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    Using Science In Your Diet

    Using Science In Your Diet

    For a lot of people, dieting is one of the least pleasant parts about life in the modern world. Taking the fun out of your food, being stuck with a strict regime which doesn’t let you enjoy yourself is always a horrible position to be in. Of course, though, it doesn’t have to be this way. Instead of putting yourself through hell, this post will be showing you how to use science to dictate your diet. While this won’t add much of the old flavor back to your diet, it could have the chance to make the entire process a little more fun for you.

    Using Science In Your Diet

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    Balancing Nutrients:

    The first part of this will be figuring out exactly how much you have to eat each day, based on your current physical stature and the goals you have for your body. A runner, for example, will want to have a lot of lean meats and vegetables, avoiding things like fat, sugar, and salt. Someone gaining weight as a bodybuilder, though, might have more reason to eat bulkier food. There are loads of calculators around the web which can help you with this. By giving them simple information, like your height, weight, and gender, these applications can be used to give you a good idea of what you need to be eating to achieve your goals.

    Covering It All:

    Once you have an idea of what you need to be eating, it will be time to start figuring out ways to tailor your diet to match it. To do this correctly, it’s best to start fresh and look at your food from a new perspective. The things you consume are used a fuel for your body. Beyond this, there is no reason to eat, and this is the best mentality to take when you’re trying to improve the food you eat. There are loads of all in one food options out there which can help you with this sort of work. Of course, though, some people will prefer to go for a traditional diet.

    Tricking Your Body:

    Not a lot of people realize that their diet can be used to trick their body. By understanding the way that certain processes work, you can adapt the food you eat to impact the way that your body functions. A ketogenic diet can encourage rapid weight loss as a result of a method like this. By starving yourself of carbohydrates, you will force your body to start digesting fat to get energy. When taken with the right care, this sort of diet can be perfectly healthy, and a lot of people find it extremely effective when compared to other diets which don’t rely on science.

    Timely Meals:

    Eating your food at the right time is a very important part of your scientific diet, and a lot of people don’t realize quite how much of a difference this can make. Not eating before bed, for example, will help you to avoid gaining weight by accident. Along with this, by planning four small meals at regular intervals each day, you can improve the way that your body digests food by a huge margin. There are loads of resources around the web which can help you to understand how to space your meals to make them reach their healthy peak. Along with this, though, you could also consider getting some help along the way.

    Getting Some Help:

    Thanks to the popularity of health and fitness in the modern world, more and more professionals are starting out in jobs related to this field. This has opened the doors for people trying to get fit to get support when they’re struggle with their diet. As the most obvious choice, a dietician will be a great candidate for your support during your diet building phase. Along with this, your GP should also be able to help, but may charge a pretty penny for this sort of service. If you already have access to a gym, the personal trainers they employ will also have the skills to help you to create a diet which covers all of the things you need.

    With this in mind, it should be a lot easier to start applying science to the diet which is improving your life. A lot of people struggle to build a sensible routine when it comes to their food, finding it very tempting to slip at every turn. When you put this much effort into your diet, though, it will often get a lot easier to keep motivated towards making it better.


    Why Has My Diet Failed? Find The Answer Here

    Why Has My Diet Failed

    So, you decided to get in shape, and you’ve been working on it for a few months. Unfortunately, up until now, you haven’t seen much improvement in either your diet or your physique. If anything, you might have put on a few extra pounds. How is that possible? You’re working out, you’re eating well, and you’re doing your best to stay healthy. Well, the answer to why your diet has failed might surprise you because there are a number of things that could be going wrong. Let’s take a look at a few and see if we can get you back on track. 

    Wait…That’s Fatty?

    Why Has My Diet Failed

    Pic Source

    We all know that certain foods and drinks are bad for but what’s less apparent is why they are bad for you. Take alcohol as an example. You might be under the impression that alcohol is bad for you because of the impact that it has on your mind or the fact that it can be quite addictive. But that’s not the only issue. Alcohol also tends to contain a lot of calories, so if you’re trying to stay healthy, you need to think about how to stop drinking. Many people on a diet make the mistake of skipping desert and having a lovely glass of wine instead. What they don’t realise is that calorie wise this is exactly the same as eating that sugary treat.

