Why visit Thailand

Last year I shared on my main blog A July Dreamer that 2016 is my year of travel and if my participation in the travel challenge #take12trips is anything to go by then I am definitely living up to my self promise I made last year. You can read about my travels on my main blog and hopefully they will inspire at least one to take the step forward and start traveling too.

Though I have been traveling at least one weekend a month, the travels are all weekend getaways and not necessary long flight kind of holidays except for my recent trip to Seoul, South Korea. So I thought I shared with you another destination I have in mind hence why visit Thailand.


Those who read my main blog, will have noticed I recently shared a post with the help of my brother in law on Thailand being a honeymoon destination. You can read about it HERE. I have been loving Thsiland for a while now but it’s only been recently that my fascination has grown so much that now it’s my #1 holiday destination for a honeymoon. Aside from that I still want to one day go and explore this beautiful and yet inexpensive country to my hearts content hence why I want to share the parts of the country I am hoping to visit.

I mentioned these cities in the honeymoon post on A July Dreamer and on this blog I will focus on them a little more.

Why visit Thailand.

These places are some of the most known and each offer unique tasting of the country which has so much to offer.

Bangkok – Every time I think about Bangkok my mind goes straight to the movie “Hangover” and I just get in a fit of giggles and makes me want to visit this capital city even more. It is said Bangkok is such a busy and bustling city with so much to offer that if you opting for a fast paced and yet enjoyable time in Thailand then Bangkok is your poison.

Krabi – located in the southern part of Thailand, Krabi province is known for its amazing national post plus offers over 80 different islands including Phi Phi which is one of the most popular tourist destinations. The white sandy beaches are not just for the movie screen but a reality with so many resorts offering everything from peace and serenity to adventure and intrigue to the curious.


Phuket – thought to be the largest island in Thailand and lies next to Krabi. It is home to Kata Noi beach and Thalang national museum, it offers a wide range of places to visit from museums to beaches and aquariums. There is a magnitude of places to visit like temples or coral reefs on untouched beaches.

Hua Hin – because of its location on the Gulf of Thailand, Hua Hin is the best place to visit all year round as the weather is always perfect but it is also one of the most crowded beach in the country. Most people spend their time relaxing (though can be hard when crowded) on the beach enjoying the weather. The beauty about Hua Hin is it’s easy to get to any beach in the town, though it’s almost always sunny rainy season can be quite harsh due to strong currents from the sea

Koh Samui – located on the east coast of the island with many white sandy beaches and coral reefs it’s a wonder tourism is high in this region. It is the second largest island after Phuket and its economy is mostly reliant on tourism. Luxury villas, resorts and bungalows have been built over the last couple of years due to an increase in tourist.

Each one of these places in Thailand offer a unique chance to experience what Thailand is made up of. From private, hidden, untouched beaches and coral reefs to over crowded sandy white beaches, Thailand has it all. One thing is for certain, if there is one place you should visit without breaking the bank it’s Thailand. I for one I am looking at some deals to visit this beauty country with an abundance of ¬†white sandy beaches and coral reefs.


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