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    Relationship Advice: Sharing is caring

    So last night I was chatting with my partner on the phone when he mentioned something that caught my attention, I asked him about it and he said he thought I knew! (The nerve on him!!!). I calmly and collected said no I did not know because he never told me about it. After he apologised we continued talking when again I learned something I didn’t know but this time when I asked his response was “I didn’t want to burden you with my problems” I don’t know about you but I got upset because as thoughtful as that is he decided for me without asking me first. When you are in a relationship honest, trust come with a little tag called sharing with one another not just the good stuff but the bad stuff too. If I only know of the good stuff how on earth am I going to deal with that one bad thing when it pops it’s ugly head?

    I understand feeling ashamed, embarrassed even annoyed for whatever you feel or think is an I inconvenience to your partner but if you can’t share your most difficult and upsetting thing in your life why do you have that partner in your life? I am sure you can tell from my tone that I am upset and honestly I am but I am mostly saddened because he felt its his burden to deal with no OURS.

    I share everything with my partner maybe a bit too much but I want him to know what’s going on with me both inside and out, I don’t pick and choose because I prefer he heard it from me first and not third parties especially with how people how are out to ruin us.

    My advice to anyone who wants it and is going through what I am, don’t feel it’s best to only share the good stuff because what creates a stronger relationship and partnership is sharing both the good and the bad. Love, trust and honest is usually tested during the hardships in life not always when the going is good.

    Thank you for reading my rambling, take care and God bless.


    Week 3: Personal Motivation – Exercise

    *Lebannesse chicken (grilled), red cabbage, chunky chips, salad and wrap*
    Hello my lovelies!!! So winter is definitely here and in full swing. It’s raining here more frequently and it’s colder too but saying that we had a lovely day yesterday with long spells on sunshine which was unusual but welcome.

    I am a self motivated individual but even the best of us can get beat under the carpet, because it’s cold I feel like I should throw in the towel with my exercise but then I remember I started exercising to firstly get tired enough to sleep (insomnia issues) and secondly get healthier and fit back into my jeans (I now do after 3 weeks intense exercise). 
    Though I have achieved the basic goals I want to keep at it and keep fit for my future as well, you just have to turn on the telly or open a health & fitness magazine to see how everyone is talking about how been unfit can lead to an earlier visit to your grave. I do not like that concept but I do appreciate that I have to maintain my body, keep fit and eat healthily to the best of my abilities. So how am I doing that? How am I keeping fit? Eating healthier? And motivating myself?
    If you have read my Benefits of exervise post you will remember that I explained what exercise classes I do each week, my favourite one is Spin. let me tell you a little about spin and the benefits that are associated with spin class and what have experienced personally.
    Spin classes 

    “A spinning workout is an excellent way to burn some calories and relieve stress. The workout employs a stationary bike, which has various tension levels. The bike will also track your progress, so that you are motivated to continue and accomplish your fitness goals. There are numerous benefits to a spinning workout”. A workout of 45 minutes may allow you to burn around 500 calories, but the amount of calories you burn will depend on the intensity of the workout. spinning workout may help you build some muscle tone. The workout will focus on the core muscles, as well as the buttocks and thighs. spinning workout is a low impact exercise. This means that it won’t put pressure on knees and joints, as other aerobic or running exercises do.

    Personal Experience

    * In 3 weeks I attended 7 spin classes and I toned up so much that I came down a dress size, I was aslowly moving up to size 12UK but I am back to size 10UK (so happy about this

    * I feel more energetic which is a blessing adn a curse because due to too much energy I find it hard to sleep

    * My skin is amazing, the softness is unbelievable, I have always has soft and smooth skin but its 10 times better now

    Healthier Meals


    *When you cant fit in your favourite feature in the closet then you need to start working out, thats one of my motivation but mostly to get fitter and healthier drives to do these classes every week and I still keep eating what I eat.

    * Family history of any disease usually makes people to something about it e.g. go work out so that they dont experience the same.
    * I work out for me and for my man, I want to look good for him as much as I want to look good for me.
    Thank you for reading my post, please do let me know what you think and also what motivates you to do exercises!!!

