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    How to Have Thick and Shining Hair

    shining hair

    think and shinning hair


    Hair loss is a severe problem that makes millions of people seek for hair transplantation every year, according to The Hair Transplant Hub. Moreover, another issue that people are concerned about the most is thin and dull hair. Just like stopping hair loss, this goal is completely achievable too. The only need is to change your habits and care properly for your hair.

    What Do Your Hair Need?

    Your hair need nutrients to be thick and shiny. Vitamin-E is one of the most important nutrients needed for good hair. It can be found in essential oils such as almond oil and castor oil. Oiling hair once or twice a week provides enough nutrition.

    Hair thickness and shine can also be improved by revamping everyday diet. Vitamin B is proven to improve and strengthen hair. Milk contains proteins pertinent to thickness and shinyness of hair. Washing hair with milk is also a good idea. Moreover, Omega-3 fatty acids also improve hair appearance.

    What NOT To Do

    Applying shampoo to hair every day might seem like a good idea but it is not. Most experts agree that shampooing hair thrice a week is enough and more than that is counterproductive.

    Brushing hair when they are wet is also detrimental to their good growth. Hair must be left to be air-dried. Applying brush while they are wet breaks them. When they have dried, a wide-tooth comb must be applied and a hair dryer must be avoided.

    Hair dryer and iron must only be used when absolutely needed as heating tools adversely affect the thickness and growth of hair. Moreover, they damage hair follicles which are mainly responsible for hair growth.

    Getting your hair cut regularly does not result in thicker hair. However, getting your split-ends trimmed has proven to be rather beneficial.

    Do not go seeking chemical solutions or hair transplant surgery if you have not tried other natural methods or consulted with an experienced doctor.

    Thick and shiny hair now is not a far-fetched idea. By incorporating the right habits and the right lifestyle choices one can have thick and shiny hair in no time.


    12 months of Happiness

    12 Months of Happiness – November 2017 Recap

    12 months of happiness

    12 Months of Happiness is a monthly recap series of all the wonderful things that made me happy that month. The aim of this post is to focus on the positives in life and also look positively on the negative ones. Our world has enough negatives to go round so for my corner of the world, I choose to only be positive. Trying to put this post together when we are so close to the end of the year has proven difficult. October 2017 recap was an impressively busy month from walking a half marathon to flying off to Barcelona. I wasn’t sure what November 2017 recap would hold against such a busy month previously.

    12 MONTHS OF HAPPINESS – November 2017 RECAP 

    Whenever I am putting these types of articles together, I always have to think long and hard. Some months are easier than others, November was definitely a latter month for me. Here goes nothing, trying to remember what to include in the November 2017 recap.

    12 months of happiness

    The Social Life

    Those who know me know I don’t have much of a social life but I have been making steep changes of late. My colleague and I meet up once a week for a meal or a night in at mine. It has become our thing that it is often weird when we do not meet up for something.

    The Blogger Life

    November was such an incredibly successful month in terms of blog collaborations on A July Dreamer. I always put together a roundup post to share the various sponsors I worked with. Because of these brands I was able to give my family their early Christmas presents. This like Suit from Dobell for my brother and Winter coat from JD Williams for my mother. It was truly incredible and busy month for me.

    The Solo Traveler Life

    A month wouldn’t be complete without me jetting off somewhere, November saw me off to Rome. It had been on my bucketlist for the longest time and was too excited to go. The weather was not perfect but nothing was going to deter me from seeing Rome. I know I have to go back and revisit the city properly because I didn’t see half the things I wanted to.

    And that as they say is that for the 12 months of happiness November 2017 recap. A bit late asking but how was your November?

