Last year I shared on my main blog A July Dreamer that 2016 is my year of travel and if my participation in the travel challenge #take12trips is anything to go by then I am definitely living up to my self promise I made last year. You can read about my travels on my main blog and hopefully they will inspire at least one to take the step forward and start traveling too.

Though I have been traveling at least one weekend a month, the travels are all weekend getaways and not necessary long flight kind of holidays except for my recent trip to Seoul, South Korea. So I thought I shared with you another destination I have in mind hence why visit Thailand.


Decision day

oh wow, I can not believe how quick this Friday came by, I mean doesn’t the week just drag on for you and everyday you’re wishing it’s Friday and then boom Friday is here. For me this Friday is a really big Friday and I have named it the Decision Day.

I have not really done top five (5) Friday posts for a while now, actually until last week it was mostly ghost town around these parts but I am slowly getting my groove and keeping things ticking over here.

Let’s stuck right in with Decision Day


Love to hate about blogging

I have been blogging for almost three (3) years now and to say I have come across a dozen blogs of all niches would be an understatement. There are blogs that from the word go you’re hooked and then there are blogs which don’t exactly match your palate but are still palatable then there those you dread reading or even coming across the blogsphere. I am not sure which of these categories my blog falls in for you but which ever it is we can’t please everyone and we shouldn’t try. That being said here are some things that I love to hate about blogging.