    It’s not the only thing that you can consume that is surprisingly quite bad for your diet. Another one to be aware of are ready meal diet packs. Microwave TV diet meals often have friendly messages on them, claiming that they are good for you and low in fat. That might be true, but they tend to be high in sugar. They need to be because otherwise, they would taste foul and that is why if you are trying to lose weight, you should avoid ready meals altogether.

    I Haven’t Taken Any Days Off!

    Why Has My Diet Failed

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    Most diets recommend that you take a day off your diet at least once a week. By doing this, you can still make sure that your body is getting the fat, the sugar and the salt that it needs. Remember, a little of each of these is good for you in small quantities. Some people decide to skip the off days completely, hoping that this will lead to a faster result. Why doesn’t this work? Usually, because rather than having off days, these individuals accidentally treat themselves more often with little snacks and these all start to add up. As such, make sure you do take an off day every so often when you’re on a diet or a cheat day because it will help keep you honest.

    Measuring At The Wrong Time

    Why Has My Diet Failed

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    Lastly, you might find that your diet is helping and that you’re just measuring your progress incorrectly. If you are checking your weight, you should make sure that you are taking it at the same time of day, typically in the morning. Our weight fluctuates throughout the day due to the meals we consume. By always checking your weight in the morning, you’ll get a clear picture of whether you really have lost weight.


    The Health Misconceptions to Avoid like Your Life Depended on It

    Health Misconceptions

    If you want to truly take care of yourself, then you should most certainly be avoiding the common health misconceptions below. And, you should be doing so as if your life depended on it, because it could very well do!

    Health Misconceptions

    Image source

    You should allow illnesses the chance to heal themselves before doing anything about them yourself

    Whether this misconception be born of a fear of facing up to an illness, a laziness in being proactive about dealing with an illness or a genuine belief that illnesses heal themselves, it should be avoided, excuse the pun, like the plague. It should be avoided because in no way, shape or form is it better to give illnesses free rein to fix and health themselves when healthcare can be sought. If you were to allow an illness of yours to fix itself, you’d give it far more chance of worsening than actually getting better.

    If you need any proof of this being the case, then look no further than the case of hereditary diseases. These diseases are passed down through generations upon generations in families due to family genetics, meaning that for some they are completely unavoidable. But, just because they are unavoidable, that doesn’t mean they can’t be treated and tended to. But, they can only be treated and tended to if something is done about them and they are not left to fester and worsen. So, don’t think for one second that any illness that befalls you will just go — you simply have to fight it!

    Vaccinations do not fight illnesses, they either do nothing or they cause them

    Our world is full of conspiracy theories, and one that keeps rearing its ugly head is the one that claims vaccinations do not work. Yes, the conspiracy that vaccines do not work and actually do more harm than good is one that won’t go away, but it is one that you should ignore. It is one that you should ignore because if you didn’t and you took it to be the truth, you would put yourself in grave danger of falling ill.

    The one vaccine that you are likely to come across at some point in your life is the flu vaccine, and no matter what you hear about it you should have it. You should have it because it could be the difference between you contracting flu during the cold months of winter and you flying through winter unscathed. And, if you actively sought out by medical professionals to have a flu vaccination due to your age or any ongoing ailment that you suffer with, such as asthma, then you should most definitely have it.

    If you want to be completely healthy then you’re not allowed to have any bad health habits

    Yes, the less bad health habits you have the more chance you will have of being healthy. But, completely cutting out all of your bad habits out of your life isn’t going to make you complete healthy, because nobody can ever be completely healthy. So, don’t try cutting out all of the things that you enjoy in an attempt to better your health!

    What this means, for instance, is that you do not have to go teetotal and avoid alcohol completely in an attempt to better your health. Yes, it is not advisable to drink over your recommended amounts and it is certainly not okay to binge drink, but the odd drink every now and again is not too bad. So, whatever you do, do not feel the need to sacrifice all of the things in life that you enjoy in order to find that elusive completely clean bill of health.

    Quitting cold turkey is the best way to banish unhealthy things from your life

    That being said, if you do want to banish some unhealthy habits form your life then you should do so. But, you should never attempt to do so by doing cold turkey with them. To go cold turkey is to cut something from your life all at once, meaning you have to acclimatize to your life without whatever it is you cut from it instantly. Yes, this might sound like a quick way of cutting unhealthy things out of your life, but it is not the easiest way to do it and it is actually not the healthiest way to do it, either. Instead, you should seek to cut your unhealthy habit out gradually by cutting back on it over an extended period of time. By doing so you will give your body the chance to get used to whatever it is now lacking in, and this is vital if you want your transition into healthiness to be both as easy and as healthy as it can be.