    ***some material on spin taken from the web***

    Week 3: Personal Motivation – As Red as my Lips

    My lovelies I am very excited to be writing this post because I am talking about why red wine is good  for you. When I started Uni back in 2009 my good friends Muki and Nara always used to say “babe red wine is good for you, you are a scientist you should know this already”. I used to laugh all the time because though I had heard and red a few articles I always putit down to my friends wanting a good drink which obviously I participated.

    Now before I get carried away reminiscing about the good old red wine drinking days I thought I sprout a few scientific gebbor towards you my lovelies.  So what does science say?

    <“Red wine is good for the soul, reduces the harmful effects of smoking, protecting against heart problems and apparently improves brain function”> <“A study done in 2002 said the red wine stopped people from getting colds”, so here science has my back I can drink red wine in moderation to prevent colds this is supper> Thats all I have for you my lovelies, I am just gonna go finish my red wine (in moderation offcourse). Happy days


    Relationships: This R/ship is between two people NOT plus the world

    Hello peeps!!! So recently I had a momental relapse in judgement and I lost my self control which in most instances I would brag its one good quality I possess. What had happened was for over 6 months some unhappy people have just been trying to make me as unhappy as them and I usually ignored them people it really didn’t get to me or even scatch the surface. But then one day they decided since talking about me wasn’t doing anything they decided attacking my partner would do it and congratulations to them they found the switch because I lost it and I was fuming but since beating people black and blue is illegal I thought I will vent on Facebook and I did. Now I feel horrible not because I defended my relationship but because I stooped to their level. 

    If you’ve read or watched my videos you will know have mentioned how hard relationships can be and extra stuff from people out to get you doesn’t help. Relationships are between two people not us and the world, what have learnt in the last couple days is that I really do not have to justify my relationship with my partner to anyone if you ain’t God or Jesus then sorry I ain’t listening I will listen to the wise not to people who only think that we should all be miserable as them.
    So if you experienced or are experiencing hard times in your relationship due to outside influence just remember relationships are between two people. Firstly look after number one, that’s the two if you then conquer the world together. 

    Off-Sunday ~ GIVEAWAY (PBA – now AJD is 6 months today)

    Hello Peeps!!! It’s Sunday the 8th of December 2013 and my baby blog PurelyByAccident (now A July Dreamer) is 6 months old today and to celebrate this momentous time I have decided to do a giveaway (yaaaay!!!!) on both my blogs to mark this day.

    When I started blogging I didn’t think I would achieve so much in so little time, I am forever grateful to the people have met and socialized with from the blogsphere. As my bio says I started this blog to pass time when I had moved town and knew no one, this journey as been one of the most wonderful journeys have taken so far and I hope and pray I continue because we both know it’s not always easy to keep blogging and posting posts it takes dedication and commitment to keep up with your fellow bloggers. 
    I just wanted to quickly share my stats with you before I move on to the giveaway
    * Twitter –> 250+ followers, I started with 15
    * Facebook –> 160+ followers, I didn’t have a fan page then
    * Bloglovin –> 290+ followers, I had 10
    * Pinterest + Google plus –> 70+ followers, I dint have either till recently.
    Anyway now down to the reason your reading this post, I am giving away £25 paypal cash and 1 small Ad space on both my blogs for 2 months. Good luck to you all.

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    ***Bloggers if you would like free ad space on both my blogs please e-mail me, the only condition is promote my giveaway on your blog by placing my rafflecopter on your side bar and I will place your button onmy blog for 2 months!!!***


    Off-Saturday: From Him to Me!!!

    Hello my lovelies!! Happy Saturday, sorry my post is up later today but it’s been an interesting day. Those of you who are friends with me on Facebook will remember my little rant this morning, I am not usually like that but people this time got under my skin and it was relapse in judgement that brought my little rant on, anyway that’s that. 

    Today my partner took me shopping don’t ask me why I just jumped at the opportunity when he offered. We went around town, experienced our long overdue romance walks then we headed to the retail park where we hit up New Look and Matalan. 

    He already got me a bag from H&M last weekend so I didn’t really want to have him spend much on me but he said he wanted to so without furthe adure I grabbed the Christmas hoody sweater from New Look and a pair of leggings from Matalan. I also picked up a jewellery display stand and some Kelly brooks duo lip pencils. 


