sofa corner with all her cushions and a floor throw. She sits there reading, just perfect.

    • Your daughters room sounds perfect. I love hot baths as well

  • Kara

    I am after some new bedding but haven’t seen any I like as yet. Have dug the throw out of the cupboard though

    • I bet the throw is really warm

  • We’re just about to start renovating our bedroom. Great tips in this post, thanks! 🙂

    • Good luck with the renovations and thanks for stopping by

  • Super Busy Mum

    These are gorgeous ideas for your bedroom and I love Autumn too! We’re currently doing up our bedroom so I cannot wait to make it cozy!

  • I have very light coloured bedding and curtains, so I think it is really time to change it up a bit ready for cosy nights in! I haven’t got a blanket for our bedroom, I may put one onto the Christmas list.

    • I am already looking to get some blankets soon but first need to swap the summer duvet for the winter one in a couple weeks time

  • Jemma @ Celery and Cupcakes

    I love cosy-ing up the home for Autumn! New bedding and some fleece blankets are lovely 🙂

  • Helen Jacob-Lloyd

    I love adding lots of autumn scented candles in my bedroom, so that it not only smells lovely but there’s something about burning a candle that is so calming 🙂

    • Oh I agree, I too lovely burning a candle especially if I am reading or blogging in bed its so calming and just perfect

  • These are some awesome tips on getting your bedroom cosy and ready for autumn, it is definitely going to be a place you want to be able to relax in and stay warm.

    • Exactly, my bedroom is my sanctuary and I love knowing I will be warm during my slumber

  • Nickolai Kinny

    Thanks for these tips! This is my first autumn here and im quite excited for winter too.

    • Awww bless you and hope you enjoy both seasons

  • Hannah Latoya Bond

    I love the feel of Autumn and getting into the winter. I love it when it gets dark early and feeling all cozy in my room

    • I am not a big fan of Autumn nor Winter but I do love snuggling up in cozy and warm home

  • Earth’s Pilgrim

    yeahh with the autumn now here a good read…. A just updated my fleece last weekend…..

  • Oh I could spend a fortune in Primark – not only do they have lush new pjs but dressing gowns too! I nearly bought a double Winnie the Pooh bed spread too! Great tips

    • Thanks luv and I know what you mean, Primark have come a long way and are so tempting

  • Laura Dove

    I am allllll about the fleece blankets!! I actually have them everywhere, all year round, but I’m such a cold person!

    • Oh Laura I am so with you on that, I am cold all year round so I need them

  • Ooo a mattress topper really does make a huge difference. I purchased a puffball one for winter and it makes me feel like I’m staying in a luxury hotel.

    • I love when a mattress or even the topper gives you that feeling you get from a luxury hotel