Celebrity Style and Office Chair

One of the most incredible things about having Flexi work option at my day job is I can work from home. Often I spend a few times a week working from home and also on weekends working on my blogs. Because I can work from home I thought I invest into a home office in my rented apartment. But being limited on space and funds has left me with tough decisions. Regardless I am able to function as best as I can, but I still have a long home office wish list.

One thing that prompted me to share this article isn’t just because my behind could do with new office chair. But rather I was intrigued by the e-book Furniture-work have put together, talking about celebrity styles and chairs. I for one didn’t know you could pair a celebrities style to a chair design, well learnt something new. I will share a snippet of the e-book but be sure to check it out for yourself.

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Celebrity Styles and Office Chairs

Most of us admire celebrities and their sense of style aided by their entourage of stylists. Even then its still nice to recreate some of the styles that they wear in the public eye. At my work I can honestly say the office space has dull chairs, but with a bit of celebrity style we can revamp it. The snippets from the e-book I mentioned are what celebrity and their style match which office chair.

Victoria Beckham – her style and fashion sense is incredible, I admire her except her heels. They are too high just looking at them I get slightly dizzy but her style is incredible. If her style was to be added to the office it would be the red leather chair. I can definitely see it with Victoria as knows how to manage her colour coordination.

Rihanna – not only is she a fashionista, she’s a talented artist too and love her music. Her style is always vibrant and chic, very trendy and always with sophistication. Her style transcribed into an office chair it would be one with bold colours and centre of attention.

Definitely check out the e-book to read on about the other celebrity styles and how those are translated. I was definitely impressed by the styling and how it was transcribed into an office environment. Personally I am on a hunt for filling cabinets + Furniture At Work seems to be just the ticket.

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