    We wondered around time before we headed to Lidl and grabbed some food so I could cook for us, I cooked fried beef burger with salad , pilau rice + chilli corn cane. It’s been a while since I last cooked for us but he cleared and licked his plate I guess I still gat my cooking skills. 
    That’s my Saturday, what have you been up to? 

    {Guest Post} Warm Vs White Holidays ~ Christmas Destinations

    HTML Generator Sample Page White Christmas
    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a warm christmas or a white christmas? When I was a child growing up in Zambia I always wondered what it would be like to have snow on Christmas day and how the snow would feel like etc. God obviously heard my prayers because I have been experiencing a “white” christmas for the last 10years and funny enough though I do not mind it I miss having a warm summer. In Zambia we used to stay up all night long on christmas eve and sleep christmas day after church, this was a norm in our house and I miss those times. There times here in the UK when I feel like I should just go away on holiday and experience the warm summer I am used to but then again there times when I feel like having snow on christmas day is the norm so on this part I am undecided but I would not mind experiencing either, what about you.
    Warm Christmas
    I was contacted by Daren from gogobot and he was wondering if I could share this with you guys! When I read it I wanted to visit all these places. I dream one day to travel to all the 501 wishlist destinations I have on my bucketlist. I have included below the short intro from the website and you can read the rest HERE
    “The winter holidays are not a time for moderation. Drinks flow freely, parties go on into the wee hours, and going hungry begins to sound like a happy dream. Planning to travel this winter? Vacation in this season tends to extremes as well. Ski resorts and beaches are inevitably popular, but urban excitement holds its own allure. Here’s our rundown of where to enjoy some holiday cheer, from downtown skating to partying with the Grinch, to cactus Christmas trees. Two are hot, two are cold, and one is ‘just right’”
    Thank you for reading my blog, please take a moment to give me your feedback.


    Week 2: Personal Time – Benefits of Exercise


    Today December 2nd 2013, I weigh in at 70kg. This is a huge success I have lost >5kg in >2weeks. I have lost a lot around my wait too because them gorgoeus skirts are now fitting nicely. My training plan is as follows:

    * Monday – Spinning class for 1hr
    * Tuesday – Zumba class for 1hr
    * Wednesday – Spinning class for 1hr
    * Thursday – Legs Bums & Tums for 1hr and Abs workout for 30 minutes
    **Friday|Saturday|Sunday –> off
    This with eating healthy breakfast and huge lunch and no supper have helped me to lose the 5KG in 2 weeks. I also walk almost everywhere except work and I have cut back down on sweets or sugary stuff. 
    If you guys have any suggestions I can do please comment below.


    Off-Saturday: What you don’t know about me!!!

    Hey there Guys&Dolls!!

    Happy Saturday, today’s post is a really short but personal post. So I was relaying my life experiences to my friend when she said you should right a book, it made me laugh but it also brought me an idea – to write what you don’t know about me.

    * You didn’t know I had an accident when I was three months – broke my small leg but it’s glued back together so I am fine. 
    * You didn’t know I was once stranded in a big city and I was assisted by an angel who no one saw but me ( FYI – am not crazy!!)
    * You didn’t know I was once hit by a bus’ side mirror when the bus was driving at 60Miles and I was using a side walk. 
    * You didn’t know I can bake, quite good actually. 
    Thank you for reading my short emotional post. Have good weekend 

    Relationships: Looking Good for US*

    Hey Guys&Dolls!!! Happy Thursday, today’s post is quick, short and sweet. So today I am talking about looking good, and looking good for who? You and him/her.

    There comes a time in every relationship when everybody just gets comfortable. I will be the first to admit that I got waaay way comfortable in this my relationship. I used to have a house mate who used to dress up like crazy for her man whom she saw daily, me on the other hand I was happy in my warm pj’s and my leggings with no look just plain simple comfy life. 
    Well that has changed now and I an putting in my every effort to look good for me then for him and us, but firstly it’s for me above all else. 
    So to give an example, I wrong this chestnut orange dressmy man bought me and paired it with my favourite black heels with little to no accessories unless tights count as accessories. What you guys think?
    I think it’s important to remind your partner that sexy you ain’t dead still here. Because I am constantly told men are visual creatures who see something one and they wanna touch so put your best on and let him/her touch you not your good looking friend of yours. 
    Thanks for reading, please comment below I read each comment and reply within 24hours.