How To Finance A New Year Getaway

Finance A New Year Getaway

After all the rush and bustle of the Christmas season, many of us are actually left craving the escape of a New Year’s break. And while it’s a great idea to recharge your batteries and make some more memories before going back to work, the problem can be how to finance it. The holidays can be a big drain on finances, so you could be forgiven for wondering how you can pay for a break as well, however much you need one. Luckily, there is a way to enjoy your Christmas and still be able to escape for the New Year.

Do Your Research

It might be tempting to just snap up the first rock-bottom plane tickets you see, and although there are some bargain airfares to be had, this approach could actually end up costing you more if you don’t do a little groundwork. Because it’s not just the cost of flights – you need to make sure that you can sort purse-friendly accommodation, transport, food and activities at your destination as well.

Use the power of the web to find the best budget attractions and look into whether there is a hostel accommodation – they’ve come into the new century since the ones you remember from Duke of Edinburgh, and some of the nicer ones these days can pass for a boutique hotel. Also, try to pick somewhere that is centrally located for the activities you want to do, so you can either walk and sightsee on the way or use hire bikes and public transport to get around rather than expensive taxis.

Consider A Road Trip

Jetting off isn’t the only way to get your much-needed break – planning a road trip can be a great bonding experience for you and your partner or a group of friends and is a great way to see a bit more of the country. Whether you choose to strap on your leathers and go on a motorbike tour or pack up a rental 4X4 with a group of friends and explore the countryside.

There are so many great destinations, plus you get complete control of your itinerary and where you choose to stay. All you need is a reliable set of wheels, so check out weekend car rentals or motorbike finance from Superbike Loans, make your on the road playlist and get exploring.

Secure Those Spends

While travel costs and accommodation are obvious things to look for deals on, you can also make savings when it comes to your spending money for the trip. Exchanging currency can get quite expensive, due to the fees that bureaus charge to do the transaction. These are often much worse at the airport, where you are a captive audience. Try to minimise these costs too by comparing exchange rates online before you get your Euros or other foreign currency.

If you travel frequently, you can also get a card designed for overseas use to cut costs. Make sure that you understand what each denomination of notes look like before you leave – it’s easy to hand over the wrong money when you’re in a hurry and working in a currency you aren’t familiar with, and you can lose out on a lot of cash this way. Keeping a currency converter app on your phone will help you to check prices on the go and make sure you aren’t overpaying for meals and souvenirs.

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