    Travel Adventures

    Travels Thus Far 3 ~ Touring the world ONE city at a time!!

    travels thus far 3

    Travels Thus Far 3 is a yearly recap of the adventures I had undertaken in the ending year. Initially I shared it as part of the 25 Days of Christmas series in 2014 then did recap in 2015. It is a series I did not think I would continue doing, in fact I did not do one for 2016. This wasn’t because I wasn’t traveling but as you know this blog is only updated intermittently. This year I felt it was important to do another Travels Thus Far 3 post to share my adventures of 2017. I realise not many people can travel as often as I do but I hope it motivates you to travel even locally. Local Adventures can be just as far if you’re willing to give them a chance like I did this year.

    Travels Thus Far 3 – broken into quarterly chunks!!!

    As is tradition with this type of post I like to break them into chunks. Some times I take it for granted just how blessed I am to be able to travel as much as I do. But nonetheless I am forever grateful for the opportunities I have to be able to do this.

    travels thus far 3

    January – March 2017: 1 local and 4 abroad

    This year I made a decision to ensure I visited at least one UK city each quarter. As much as I love flying abroad at times it can get tiring and a local reprieve is essential. For the local adventure we went to Birmingham with my sister for a concert. We didn’t get to tour much of the city but looking forward to doing so next year.

    When February rolled in I had made plans to explore Budapest with a good friend on mine. March started with us flying off to Cyprus, an experience I won’t soon be forgetting. Soon after returning from Cyprus I took off to Stockholm – such an expensive city to visit.

    As life would have it, I managed to get invited to the Paris office for work which I extended further. I had been to Paris twice before but was excited to be back again to enjoy the Eiffel Tower.

    April – June 2017: 1 local and 6 abroad

    When April came round I couldn’t wait to fly off to Zambia for my bestie’s wedding celebrations. Since it was being home back home, it gave me chance to visit my extended family too. But before I went off celebrating I decided to visit Berlin as it’s been on my bucketlist for the longest. In May I did not do much traveling, I was in London with my sister practically every weekend.

    Come June and I was abroad every weekend in June trying to complete my 30 before 30 bucketlist. I started the month of visiting Bali via Doha, Qatar for my pre-30th celebrations. Then came back and went off to Basel and Lucern where I met a fellow blogger on same flight. I ended the month with a visit to Bucharest which was absolutely amazing and can not recommend it enough.

    July – September 2017: 3 local and 1 abroad

    July was a pretty big month for me, it has been smiling like a kid as I type my Travels Thus Far 3. I turned 30 and I had one plan, to spend my 30th abroad and as luck would have it I did, DUBAI! August seemed to be the month I was destined to get some rest from flying abroad. Instead I focused all my attention into local attractions most notably London attractions.

    September rolled in and it was all systems go, I started my local adventures by visiting Bristol, Bath and Blenheim Palace. Aside from these local adventures, we did a lot of reviewing festivals and restaurants which was a big step for us.

    October – December 2017: 6 local and 3 abroad

    End of September I decided to join the National Trust so I could explore all properties close to me. I was surprised by how many gorgeous properties they have in Oxfordshire and surrounding areas. In October I managed to visit Four National Trust properties which surprised me big time. During the midst of these local tours I also managed to squeeze in a visit to Barcelona. I can’t tell you how much I wanted this trip and how awesome it was to have gone.

    It’s weird to think November was just last month and I managed to fly out to Rome. Another city which was high on my list and I couldn’t honestly wait to go. I also managed to add in two local adventures; one up north {Rufford House} and one down south {Waddesdon Manor}.

    To end the year I decided I wanted to visit one more city and Frankfurt beaconed me. I did not know how much I would love the city but also that I would discover Mainz. It was such an amazing experience staying in Frankfurt for 4 days and just enjoying life. I have to go back during nicer weather and tour the city again.

    I don’t mean to brag but I will go ahead anyway, I have been to 14 countries and 20 cities abroad in 2017. How did I get so lucky to have been able to Travels Thus Far 3 in life? Nothing has come easy to me I can assure you but I rejoice on positives and embrace the negative.

    This is where I have been Thus Far 3, where have you been thus far?


