Since When Do Good Deeds Never Pay Off?

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Elbow on the table, chin in your palm and thinking about what you should do with your life? Join the club, there are millions of people who don’t know what they should be doing for a living. Many of us just do what we have always done and never think twice about it. Those are the people who will realise later on in life, that they should have always followed what they wanted to do and not what society, their family or friends thought they should do. It’s never ever too late, however, because there is always an outlet where you can reignite your passion and go for something that you love doing. What if you’re the type of person that wants to help people for a living? Careers such as these are always in fashion and even during economic hard times, people will still want services that cater to their well-being. Good deeds can pay off, quite literally.

Advancing to physical therapy

People who have had life-altering injuries need physical therapy to recover back to health properly. Even after operations and plenty of bed rest, they will need to be given extra support in reaffirming their limbs, joints and cognitive skills. Motor skills culminate all of these into one when it comes to physical therapy, which is why the job of physical therapy nurse is so highly respected and paid. You can expect an average salary of around £37,000 but the best nurses will often be retained by hospitals for around £42,000 annually.

What does it take to become such an advanced nurse? You will first need to become a registered nurse which can be done at the Royal College of Nursing. After a few years of showing your worth, you can then go for a master’s degree in nursing which will allow you to gain the skills required to undertake physical therapy sessions with patients on your own. You can also be called out to homes with this kind of degree and responsibility, which is useful for patients with chronic pain.

Flushing and crushing

Thanks to video-sharing websites like YouTube, there’s been a great deal of interest in the massage world. There are literally millions and millions of views of videos that show all different kinds of techniques to heal the skin, the pores, joints, limbs and nerves in our bodies just through the power of our own hands. Perhaps this is why there is one key massage technique or style that has gotten the most attention lately which is the deep tissue style. Moreover, sports massage is the right category as this kind style is mainly for people who have issues in their muscle groups and structures.

You can find out how to enter the sports massage career path by reading the official 2018 guide. It goes through the demand for sports massage therapists, the qualifications you need, the job opportunities and indeed what you salary will look like. However, firstly you must have an interest in helping people through a different kind of way. Sports massages are a style that flushes out toxins and waste fluids and also crushes knots in the muscle fibres. No pain no gain is the motto of deep tissue therapy. Nothing is out-of-bounds as ligaments, tendons and nerves are all massaged but done so without endangering the patient in any way. Obviously, this requires knowledge of the human anatomy and the ability to safely apply sharp and heavy pressure.

First on the scene

You don’t have to be a nurse or a doctor to help people with first aid professionally. Events such as music concerts will often need many more people than just an ambulance crew on standby to help anyone who might need quick medical attention. Becoming the first aider will allow you to work independently and go to various events as support staff for the medical team. You’ll be dealing with controlling blood loss, helping those with head trauma, people who have fainted and generally helping someone get to the ambulance safely. As one of the first on the scene, you’ll be taking charge of a situation and responding to help potentially save someone’s life. If you can deal with high-pressure situations and want to help people when they are in need of professional care at events, this kind of job is great as a freelancer.

Good deeds as career paths will always pay off. Salaries in the healthcare industry in the UK are set to rise as nurse pay is soon going to be the first to increase. But, decide on what kind of care you would like to give and determine your interests in a particular field first.

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