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blogger diyLast week Thursday I made a decision to move my second blog from Blogspot to a domain I purchased a couple months back but never used from GoDaddy. I had always loved the fact that I had a blogspot blog and a blog as it made it easier for me to help fellow bloggers when I understood both platfoams. **Not claiming to be subject expert just know what I need to know for now**. But since A July Dreamer has been picking up lately I thought it was kind to give The Myrabev Life a new lease of life ‘so to speak’ and give it a fighting chance. I had been slacking lately for this blog because I was spending all my free time working on my sponsorship for A July Dreamer but this is changing and September feels like the best month to start implementing the changes I am thinking about.

So how did I manage to migrate my blog without losing my posts and comments (unlike the first time) and do a perfect redirect of all my posts. Well I will not claim to have known it all I researched (googled) and read a lot of articles and non for me explained it better than Amit of Digital Inspiration. I had to skip a few steps because I had done them already but did not have the code or know how to execute a perfect redirect of my old urls.

Step 1: We are going to assume that you have purchased your domain using your prefered provider and also purchased your hosting too. We will also assume you have chosen your domain name (e.g and assume in your cPanel of your hosting account you have installed the wordpress application. Go into Tools in your wordpress dashboard and there click import then select blogger.

**Please note wordpress has changed, previously when you chosen blogger as instructed above it would bring you to a page that will request you to authorise your wordpress and it will then automatically start to import your entire blog content**

Step 2: Once clicked on blogger it will ask you to upload your blogger template xml file, so before we get too carried aware in blogger dashboard go to template and in to right corner you will have option to download your blog (for me when I downloaded the template and saved it on my desktop it did not work when I had to upload it into my wordpress). Another option is whilst in your blogger dashboard go into settings and choose other and on top click on export blog, this will save a similar but different xml file of your blog.

Step 3: Upload the xml file of your blogger blog and you’re done for part 1.

Now the idea is that once you move your blog you want the comments to go with the blog and also you want if someone clicks on your old url they can be directed to the new url. The other important part you want to mention is not lose the ranking of your url in the google search, the only down side and a blessing in disguise to migrating your blog is that importing the log does not take the images library with it so you have to start again but that’s not too bad because the images will still be in your posts just not your library.

For the next part which is very easy and involves a bit of code manipulation can be found on Digital inspiration, here Amit shows you how to edit the function.php file of in your wordpress Editor and also shows you how to paste the code into the blogger template to make the redirect perfect.

It took me 15 minutes to migrate my blog from to

If I can do it trust me, you’re a pro.


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