{Book Review} Waves of Passion

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A few weeks ago I was contacted to review the third book in the contemporary romance series by Lori Ann Mitchell. Regular readers of my blog will remember I reviewed the first two books, Waves of Love and waves of Romance. I was happy to review the third installment Waves of Passion because I was eager to see what else the author could write about the couple, what other challenges can she throw at them. I mentioned in waves of love how much I loved the book and the author’s description of the characters and just the overall feel of the entire book. Romance is my number one genre when I am reading books or watching movies, I dont know why but I love it. I mentioned in wave of Romance how disappointed I was with the second book as the author spent so much time explaining the first book to those who had not read it so I was really relieved when I started to read waves of passion and saw little to no reference to books one and two.

The main characters are Sage 32, female and a book store owner who falls in love with Derek a 22 year old surfer who is also a travel blogger. Book two shared with us the hurt Sage felt when Derek cheated on her with a much younger and prettier girl. In book three Sage and Derek are forced to be in a long distance relationship, Sage finds herself attracted to another man and kisses him. Though she felt guilty, in the back of her mind she had thought Derek had done worse than what she had done and I think even in real life it’s the same. When most people find out their partners had cheated on them, forgave them when its their turn most do not feel guilty for doing what their partner had already done to them but I was happy to see that Sage still managed to tell Derek and apologise. This showed growth with both characters and I think I liked the book more because it actually touched on something that happens to most. And for those like me who like some make out sessions in the ever growing contemporary romance novels you wont be disappointed in this book at all.

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Do you read contemporary romance novels?

  • What a great price! Sounds like fun reads which I enjoy. I did go through a phase of contemporary romances but haven’t had the time to read books lately. I’ll keep these in mind for when I get back into it! x

    • I too go through periods of liking different genres but always come back to Romance. The prices is exceptional I think.

  • I love finding new books to read and enjoy and waves of passion sounds right up my street. Time to add to my ever-expanding collection of books. Soon I will need a house to store them all lol.

    • Hahaha, I know what you mean 🙂

  • I have not heard of this series before, alas I don’t have time to read much but if I was looking for a book I would now consider these. Thank you x

  • never heard of this book… i dont have much time to read lately.. but i will look it up

    • Hope you get a chance sometime and have a read

  • I hadn’t heard of this book before. I am a huge chick lit fan and would give this a read, if only I had more time to read x

    • The beauty about this book is its not too long and can be read in one sitting.

  • I hadn’t come across these books before, so interesting to see your review. I love that there’s a travel blogger as one of the main characters now too!

    • I was so excited to read that the main character was a travel blogger

  • ali

    I used to read a lot but just don’t have the time, the nearest I get is reading reviews like this! thanks for sharing

    • You’re welcome and I hope the review was helpful.

  • Not a collection of books I’ve heard of, but certainly ones I would enjoy. I also love romance novels and think this is something I would enjoy reading on holiday (the only time I get to read a book!) x

    • It’s such a lovely read, you wouldn’t be disappointed.

  • I’ve not heard of these books they sound like the typical sort of books I read so will have to add them to my list of many books to read.

    • I love contemporary romance series and glad to be reviewing the third book.