    Transition into Healthiness

    First of all, it would make your transition into a life without whatever it is you are banishing from it far easier because you would instantly circumvent the initial desire to give into your urges and to relapse. You would do so because you would be supplementing your desires sufficiently to not want to relapse and, whether you believe this or not, this desire to relapse is fundamentally impossible to ignore and you would need all the supplementing you could get.

    So, instead of, say, quitting the smoking of cigarettes just like that, you should either lower your daily cigarette consumption or you should switch to a far healthier smoking alternative, such as smoking vapes provided by reputable and accredited vape providers, such as Vape Shop. By doing so you would supplement your need to smoke all whilst cutting down on doing so. And then, one day, you’ll go a whole day or two without so much as smoking a thing and you’ll realise that you have Ade your transition away from your unhealthy habit without even realising that you were doing so.

    Cutting down on unhealthy things gradually rather than all at once has its health benefits, too, the main one being that your body would not be put through the trauma of losing something it has become accustomed to as it would if it was sentenced to cold turkey.

    Eight glasses of water a day are vital if you want to be in top condition

    Water is healthy, there’s no denying that. And yes, you should drink a fair amount of it each day. But, there is no need to drink the recommended eight glasses of it daily, and doing is not necessarily going to get your health in top condition.

    This is because, despite conflicting reports, our bodies are not as dependant on water as you may think they are. You see, our bodies do a pretty good job of self-regulating fluids all by themselves. And, this being the case means that we do not have to provide them with as much water as we are recommended to.

    So, yes, continue to drink water and reap all the healthy benefits it provides for our skins and kidneys, but don’t feel the need to go out of your way to drink eight glasses it each day. Doing so may even result in you drinking too much water, something that can and has proven to be very unhealthy for those that do it.

    Eating late at night will cause you to put on weight

    Eating late at night is not advisable as it can make for a very uncomfortable night’s sleep. But, eating late seemingly does not make you put on weight, because there is little evidence to support the argument that it does. Yes, your body’s state of slumber might not do anything to burn off the calories that you put during your feeding time, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to get fat as a result.

    In fact, the only thing that would lead you to putting on weight for eating late at night would be you eating something that solely comprises of fat or carbs. So, the moral of the story is, if you’ve just had no time in your day to sit down and eat, don’t be afraid to do so just because time is ticking on and your bedtime is approaching.

    Your eyesight will be ruined by reading in a dimly lit area

    Rest assured, the impacts of reading in a dimly lit area are short-lived and will only amount to a short spell of your eyes feeling strained or dry, they will not be long-lasting! Well, how do you think all those people hundreds of years ago got on when they had but a candle to read by? They didn’t all go blind, did they? Of course, if you don’t want to strain your eyes or cause yourself to have a headache as a result, try to read in areas that are as lit as they can comfortably be.

    So, there you have it, a few common health misconceptions that you should be avoiding if you do in fact want to live a long, healthy life.



    Quick But Effective Money Saving Tips

    Quick But Effective Money Saving Tips

    Saving money is something that everybody can do with the tips here. They are quick, effective, and should help you to top up your bank balance in no time!

    Quick But Effective Money Saving Tips

    Create A Budget
    Start by looking at your finances and creating a budget for different areas of your life. This doesn’t mean you have to scrimp and save, it just means you’re being more mindful of how your money is split.

    Always Track What You Spend
    A person that doesn’t track will never truly know the impact of their spending. Don’t you want to know where all of your money is going? When you track, you will avoid overspending and make smarter purchase decisions.

    Check Your Bill Suppliers At Least Once Per Year
    Whether you own a home or just a mobile phone on contract, make sure you look at your bill suppliers at least once per year to make sure you couldn’t be getting a better deal elsewhere. Chances are, you can.

    Think Carefully About Purchases
    It can be tempting to buy something the second you see it if you like it, but think carefully about purchases before you buy. Give yourself a couple of weeks cool off period, and you’ll know whether you truly wanted the item or not.

    Don’t Pay Full Price
    Don’t pay full price for an item when you don’t have to. There are voucher codes and cashback sites online, and you can even work on sharpening your haggling skills!

