Quick Teeth Whitening Facts ~ You Want To Know

The mouth is vulnerable to many adverse situations. We want to know all that can go wrong and what has to be done in the event that something bad happens. Nobody really wants to be faced with dental problems. Teeth whitening stands out as a great solution for so many individuals. It is an option that will surely be considered at one point in time. However, not much is understood about it. We recommend that you consider the following, based on information provided by cosmetic surgeons experienced in teeth whitening at NGreen Dental.

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Teeth Whitening Is Not For Everyone

Many believe that they can get teeth whitening done and are then surprised when the dentist says that this is not the case. You want to talk with the dental professional in order to be sure that this is a good option for you. What should be mentioned is that when you have gums and teeth that are not healthy, teeth whitening will be damaging. If this is your case, another option will have to be considered to whiten the teeth. All possibilities have to be analyzed based on the exact situation you are in at the moment.

Initial Consultation

This is the most important part of the entire process. The dentist has to assess various things before recommending teeth whitening. This does include the thickness of enamel, tooth sensitivity, tooth decay, receding gums, dental restorations done and oral conditions or diseases. Discoloration reason is also identified, with factors like aging and diet being analyzed. It is also important to see if tooth discoloration is present only at the surface or if the interior of the tooth is also affected.

Teeth Whitening Problems That Can Appear

While teeth whitening is quite common at the moment and the procedure is really simple. You do want to work with a dentist that has a really high experience. We say this because improperly done treatment will normally lead towards various problems. Teeth whitening side effects that can appear and that need to be taken into account include:

  • Loss of strength for tooth enamel. While enamel is really tough, if the whitening material is applied for a long period of time, it can be damaged.
  • Inflamed or damaged gums.
  • Gum blisters can appear.
  • Irritation and even oesophagus bleeding can appear if bleaching material is ingested.
  • Tooth sensitivity.
  • When the patient has fillings, veneers or crowns, they are not going to change their color. This can lead towards teeth that are multi colored.

Discoloration cause will have a really high impact on the results noticed after teeth whitening. You want to be sure that the dental professional checks the tooth and that actual discoloration cause is taken into account.

At the end of the day, teeth whitening is something that you will want to consider at least once. It is a really simple procedure and there is a pretty good possibility that the results will be great. However, you want to be sure that the doctor is experienced. Be sure that you work just with the experienced surgeons that have been performing teeth whitening for a long time.


  • Thanks for sharing the Quick Teeth Whitening Facts. I found it very useful.

  • I was literally this morning searching through different teeth whitening products to try so this has been really helpful and perfectly timed. Will definitely be giving it some indepth thought now

    • Glad I shared this at the right time for you. I am always happy if I can help even just one person

  • I’ve been whitening my teeth for about 15 years now; I love it, but there’s definitely a limit – teeth so white they actually look fluorescent is NOT a good look!

    • Fluorescent is so not a good look I agree.

  • This is something I’m considering so thanks for the suggestions and facts. I don’t drink tea or coffee and don’t smoke but my teeth always look yellow so whitening could help.

    • That’s strange, many people have yellow teeth due to bad hygiene, smoking even teas and coffees so I wonder why for you it’s just like that without doing the other things.

  • Jessica

    Great tips. I really want to get my teeth whitened professionally – my friend says it takes a lot of upkeep though.

  • Amazing facts which can be a sort of warning for those planning to have teeth whitening without proper consultation. Better safe than regret.

    • Absolutely, its always best to be safe than to be sorry

  • I would have liked a teeth whitening session with my dentist, but I have sensitive teeth, so I preferred not to! I like doing my methods at home, like Coconut Oil pulling and Bicarbonate of soda with lemon tricks.

    • I think if you have something that works for you then do that.

  • Like anything I think you should always talk to a professional before having it done. I’ve thought about it but never gone through with it before x

    • Absolutely, it’s best to get a professional consultation and then make an informed decision. Blog posts like these should not be a replacement for professional opinion.

  • This is something I really want to look into with a view to having done as very unhappy with my teeth

    • Hope you discuss with your dentist and then see how you can work on your teeth and be happy with them.