Las Vegas’ Marathon and Health & Fitness Expo

Las Vegas may be known as the gambling capital of the world but it is now slowly transforming into a ‘city for health buffs’. Now a regular host to large marathon events as well as health and fitness expositions for people who are conscious about their overall wellbeing, Las Vegas has been transformed into a health-conscious mecca for gym and running fanatics.


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On November 11 – 13 this year, Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas will be holding a 3-day Health & Fitness expo and Marathon. The Health & Fitness Expo is where participants of the marathon can get their race packs, which include race numbers, a t-shirt, and gear bag.

Does this sound interesting to you? If you’re planning to make a trip to Las Vegas this year, and are a keen marathon runner or just enjoy fitness expos, you may want to hold off until November. There will be lots of speakers at the event and trainers to teach people easy, everyday exercises that can have a huge impact on your health and overall wellbeing.

Here are some of the notable professionals that will attend the Health & Fitness expo: CEO at Fitness STAR International Michael Ryan, Operations Manager/personal Trainer at Dumbbells Too Adriel Borghesi, and Nevada Outreach Coordinator at Hamilton Relay Tearra Donovan.

At the marathon, runners will pass by luxury casinos and hotels including the Mandalay Bay Casino, Caesars Palace, and Wynn Casino en route to the finish line. The marathon typically takes around 5 hours to complete for elite runners. Those who are interested in participating are encouraged to sign up as early as now as slots are filling up quickly. Over 15,000 runners participate in the marathon annually, with a huge number of the total flying in from overseas.

Fitness expos have been incredibly rewarding for Las Vegas of late. These expos have joined the likes of Comic Con and high-profile tech events as just some of the uber popular annual showcases that the city have began staging to generate bigger revenues. Online gaming, particularly virtual bingo sites, have become really popular again thanks to its enticing prizes like shopping spree tickets and cash deposit boosts. Since Las Vegas casinos have huge operational costs and simply cannot offer free gaming credits and big prizes like online casino and bingo providers do so often, Vegas’ casinos are looking at alternative ways to generate revenue streams. In this case, the Las Vegas’ Marathon and Health & Fitness Expo is just one of the ways they have looked to counter the market share online bingo and casino sites now command in the industry.

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  • Glad to see another side of Vegas which we don’t normally get to see.
    I can’t believe it has been over 16 years since I last went to Vegas.

    Thanks for Sharing

    John M.

  • This is really cool! I have always wanted to do a marathon – but I don’t really love running – so I guess I need to train for a while to get in better shape.

  • aziel

    Such a great post, I wish I can go in Las vegas with my family if I have a chance

  • This sounds like a great event! I have never run a marathon in my life, but I find it so inspiring to see others do it.

  • What a wonderful new reason to visit Las Vegas. I know I will be spreading the word and letting my fitness-minded friends know about all the new happenings

  • Rosey

    How fun that the route runs past the big casinos. What a sight, and I’m guess patrons will cheer them on. 🙂

  • Melissa By

    I love reading people’s thoughts about doing runs. This one looks nice!

  • Nicole Etolen

    That sounds like a great event! Glad you shared it. Thanks!

  • Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    I bet running through Las Vegas would be really cool. I will share this with all my runner friends!

  • What a wonderful change of events. I am sure those that live in Las Vegas would much rather have the city recognized for it’s healthy aspects.

  • tauyanm

    i haven’t tried marathon before, i love to run on treadmill but never i have join this kind of event. hopefully soon! sure vegas will be amazing!

  • I would love to visit Las Vegas but the thought of a marathon in the heat is a killer – not sure I could even do London!

  • I was actually planning on making a trip to Las Vegas but not around that time. Sounds like it will be a great event.

  • Getting some info about healthy and fitness and meeting with like-minded people will be great. The run through the city will be a blast as well.

  • Elizabeth O.

    It’s great that they are hosting expos, helping raise awareness about the benefits of healthy living will definitely make people realize why they should switch to that lifestyle. I’m sure this will be enjoyed by many runners and athletes, marathons are always fun and it brings people together!

  • I wouldn’t think Vegas would host a health & fitness expo, but it is not to see their are expanding their options. Glad they are doing it November when isn’t a million degrees there.

  • I have never been very good at running. I am starting to exercise a lot more and running is a part of that maybe in the next couple years I would do something like this.

  • I had no idea Vegas had such a large health scene happening. I love the idea of doing a marathon and getting to visit vegas too.