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Summer is well and truly underway and most of us have road trips planned. I am yet to meet a person who doesn’t enjoy road trips with family and friends. Personally, I am not too keen on being the driver but happy to alternate and always enjoy family road trips. But before we can jump into the car and be off to our destination, it is important to make sure you’ve prepared the car.
One thing that can ruin a road trip is the car breaking down on the motorway. Yes, there are plenty of companies that can tole your car but best be safe than sorry. Before I take my car on any long journey, I always make sure that I have checked my car. I can’t lie apart from visually inspecting my car tyres, I rarely check the car for anything else. Thankfully, my car’s computer system checks everything before I set off. Another important thing I do is take my car for its yearly service. And other times I use Kwik Fit to perform the MOT checks on my car. Not many people are aware of the importance of MOT checks, in this post we share some tips.
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Importance of MOT for your car!

The importance of a valid MOT certificate cannot be overemphasized. It is a legal requirement in the UK that all vehicles over 3 years have a valid MOT certificate to move on the roads. The government website describes an MOT as a ‘check on the vehicle that meets road safety and environmental standards’.
  • Whenever people drive on the roads, they want to reach their destinations safely. Although not exclusive as regards road accidents, the roadworthiness of the vehicle is mandatory in the UK. Granted, there are many factors that contribute to accidents on the roads, the vehicle, however, should not run without a valid MOT certificate.
  • Road safety would be achieved by all players correctly doing their individual bit. Environmental concerns come to the fore in that vehicles pollute the air through the exhaust gases released. If this was left unchecked soon the whole environment would become unbearable for all – motorists and non-motorists included.
  • As part of the checks carried out at an MOT testing centre, the environment is considered a crucial element. The MOT testing normally recommends attention to some aspects of the vehicle found wanting. This would either pass or fail the vehicle. Soon enough, repairs would be needed to meet pass standard.
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Quite often, some people mistake this for a regular service. However, the manufacturer sets times when particular vehicles must be serviced. This runs contra to an MOT test and is not a substitute for a regular service. The government stipulates that an invalid MOT certificate carries a fine up to £1000.00.
Besides that, an insurance company would not cover a vehicle without a valid MOT certificate. That’s how important a valid MOT certificate can be. Make sure you check your vehicle has a valid MOT certificate before making any travel plans.
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