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    Travel Adventures

    Travelling with a Disability: 5 Essential Tips for the Flight

    traveling with disability

    Travel can bring with it eye-opening experiences that you remember for the rest of your life, and you don’t have to miss out because of your disability. You’ll need to plan carefully, but don’t let that put you off, and don’t rule out flying to your destination — the preparation will all be worth it when you’re exploring new places and making memories. Here are five essential tips for the flight.

    1. Find out what facilities will be available

    Knowing what’s available at the airport and during the flight will make the check-in and boarding process much more straightforward. Facilities will vary depending on where you’re travelling from and which airline you’re flying with — always find out what they are in advance, so you can adjust your plans if necessary.

    Services to look out for:

    • Assistance to and from the aircraft
    • Transport for wheelchairs and other mobility aids
    • Help with stowing your baggage
    • Help with moving between your seat and the toilet

    traveling with disability

    (Photo by Eva Darron on Unsplash)

    1. Let the airline know about your disability in advance

    Always disclose your disability. The airline will be able to prepare adequately for your flight, make any special arrangements, and help you while you’re in transit.

    Most airlines require that you let them know about your disability at least 48 hours before takeoff, but it’s worth notifying them at the time of your booking to ensure everything is definitely taken care of. The airline will often reserve a seat for you at no extra cost.

    The best places to sit on a plane when you have a disability:

    • By entry points (but not by the emergency exits)
    • At the beginning of a cabin class
    • In an aisle seat
    1. Prepare your medication and specialist equipment

    You can travel with up to two items of mobility equipment free of charge if you’re disabled, and it won’t count as part of your baggage allowance. Wheelchairs will be stored in hold during the flight. You can either check in your wheelchair and use an airline-provided one to get to the plane, or you can use your own wheelchair until you reach the aircraft, when the chair will then be stowed away in hold — find out what arrangements the airline will make for you.

    As for medication, always pack it in your hand luggage, and bring at least twice as much as you would normally need, just in case. Leave it in its original packaging, make sure it’s clearly labelled, and bring your prescriptions too, so customs officers can clearly see what you have and who it’s for.

    (Not sure what to do when taking medical supplies through customs? Insurancewith’s guide to travelling with a medical condition takes you through the dos and don’ts.)

    traveling with disability

    (Photo by marcus zymmer on Unsplash)

    1. Keep a medical card and doctor’s letter on you at all times

    A signed doctor’s letter will explain your medical condition, list any medication you’ve been prescribed, and clear you to fly. (Remember: you may have to pay a charge for the letter, since GPs are not obligated to write them.)

    A medical card should contain the following information:

    • Your doctor’s name and contact details
    • Your health and travel insurance information
    • The names of the medications you’re taking and what you’re taking them for
    • A list of your disabilities and any illnesses or medical conditions
    1. Travel with a companion

    Travelling with a companion is compulsory if you’re not self-reliant, i.e. if you need help with feeding, breathing, taking your medication or using the toilet, because there are certain tasks cabin crew aren’t able to carry out. Let the airline know in advance so they can arrange for you to sit together.

    You can also travel with an assistance dog if you follow the rules for pet travel — airlines must accept them without charge, although they may ask you to book another seat if the dog needs extra space. For more information about flying with an assistance dog, check out the Civil Aviation Authority’s guidelines

    Travel Adventures

    The Best Free Walking Tours in Europe (Can’t Miss Them!)

    Best Free Walking Tours

    Visiting a city in Europe soon? Good choice! Thinking about taking a Free Walking Tour during your stay? Awesome choice! But, wait a second, you said Free Walking Tour? Well, is it really free, what’s the trick?

    Free Walking Tours are becoming more and more popular and not only in Europe. Why? Not because it’s free, but because it’s affordable and entertaining as you can give what you want at the end of the visit. So, no price doesn’t mean free, travelers are the ones to decide the price according to their experience and budget.

    Well, enough talking, let’s now see a selection of the best Free Walking Tours you should take in Europe:

    Walking with ancient gods in Athens, Greece

    It’s fair to say that Greece has had its share of troubles recently. The country suffered considerably during the financial crisis. However, don’t let that put you off because Greece and in particular Athens remains a great place to visit. And due to the country’s economic woes, it needs tourism more than ever. As a result it’s pretty cheap.

    Athens’ boasts world-famous landmarks such as the Acropolis and the temple of Apollo at Delphi, making it a unmissable destination. You can also see the main sights over the course of a few days and public transport links are excellent.

