{Guest Post} Warm Vs White Holidays ~ Christmas Destinations

HTML Generator Sample Page Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a warm christmas or a white christmas? When I was a child growing up in Zambia I always wondered what it would be like to have snow on Christmas day and how the snow would feel like etc. God obviously heard my prayers because I have been experiencing a “white” christmas for the last 10years and funny enough though I do not mind it I miss having a warm summer. In Zambia we used to stay up all night long on christmas eve and sleep…

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Week 2: Personal Time – Benefits of Exercise

Source Today December 2nd 2013, I weigh in at 70kg. This is a huge success I have lost >5kg in >2weeks. I have lost a lot around my wait too because them gorgoeus skirts are now fitting nicely. My training plan is as follows: * Monday – Spinning class for 1hr * Tuesday – Zumba class for 1hr * Wednesday – Spinning class for 1hr * Thursday – Legs Bums & Tums for 1hr and Abs workout for 30 minutes **Friday|Saturday|Sunday –> off This with eating healthy breakfast and huge lunch and no supper have helped me to lose the…

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Off-Saturday: What you don’t know about me!!!

Hey there Guys&Dolls!! Happy Saturday, today’s post is a really short but personal post. So I was relaying my life experiences to my friend when she said you should right a book, it made me laugh but it also brought me an idea – to write what you don’t know about me. * You didn’t know I had an accident when I was three months – broke my small leg but it’s glued back together so I am fine.  * You didn’t know I was once stranded in a big city and I was assisted by an angel who no…

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Relationships: Looking Good for US*

Hey Guys&Dolls!!! Happy Thursday, today’s post is quick, short and sweet. So today I am talking about looking good, and looking good for who? You and him/her. There comes a time in every relationship when everybody just gets comfortable. I will be the first to admit that I got waaay way comfortable in this my relationship. I used to have a house mate who used to dress up like crazy for her man whom she saw daily, me on the other hand I was happy in my warm pj’s and my leggings with no look just plain simple comfy life. …

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Week 1: Personal Confessions – Zumba

Hello there Guys&Dolls!!! Happy Thursday and welcome to my weekly personal confessions. So Tuesday night I went to my first even Zumba class and let me tell you what my legs said after the class, my legs were in so much pain am sure they cursed me. I attend spin classes every Monday and Wednesday and Tuesday is usually my rest day and good lord I made a worth while mistake as I write this post my legs are fade up with me.  So I hear you ask, why would I get so tired from my first EVER Zumba class?…

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Relationships: Growing together

Hello Guys&Dolls!! Happy Wednesday! Welcome back to my relationship series, today’s blog we will quickly touch on growing together and what that means. Relationships are hard work but they are only as hard as you make them, it’s so easy to watch other peoples relationship and wish you had that. All well and good admiring a good healthy relationship but I was taught long time ago “don’t wish to live like your neighbour, you never know what deals with the devil they had to make” in other words don’t wish to have what they have without knowing there inner story. …

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Week 1: Personal Confessions – I think I am fat

Hey Guys&Dolls!!! Do you ever feel like you just fat for you height and frame or is it just me? I have always had a big tummy from can’t remember when, at school my friend used to ask why? But I couldn’t answer them so I would ask my mother and she would say don’t worry about it your beautiful the way you are and life doesn’t stop because someone noticed you tummy is bigger than theirs. So I have lived with that and it never bothered me until we moved to the uk were everything or should I say…

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Week 1 – Personal Confessions: Oooops Moments!!!

Hello to you my Guys&Dolls? I hope you having a good start to week!!! happy Tuesday, so over the weekend I found myself reading a lot of magazines (Reveal, Best etc) I bought one of those 3 in a pack for price of one. I have never really been one to sit down and read an entire magazine but this gone weekend I did exactly just that I sat down and read all the stories and that’s when I came across a short advert/confessions from women around the country (I assume). The so called ooops moments has plagued me for…

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Week 1 – Personal Confessions: Diet & Exercise

Hey Guys&Dolls Happy Monday! Yesterday I was on the train returning from visiting G when I saw something I have been thinking about a lot lately and that’s dieting and exercising. I am not going to do the traditional diet I will just mainly cut down my sugar content and exercise more.  I think the STARS have aligned because my star (cancer) this week or rather last week echos my thoughts.  My diet will mirror the Special K diet but not completely instead of eating cereal all day for 2 weeks I will have cereal of my choice at breakfast…

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Relationship Advice – Part 1

Source unknown Welcome to my relationship advice series, this is a different kind of blog post because its video based. I will be talking about experiences from my own past relationships and current relationship, please note all opinions are my own and I do not mean to offend anyone. Let me know what you think!!!Comments are most welcome. x Myrabev

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