    Top Five Friday Frankfurt Getaway

    When I started the Top Five Friday series, it was to share the major five happenings. Whilst I have continued to do that, it is now more focused on the good than the bad. As I always say, the world has enough bad things happening without me adding to it. This weekend I am in Frankfurt, which is obviously the highlight of my week so far. Even though it is a highlight, it has come at a bad time for me financially but oh well.

    Frankfurt is a city I have wanted to visit for the longest time, I have been to 4 German cities already. Each is unique in it’s own way and I can not wait to explore this city further. For now, here are the items making the Top Five Friday Frankfurt Getaway.

    Frankfurt Getaway – It would be weird of me not to include this getaway as the highlight of my week. I don’t have much of an itinerary to be honest but I have marked off a few places I want to visit.

    Rola Wala – Last week Friday I took my friend and my sister along to review a fast food joint. It was Indian food with a British twist full of flavour and very tasteful. It was incredible, we put together two reviews HERE and HERE one includes an invite.

    Giveaway – I am running another giveaway on A July Dreamer to win a textured gown from Damart UK. Use the widget below to enter the competition. Open to UK residents only!!
    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    Girls movie night – my assistant at work has become a really good friend of mine outside work. We meet up at least once a week for a meal this time we had a girls night in at mine.

    It’s Friday – I am not sure anything can be better, it has long been coming, plus it’s a Frankfurt Weekend!!


    Top Five Friday November Recap

    This is now becoming a trend because I can not seem to catch up on The Top Five Friday series. But as always I am hopeful I will be able to keep up with them even with just recaps. Can you believe that today is the first day of December 2017? Like how did that even happen, one minute we celebrating the new year and next its end of the year. I must confess the last few weeks have been pretty hectic but excited to see what December 2017 has in store for us. Before we get to the bright future December is promising us, here is my Top Five Friday November Recap.

    Top Five Friday November Recap

    So The Myrabev Life turned Four years old and any other time I would have celebrated this milestone. But honestly running two blogs and having a life outside it makes it hard to celebrate. I will not lie, it has been hard trying to maintain this blog but it has been fun too. It’s weird to think I only started this blog because I didn’t want to lose the name Myrabev. Four years on and I don’t actually need it as my life has changed now and evolved so much. Anyway enough of that, here is are my Top Five Friday November Recap.

    The Personal Life

    Again nothing on the personal life front, rekindled some friendships but nothing really. As I mentioned in the October Recap, I am taking a step back and silently hunting. I have had chance to seat back and review my previous life disappointments aka men.

    The Social Life

    I have been busier than usual throughout November, my friend and I have dinner one day a week. It has become our thing and honestly I love it, last week I introduced my good friends to each other over dinner. Today we are off to Rola Wala to try out there new menu with my sister and my friend. The social life of Myrabev has been pretty busy hectic and loads of fun.

    The Blogger Life

    Throughout the month of November we worked on over 30 collaborations between The Myrabev Life and A July Dreamer. It has been an incredibly busy month for me being a one-man band managing two blogs but its been amazing too. I do not take these opportunities for granted because most times they are helping me financially.

    The Traveler Life

    At one point this year I thought I was going to slow down with my travels and spend more time at home. Alas as life would have it too many deals fell in my plate and I am traveling again. Due to the change in weather, there are only a few local adventures I can do. So I have gone back to traveling abroad to some tourist-y destinations like Rome and Frankfurt.

    The Post Graduate Life

    It has been incredibly busy and expensive, much more than I realised when I started. This month I have three assignments to work on. Two are due really soon and one is due in January but want to make a start whilst it’s still fresh. There is light at the end of the tunnel I just need to get there first.

    And there you have it, my Top Five Friday November Recap and hopefully will be back next week Friday from Frankfurt.


