Top Five Friday ~ Baking

It’s Friday y’all and I for one I am celebrating as it’s a start to a long weekend. Monday is a bank holiday in the UK and having plans to do something has me all giddy. This bank holiday has been long time coming and I really could do with chilling for a bit.

Last night i drove to my parents house to see how they are doing and I feel so knackered from the drive. But mum managed remedy that with some of my favourite foods. It’s always good to be home and get treated to my favourite childhood foods.

So for my top Five Friday here is what’s going on.

Won a giveaway 

I completely forgot I had entered a giveaway to win vegan skincare products. It was such a nice surprise to open the email and be told I had won something.

Possible collaborations 

I won’t say much about this one but my upcoming collaboration on A July Dreamer for fashion is just wow! It’s still a shock for me when I learn a brand wants to collaborate with me. Having just written an article for James Villa left me speechless in so many ways.

A venture into London 

So I mentioned I have started dating again and so far everything is going swimmingly. For the bank holiday weekend we planning to spend the Monday in London playing tourist. I am so excited, when he suggested it my smile was about to rip my mouth wide open.

Baking: cakes, cupcakes and biscuits 

So I finally did it, I made my first basic biscuits yesterday, it was surprisingly easy to do. Not sure why I hadn’t done it until now, I forgot just how therapeutic baking could be. The man I am seeing loves to cook and I love to bake so I have been baking up a storm in my home.

Reach Points

At my corporate gig we are have a points reward system to recognise fellow colleagues doing exceptional work. I am fortunate to always get recognised and have these points to spend on things I love. Majority of the time I exchange the points for Amazon, M&S, New Look and other gift cards. Last month we had a huge inspection of the company and we worked tirelessly so it was lovely to be recognised for that and awarded points worth a £100. My mum’s birthday is coming up in September so I am planning to redeem the points for cash and she can spend on whatever.

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