    Best Free Walking Tours

    Among the Free Walking Tours of Athens, the most popular is by far a walk with ancient gods that will bring you back in time to a couple of thousands of year ago in ancient Greece. While visiting famous sites of the Greek Capital such as the altar of Zeus, the temple of Hephaestus or the top of Filopappos, the traveller will learn about the moral and lifestyle of that time and enjoy an amazing sunset. Glorious battles, sex, death, love and passion, what else?

    Have a Ghost Tour in Kraków, Poland

    Kraków is not first typically on the list for European tour destinations. However, it’s more than worth the visit. Getting there from the US can prove a little tricky, but it’s easily accessible from most major European cities.

    Once you do arrive however, you won’t regret it. During World War Two the Polish capital Warsaw was razed to the ground almost entirely, whereas Kraków managed to escape largely unscathed. As a result, tourists can enjoy a beautiful and historic city centre, offering classical European architecture. And as a bonus, you won’t be swamped by tourists everywhere you go, as with other cities like Budapest or Prague.

    Best Free Walking Tours

    You can enjoy many Free Walking Tours in Krakow, but the one that stands out is certainly the Macabre Kraków walk. During this visit, you will learn about the dark side of the city, contrasting with its charming old town. Besides the Middle Ages’ stories, legends and tortures’ methods, the guide will explain you the hard job of being executioner in Kraków centuries ago.

    Get to know the old and hipster Vienna, Austria

    Although this city doesn’t always come to mind considering as a cheap tourist destination, you shouldn’t discount it. Despite being second largest German-speaking city in Europe by virtue of population, Vienna is surprisingly affordable. What’s more, its rich mix of culture and history, including the music one, makes Vienna one of the best place to visit. The main sights in Vienna such as the Hofburg palace and St.Stephen’s Cathedral are within close distance to each other, either by walking or using public transports, meaning you can see a lot in a short trip.

    Best Free Walking Tours

    There are many Free Walking Tours of Vienna related with the history of it’s the amazing city center. But there are also walks about the modern life of Vienna, taking a street art tour or a hipster tour using a kickbike, a hybrid of bike and a skateboard. There is definitely something for everyone in Vienna.

    Say hello to Jack the Ripper and Harry Potter in London

    No introduction needed for London! Despite its high prices for nearly everything, the city is very international and proposes a big range of activities for travellers, such as its prestigious museums, its emblematic royal buildings, numerous parks and its diverse theatre offer.

    Best Free Walking Tours

    This exiting city was home of the most popular writers such as Shakespeare and J.K. Rowling and also of some of darkest killers with Jack the Ripper as one of the most famous.

    So, it’s all natural to find a walk about the Harry Potter saga and another about the mysterious murderer Jack the Ripper, among all the Free Walking Tour in London, from East to West and from Soho to the South.

    Experiencing la dolce vita in Florence, Italy

    Tuscany is much more than just wonderful landscapes, a rich past and architectural gems. The traveller will not only know about the history of the Italian old town but also about its renowned lifestyle, la dolce vita.

    Best Free Walking Tours

    If the all region has completely been romanticized, attracting millions of tourists, it’s because every corner of its cities and every hill in the background give an enchanting atmosphere and is worth a postcard. That’s exactly what you can expect from a  Free Walking Tour in Florence, bringing you back to the golden age of the city, during the Renaissance period, learning about the Medici Family and Dante.

    Which walk would you like to take? Tell us by leaving a comment below!


    Top Advice On Matching An Engagement Ring With A Wedding Band

    Engagement Ring With A Wedding Band

    engagement rings

    The engagement ring has been chosen and now the next adventure awaits; the wedding band. Many people opt for a band that complements their engagement ring without being too similar. This is a wise choice to pair the rings this way and can lead to beautiful symmetry in your own unique way.

    Still searching for the perfect wedding band? Why not try where you can see a range of the most stunning handmade bands in Brisbane. It’s the perfect outward symbol of your lifelong commitment.

    In this exciting time, it’s good to gain advice and tips from those who know a thing or two about extra-special jewellery. This is why we have gathered our go-to style tips on wedding bands so you can gain clarity on which you should purchase.


    • Is your engagement ring a solitaire

    If you have gone for the timeless simplicity of the solitaire engagement ring, then a slim diamond band will give both rings that additional glitz.

    • If you have a pave engagement ring

    So, you already have an eternity diamond band which means you can afford to keep it simple for the wedding band. This way it complements your engagement ring rather than overpowers it.

