A day at Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland 

Last weekend my sister and I went to visit the Christmas winter wonderland at Hyde park in London. Neither of us have ever been there before so we had no expectations whatsoever. She lives an hour from me and I live 1 hour from London. We planned our day, she had plans in the evening so our visit to the winter wonderland was kept short but regardless we had fun.

We arrived at the park around 12:45, there was an ANTI-ISIS protest opposite Hyde park and to be honest we were freaked as we did not know about this protest but it was a peaceful one. We walked to Hyde park full of exercise and ready for some fun, from afar we could see the ferries wheel and other rides, lights blinking like mad and the weather at its best behaviour though still cold. Walking into the park we were greeted by the guards who checked out bags (security protocol), we walked in and was greeted by the winter wonderland sign and they expectation started to build up.

We did not know what we wanted to start off with so we decided to see what was on offer and then decided a merry go round type of ride was what we wanted to start with. My sister paid (£8 each so £16 total), we were allowed to leave our bags on the side of the ride, it was nothing scary but I do not like heights so I closed my eyes throughout the ride until we got back down. My sister filmed some of it and laughed at me obviously, after we walked around and played a few games that no one wins then decided we needed to refuel.

Curry Chips

My sister ordered are favourite curry sauce chips and I got a grilled beef burger with onions. We walked around and got some macaroons since we’ve never had them before and honestly they were nothing special after we got the good old trusted candy floss. We walked around again until we decided to head back home, we didn’t realise we’d spent over 2 hours there but we knew it was time to leave since our pockets were almost empty. I managed to lose my return ticket and had to buy another one but all in all it was a good day spent in London.

I would have loved to enter the ice rink, visit Santa and take more rides but I think it was nice just being there with my sister and maybe next time I will visit and do more.

xoxo ciao

  • Gosh that was expensive ride! I bet it was lovely to spend time just having fun with your sister though.

    • It was an expensive ride indeed but yes it was just nice spending time with my sister

  • I haven’t been for a few years now, but we went with young children so a bit different. We loved the Ice Kingdom – that’s pretty amazing. But I’d love to go back now N’s older. It’s just the crowds are a bit of a pain.

    • Yes the crowds were a massive pain and can imagine even being worse for children.

  • Wow that looks really good. We only have a small market setup in a building that used to be an airport a few years ago.

    • It was so much fun, awww bless at least its something right?

  • I have never visited Hyde park ever but when I do it will definitely have to be during the Christmas season so I can go the Winter Wonderland as I love a good Helter Skelter and Curry & Chips!

    • Awesome, the curry chips were delicious.

  • I really love this post. I’m hoping to visit next week, I might have to check out the curry sauce and chips too! They look yummy

    • Thanks Zena, hope you manage to go

  • Fi Ní Neachtáin

    Winter Wonderland looks lovely, even though I’m in Ireland I’ve heard lots about it. The Helter Skelter looks like lots of fun, love how old fashioned it looks, shame the first ride you went on was so expensive, £8 is alot, no? I’m now craving curry chips so thanks for that! Haha! 🙂

    • Hahaha sorry Fi but the curry chips are easy to make and am sure Jacek can be ordered to make lol. Yes it was expensive and not a ride I will soon be visiting lol

  • I’ve heard so many wonderful things about Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland but i am yet to visit myself. It’s on my Bucket List for the boys so maybe we’ll actually make it there one year. Sounds and looks like they have a great variety of entertainment, activities etc available for families. xx

    • It is an awesome place for families, so much to do not sure about the price of santa etc but its free to enter the winter wonderland.