What You Can Learn About Russia On The Trans Siberian Railway


When you travel to a foreign country, you will learn a lot about it, the people, the wildlife, the scenery, and this is true when you travel along the Trans Siberian Railway from Moscow to Vladivostok. The railway is an epic train journey that is on many bucket lists around the world. When you travel along this scenic railway, you will learn lots of facts about Russia that you may not have been prepared to learn. You can get lots of information from websites such as The Rough Guide, but there are things in Russia that you will just not appreciate until you experience them for yourself.

Russia Is Huge, And I Mean Massive!

You can look up all of the facts that you want about Russia, but the enormity of the country does not hit home until you travel along its length. If you were to drive the 9000 odd kilometres, it would take you days of constant driving. Sitting in your carriage listening to the steady rhythm of the tracks and watching the ever-changing vista, it hits home how big the country is when you are a day or so into your journey.

The Russians Love Tea

Forget the stereotype image of all Russians drinking vodka, one thing you will notice on the train is that each carriage has a massive metal kettle, and you will be given a small metal basket and teaspoon. There is a steady stream of people all day making their way to get a cup of their favourite beverage. What better way to start your epic Trans Siberian railway adventure than with a cup of tea?


Conversing With The Locals Can Feel Strained

One thing that you notice when you try and speak to the locals, even if you talk the language, is that they are not ones for small talk and idle chit-chat. Political correctness is almost non-existent, and people are often straight to the point with their talking. That does not mean that they are not friendly though and you can have a fantastic experience when socialising with the locals on your trip.

An Amazing Assortment Of Landscapes

With the railway journey covering so much distance, you will see that you pass through an array of different landscapes, all with their beauty. From snow-topped mountains, vast expanses of tundra, and forests that seem to go on forever, there is a constant view outside of your carriage which is always changing, sometimes so slowly that you hardly notice it at all.

The Wonderfully Generous People

Although Russians can be very straight talking and do not suffer idle gossip much, they are an amazingly warm and generous people that find happiness in the sometimes bleakest of locations. During the length of your trip, you will pass through 8 different time zones and the people getting on and off of the train will come from a mixture of backgrounds speaking an array of different languages.

Forget about what you might hear in the news, Russia is a friendly country that has a wealth of natural beauty, and a population that will make you feel welcome. Book a trip along the Trans Siberian Railway today, and experience it for yourself and make up your mind for yourself.

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