    • You have a coloured gemstone ring

    If you have a coloured stone engagement ring then a good choice for a band will be one that also uses the same gemstone. Visit your favourite jeweller and check their selection for designs that mix and match the stone with a neutral one so it’s not all the same shade. This adds contrast and dynamics.

    • Three stone ring

    You have chosen the engagement ring which features three stunning stones. This means the band you go for should also feature gemstones cut in a similar way.

    • Unusually designed engagement ring

    Maybe your ring has an unusual shape or cut. It could be a bit more avant-garde or art deco. If this is the case, you should go for a band that is an accompaniment to the engagement ring and its unique shape. If it’s tricky at first, the jeweller will point you towards the best shapes to look for.

    • Your engagement ring has a modern design

    If your engagement ring is modern in design, you want something minimalistic, smooth and low-profile.

    The above are specific design elements but generally speaking, you will want to consider the shape and size of the band. Bespoke jewellers will give you the best advice on buying a ring in the right metal, style and design for your needs.

    Engagement Ring With A Wedding Band


    Iconic women’s fashion pieces

    Iconic Fashion

    Iconic Fashion

    Nobody’s style is exactly the same and that’s what makes the world of fashion so exciting and ever-evolving. However, if you look closely, there are a few key fashion pieces that have stood the test of time.

    From the little black dress to the denim jacket, we’ve pulled together the top timeless fashion pieces to show you how you can bring these styles into your everyday look. Reinvent the world’s most iconic timeless fashion pieces by following these quick and simple style tips…

    Leather jackets

    Ever since the 1970s, women have been wearing leather jackets to take them from daytime gatherings to nighttime drinks. Ranging from grungy biker jackets to elegant, tailored cuts; the leather jacket can be both formal and contemporary, and casual and retro.

    Bring leather jackets into your wardrobe

    Go for a short leather jacket and wear it with high-waisted jeans or try a floral shirt with a midi skirt for a contrasting look. Biker leather jackets also look amazing with skinny jeans and a plain tee or blouse.


    From the thigh-high go-go boot to the subtle but effective ankle boot, there’s a huge variety of this footwear style available today. With a mix of heel heights and fabrics, these really are perfect for dressing up or down your outfit.

    Bring boots into your wardrobe

    High-heel boots can enhance a mix of women’s dresses for those big nights out, while low, block heels give you a boost when you pair them with daytime clothing such as tights and skater skirts. Pull on a seductive pair of over-the-knee suede boots with a pair of super-skinny jeans and a boho blouse for a unique silhouette, or go for casual with a pair of brown ankle boots.


    Every woman has a little black dress that she can rely on. Versatile and flattering, this style has helped women look and feel good at all occasions.

    Bring LBDs into your wardrobe

    During the day, why not go for a comfy skater dress in plain black and wear it with a denim jacket, tights and ankle boots? If you need a knock-out outfit for a special night, make a statement by wearing a figure-hugging LBD with sparkling jewellery and killer heels.

    Women’s jeans

    Whether you’re into skinny, slim-leg or flared; we all love a decent pair of jeans. Whenever we’re in a rush to get ready, our jeans are always on hand to help us spruce up for a night out with the girls or casual day around the shops.

    Bring jeans into your wardrobe

    Women’s jeans have been on the fashion stage since the 1930s. Get ready for a night out by pairing skinny black jeans with an off-the-shoulder top, clutch bag and stiletto heels; or dress down with a straight-leg style, sneakers and hoody. Remember; hourglass body shapes look especially incredible in a high-rise jeans, pears are best suited to a slightly flared style, and petites can rock a skinny, mid-rise jeans.

    Trench coats

    Seen on some of Hollywood’s most famous women — including Meryl Streep in Kramer vs. Kramer and Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s — the iconic women’s trench coat has been made memorable by both fashion and film. It was introduced to the world of style after the First World War, and has managed to stay a firm part of women’s fashion ever since.

    Bring trench coats into your wardrobe

    The beauty of the trench coat is the stunning silhouette it delivers. Wear your trench coat with jeans and ankle boots or midi skirts and sneakers, then use the belt to pull you in at the waist.

    Ladies’ white shirts

    What do you do when there’s an important business event or special family occasion to attend and you have nothing to wear? Originally a menswear item, the white shirt has been tweaked into multiple attractive styles for women, making it every modern lady’s secret fashion weapon today. From boxy styles to tailored fits, the iconic ladies’ dress shirt has carried us effortlessly from work to play for decades.