    How-to prepare your wardrobe for winter

    prepare wardrobe for winter

    How you prepare a wardrobe for winter depends entirely on your location and dare I say fashion sense. I was born in a warm country which rarely got cold therefore my wardrobe was more summer than anything. I had a couple jumpers and sweaters but no coats because it never got that cold. Fast forward 16 years later we moved to good old cold England and it was a shock to my system. Not only did I not dress in my summer clothes for the first 3 years in England, there was no actual summer weather. I mean nothing 30+ degrees of heat to got used to as a child, my sister was definitely friend and so was my closest.

    Prepare your wardrobe

    In a few short weeks it will be winter hence why today I am sharing my tips on how-to prepare your wardrobe for winter. Though most of us have already pulled out the winter coats, here are some must have items in your winter wardrobe. And luckily for you, we are collaborating with JD Williams to bring you these awesome fashion must haves.

    How-to prepare your wardrobe for winter!!

    Starting bottom and working my way up, when it comes to footwear for winter *Boots are a no-brainer. I have such cold feet that I am always thinking of wearing warmer footwear. Though I am not big on socks, I did love these chatty feet socks I got last year. Now that we’ve kept the feet and legs warm, let’s move up to the bottom half. Those who know me know I rarely wear tights therefore rarely skirts and dresses. So for me and obviously the most practical thing is warm bottoms and my parents swear by long Johns for warmth. I once found amazing thermal pants in TK Maxx which I really loved and now searching for a new pair.

    Next up is the top half, do you have suitable *outerwear to keep you warm especially in winter months? On A July Dreamer I shared the *Cardigan and *Coat I pick for my SIL and my mum. Both items are super warm, stylish and comfortable too. My mum took her coat immediately for a trial run upon receiving it and she absolutely loved it. I am thinking of borrowing it a couple of times to complete an outfit when I visit my parents.

    So just to recap, to prepare your wardrobe for winter, you need:

    • Comfortable and warm footwear like Boots
    • Warm and comfy socks are a big sell for me
    • Never too old for long johns or thermal wear
    • Cardigans, Jumpers, Jackets and Coats are your friend in winter.

    Obviously it would be foolish to forget about having; Gloves, Scarves and Beanies. But for most of us these are more in accessorizing closets than winter wardrobes.

    *sample product

    ** Collaborative post


    Top Five Friday Rome wasn’t built in a day

    November has been such a hectic month, I have not even consistently blogged on The Myrabev Life. I have mentioned many times how its been difficult trying to manage the blogs and life offline. But honestly if I think about it, I can do it better if I organised myself better. Blogging has never been easy anyway so that was to be expected trying to manage to blogs. Regardless I love it and days like tomorrow make me happier when I do nothing but explore.

    Top Five Friday Rome wasn’t built-in a day

    From the title I am sure you can assume this post will have something to say about Rome and you’re right. I am off to Rome tomorrow for 2.5 days and honestly I can not wait to go. Rome has been on my bucketlist for the longest time and now I am finally going.

    Rome – I booked an apartment to stay in the outskirts of the city for the 2.5 days I am there. I know for definite that I want to see the Colosseum and the Vatican City, these are my main ones. Everything else in between will be awesome but I will be taking it slow.

    Thaikun Dinner – On Tuesday my two good friends met for the first time over dinner. We had such a blast and it was an incredible dinner with my girls. Afterwards we went off to a nice chilling bar which was cute but mostly empty.

    Taste of London – It was first time learning of this event and actually attending it. I went with my good friend and we sampled many foods from different restaurants found in London. It was a totally new experience for me but I can not wait to go again.

    Bakerdays cake – Earlier this week I was sent a letterbox cake and I am in love. I asked for it to have my blog’s logos on it and it looked plus tasted absolutely amazing. I have a giveaway currently ongoing on A July Dreamer to win your very own letterbox cake.

    Mommy-Daughter Day – over the weekend I spent some time with my mummy. I often visit at least once a month where I treat her to some shopping or whatever she wants. As I have grown older I have started to appreciate my parents more and spend more time with them. They still drive me insane but I wouldn’t have it any other way and I am grateful for them.