    Bring shirts into your wardrobe

    Sometimes, we need a little extra help to make us feel like we can take on anything at work. If this sounds like you, put on a fitted white shirt under a high-waisted pencil skirt when you want to exude authority. How about at the weekend? When it’s time to dress for off-duty activities, go for a lantern-sleeve style with jeans, flats and a plain kimono.

    Denim jackets

    Transforming fashion ever since its heyday in the 1980s, the denim jacket has moved with the times to help it maintain its influential position in women’s clothing.

    Bring denim jackets into your wardrobe

    There are countless ways to wear, style and customize an outfit with a denim jacket — whether you’re aiming for dressy or going for casual. Denim jackets perfectly complement anything from plain maxi dresses to animal-print shirts. Or why not go for a boxy, oversized jacket style for a dressed down look? You can even add feminine mystique by wearing a mini, laced dress and cute flats with a dark denim design.


    When you want comfort and style in one, try a pair of pumps. The perfect alternative to heels, women have been looking cool, stylish and confident in these for years — and the range of colours and patterns just keep getting better!

    Bring pumps into your wardrobe

    Go for a drop-waist dress with your pumps for a demure, daytime outfit, or wear a pair of denim shorts with a cropped t-shirt for an alternative casual outfit. At night, wear animal-print pumps with skinny black jeans or slip them on with a midi skirt and fitted floral shirt.

    These iconic fashion pieces offer you a world of choice when you want to look incredible with minimal effort.

    Travel Adventures

    Hawaii Bucketlist – A Bucketlist Destination

    Hawaii - Haleakala

    Hawaii is one of those destinations I designated as a ‘honeymoon’ destination for me and my love. Things didn’t work out on the love front and decided to start taking the bull by the horn. It took me a while to appreciate that I do not have to wait on the right conditions. The right conditions never come especially when it comes to travel unless you count retirement. It is for that reason I decided to start traveling and working through my travel bucketlist. One of the many destinations I included is Hawaii, which I am hoping to visit soon.

    Romantic destinations like Hawaii require a lot of time and planning before traveling to them. I know it is not cheap but these mansions in Hawaii are worth considering when planning the itinerary. Having scoured the land of pinterest for ideas, I thought I shard my bucketlist. These are places I am definitely considering visiting once I am in Hawaii. This is not a comprehensive list but these are must places on my list which many have recommended to me.

    If you’ve ever been to Hawaii, make sure to share some places I should consider, even must see places. As I am someone who loves to explore, make sure to include any must do day trips.

    My Hawaii Bucketlist!!

    With so many islands that interest in, I have been doing some research on flights and the best time to travel. Having an idea of when I want to travel giving me a starting point on the flights front. When searching for flights I often use Skycanner which finds the flights for me. It allows me to know when the best time to travel is and what destinations. But other companies like Expedia also offer an opportunity to search for incredible deals.

    Hawaii - Haleakala

    Haleakala National Park

    Is there anything more beautiful than waking up just extra early to experience an incredible sunrise? This national park is one of the most popular and visitors travel wide and far to experience the sunrise. Haleakala means ‘House of the sun’ and as someone who watches Moana like daily, I like the legend. It is believed the demigod Maui store the sun then chose to imprison it on the island of Maui. The idea is so that he stole it so he could lengthen the day for the immortals. Be prepared to see some rare birds native to the island, indulge into the Hawaiian culture and more.

    Good to know: Make a reservation before visiting, more information on HERE.

    Sea Life Park Hawaii

    Ever since my visit to Oceano in Monaco I have been loving adding aquariums on my itinerary where possible. The Sea Life Park was opened in 1964 and allows visitors to interact with animals. Though I won’t be planning to feed sea turtles like I did in Bali nor swim with the dolphins. It is something they offer and such a diverse park with marine life speak to Ohau.

    Good to know: Plan your visit, more information on HERE.

    Honolulu Zoo

    If you’re into animals and want to see more than 1200 inhabitants then Honolulu zoo has to be on the list. I like aquariums more than zoos but then again I would like to see inhabitants of Hawaii. The Zoo is pretty popular with tourists and what I am loving is the educational aspect offered on site.

    Good to know: Plan your visit, more information on HERE.

    Ala Moana Center

    Though I rarely go shopping when I am abroad, I do like buying one or two things specific to my destination. Ala Moana center is a shopping mall, one of the biggest in Hawaii opened in 1959. I have never been to an open air shopping center but it would be awesome to visit the mall. With over 350 shops and restaurants, everyone is bound to find something they like.

    Learn about Hawaii’s History

    Whenever I visit somewhere new, I think it is prudent of me to try to learn about the history of the place. Hawaii is one filled with so much history as well as legends told and known by the locals. I intend to spend some time learning about Hawaii, not just planning the beach life adventure.

    Hawaii - Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor

    No human alive does not know about the devastation unsanctioned Japanese attack on the state of Hawaii. Pearl Harbor is a US deep naval base and home to the US Pacific fleet. No one ever envisioned Japan would attack an Island of the United states. Therefore Pearl Harbor was largely unprotected resulting in so many casualties on the US side than Japan.

    Good to know: Visit Pacific Aviation Museum to learn about Pearl Harbor, more HERE.

    USS Arizona memorial

    Located in the middle of the pacific ocean, the memorial ground is dedicated to all the fallen during the attack. It is the resting place of over 1100 marines and sailors who died during the surprise attack. USS Arizona memorial is one of the most popular tourist places to explore, and I want to visit. Not only to learn about the history but also attend the movie/boat tour. It takes about 75 minutes to complete the tour, tickets can be booked 3 months in advance.

    Good to know: Package deals can be purchased HERE.

    Bishop Museum

    Founded by Charles Bishop in 1889, the museum is one of the largest in Hawaii with over 24 million Polynesian artifacts. The museum has an extensive collection of books about Hawaiian culture and the pacific and an entomological collection. It is open daily from 9-am to 5-pm offering many tours to learn about the history of Hawaii including the monarch.

    Good to know: Plan you visit, more information HERE.

    There is so much I want to do and see once I get to Hawaii, including visit Kualoa Ranch and Iolani Palace. For now I will settle for scouring the web of places people recommend until I visit for myself.

    And that’s it for my Hawaii bucketlist and places I wish to see one day.


    Happy New Year – Top Five Friday

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year everyone, I know I am about 12 days late saying this but to be honest its been hectic. So hectic that I couldn’t even share a Top Five Fridayfor the first Friday in the New Year. Anyway, so much has happened since I last shared a Top Five Friday post and can’t wait to share. Anyway before I continue to ramble on about my happenings, Happy New Year again.

    As is tradition with this series, I try to share items of interest to me from the last five days. Obviously since I have missed about four Fridays, I will cram some information in here. The rest I will ensure to share in my Twelve Months of Happiness series.

    happy new year

    Happy New Year – Top Five Friday

    In the last top five Friday I had shared my excitement about visiting Frankfurt as well as Rola Wala the week before. It has been incredible being able to attend so many events including restaurant reviews. Check out our latest review of Dirty Bones Oxford whom I gave a second chance to prove themselves. I am pleased to say they did prove themselves and happy to recommend them to Londoners and Oxford-ers.

    • Take Twelve Trips – I have decided to re-start my take 12 trips travel challenge I completed back in 2016. It was such an incredible challenge, I traveled at least once a weekend a month and went abroad. This time I will combine my local travels with my adventures abroad. So far I have planned 6 trips in the next 3 months and been to 1.
    • Winter city escape – speaking of adventures abroad, I just returned from Prague a few days ago. I am totally missing it and want to go back, it is an incredible city. You can read my Prague Ultimate Travel Guide I shared on my main website.
    • Valentine’s Day gift ideas – those who know me know I am a sucker for personalised gifts to show my love. My ex always used to send me personalised gifts and I loved them. This year I want to give a special someone *embroidered shirts. Embroidery is a cool way to add personalization to someone’s garments or other belongings.
    • Festive gifts – speaking of gifts over the festive period my family and I exchanged gifts which I loved. My mother always gets me a dressing gown but this year she didn’t now I am hunting for one. I was very jealous of my giveaway winner Kim who won a choice of gown for herself.
    • Promotion – the last 10 days have been the craziest ones ever, I got a job offer and then a promotion. It has been hard trying to make a decision which offer is best for me and my future. But regardless I couldn’t be more happy to be in this position.

    And that is that, I can not believe we are already 12 days into the New Year. Where has the time gone, but its been exciting and hectic.

    Happy New Year Everyone!!