    And there you have it, my Top Five Friday Rome wasn’t built-in a day!!


    How do you maintain an active lifestyle?

    maintain active lifestyle

    Being able to maintain an active life is all about integrating physical activity into everyday routine. Those how know me know I do not exactly know how to maintain an active lifestyle especially at the moment. Living a healthier lifestyle has always been my aim but unfortunately for me, I love sweet things. I try to go to the gym at least three times but I have missed the last month. It is crazy to think how my life just seems to be spiraling as we close the year.

    I am strong believer in implementing plans now than in the future, no better quote said it better. “Why put off something you can do today to do tomorrow?” The majority of my decisions are based around this quote and has helped me a lot. When I was thinking of how I can maintain an active lifestyle, I thought take it slow.

    maintain active lifestyle

    How to maintain an active lifestyle

    Though I go to the gym for Body Balance class, I have not been for a while now. Yes I have work deadlines and blog commitments but I feel its important to integrate physical active. Because I always have a gym membership, I will continue with visiting the gym at least once a week. But that is not all ending there for integration of physical activity.

    • Change up the diet, obviously I won’t become vegetarian or vegan but make healthier meal choices. For me the biggest step is giving up on sweet things, which I know will be hard. Therefore I am not giving them up but just making better choices
    • Trust your body, having walk/jogged a half marathon without training I know what my body is capable of. I know if I push myself, my body would comply but I also know to take it easy. The idea is to start slow and build up your body but also trusting your body to know its limit.
    • Mind over matter, I was scared to even consider participating in a half marathon. But once I convinced myself I could do it, I started believing I could. Trusting your body is the first step to winning your mind over matter.

    Balancing both work and fitness along with other daily commitments can be a challenge to say the least. As preparation is a key factor in fitness success, T.M.Lewin has specifically designed shirts and suits that make heading to the gym that much easier. In addition, they created a useful graphic detailing ways to implement exercise into your work schedule

    maintain active lifestyle

    12 months of Happiness

    12 Months of Happiness – October 2017 Recap

    12 months of happiness

    12 Months of Happiness is a monthly recap series of all the wonderful things that made me happy that month. The aim of this post is to focus on the positives in life and also look positively on the negative ones. Our world has enough negatives to go round so for my corner of the world, I choose to only be positive. When I shared the September 2017 recap I mentioned how busy the month was for me. October seemed to be no different but at least I got some respite in the middle of the chaos that is life.

    12 Months of happiness – October 2017 recap 

    September had loads of blogger opportunities that came my way and I couldn’t be more thankful. October started work a bang, one that I did not intended on at all and wasn’t ready for.

    12 months of happiness

    The Oxford Half Marathon 

    So September we attended the pre-event organised by Virgin Sport in readiness for the Oxford half. I mentioned at the event that if there was an option to walk the 13.1 miles then I would do it. Come October the person meant to run with my sister dropped out and since we were sponsored I needed to fill the gap. So ladies and gentleman I walked, hopped and skipped throughout the half marathon and finished. I had no prior training and to make matters worse I hadn’t eaten anything that morning, I survived purely on jelly beans. It’s an experience I won’t be forgetting anything soon.

    Oxford Half

    Veeno Reading 

    Whilst I was contemplating the meaning of life, Veeno Reading offered us a chance to sample their wine cafe menu. We thought we had enjoyed all the best Italian wines at Franco Manca but nope there was more. I can not tell you how honoured we were to be given the chance to experience Aperitivo. An Italian ritual of drinking, nibbling and relaxing after work. Most of us could certainly do with Aperitivo every now and again, I know I sure can.


    Barcelona for Respite 

    I didn’t realise how tired and drained September left me until I almost collapsed at work. But luckily for me I had Barcelona booked for a few days so I could recover from it all. Normally when I travel on my weekend getaways, I have loads of things planned. But this time, I had no specific plans to explore Barcelona apart from just taking a snail’s pace. Luckily for me my host took me to most of the places I needed to see and the weather was perfect.

    These and other pretty little moments in life made up my 12 months of happiness in this October 2017 recap. As I have always mentioned, these posts aims to focus on the good and positive things only. But I do not ignore the bad that I have experienced, I just look positively on them.

    And that’s it for the October 2017 recap, how was your October 2017?


    Top Five Friday – The October Recap

    It’s already been 3 Fridays {including today} since I last shared the Top Five Friday with you all. I am a blogger whose pretty bad with keeping up with series and this time was no different. There is no rhyme or reason why I didn’t post the last two Fridays other than pure boredom. You could say I was not motivated enough to blog or had a blogging slump. Both which are equally true and very applicable to me those two weeks ago, slowly improving.

    Thinking about what to include in the October Recap plus the first two Friday’s in November seems daunting. Not because it’s not been awesome, because too much has happened already. Besides the October Recap will be covered in the 12 Months of Happiness recap for October 2017.

    Top Five Friday – The October Recap

    Would be believe this blog is about to turn 4 nearer the end of the month and I am preparing nothing for it. This blog is one I am glad to have but too lazy to maintain and mostly surviving on guest posts. It is not that I don’t love it or don’t want it, time isn’t available for it. But regardless I love sharing various posts with my audience and I will continue to do so. When I was preparing this October Recap, I had to really think what I wanted to share. Without overloading with information I will be sharing in the 12 months happiness recap. Here is what I thought I should include.

    The Personal Life

    Honestly, there is nothing to share just looking at life’s disappointments. It’s funny during the summer I thought yep he could be it then he wasn’t. I was gutted but I am also glad it did not work out because I can not be controlled. Being an independent woman seems to scare some people away but that’s ok by me. So for now, watch this place for me whilst I go hunt!!!

    The Social Life

    I love to socialize but would also rather spend time alone at home watching TV. Lately my assistant has insisted on us having a social life, mostly to help me get back out there. It has been nice meeting a friend for dinner weekly that its something I look forward to. Earlier this week we went to Cinnamon Kitchen an Indian restaurant recently opened in Westgate Oxford. We had such bad service but the food was awesome, now we have conflicted feelings about it.

    The Blogger Life

    Whilst I am not good with series, I do love traveling and blogging about it. This is why the Local Adventures over on A July Dreamer are still ongoing. As mentioned, this blog celebrates 4 years since it’s inception and I am thankful to all who visit. This year has been the best in terms of blogging opportunities and readership though it hasn’t always been easy.

    The Traveler Life

    Regular readers of A July Dreamer know how much I love to travel and share my adventures. Of late I have enjoying being a local tourist in my own city and sharing memories made. Since the last Top Five Friday, I have been to Hugheden Manor, Waddesdon Manor and Rufford Old Hall. All these are National Trust properties and I am a member whose making full use of the membership. I have also managed to book a few travels above for remainder of 2017.

    Next week I am off to Rome, Italy then two weeks later I am off to Frankfurt, Germany. I haven’t been to either of these places so I am super excited to visit them. Then 2018 I am heading to Prague {Jan-18}  and Tuscany {Feb-18} with my sister.

    Christmas Preparations

    For the first time in 10 years I have no plans for Christmas, and the ones I use last year I don’t want to again. For over 8 years the plans were the same, spend Christmas morning and lunch with my parents. Then Christmas dinner with the exe and his family. For the last two years it’s been with my parents which I love to death but not sure about this year.

    Thinking about presents, this year I am way ahead of the game and almost done. I have gotten presents for Mum, brother, SIL all thanks to my amazing blog sponsors. I will sharing some of the gifts on this blog and A July Dreamer.

    As you can see not much has been happening in some areas and rather busy in others. With only 13 days left in November 2017, I am contemplating what I should do to keep me busy. Then ago my job and graduate school are keeping me busy enough.

    Happy Friday Everyone!!!