Top Advice On Matching An Engagement Ring With A Wedding Band

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The engagement ring has been chosen and now the next adventure awaits; the wedding band. Many people opt for a band that complements their engagement ring without being too similar. This is a wise choice to pair the rings this way and can lead to beautiful symmetry in your own unique way.

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In this exciting time, it’s good to gain advice and tips from those who know a thing or two about extra-special jewellery. This is why we have gathered our go-to style tips on wedding bands so you can gain clarity on which you should purchase.


  • Is your engagement ring a solitaire

If you have gone for the timeless simplicity of the solitaire engagement ring, then a slim diamond band will give both rings that additional glitz.

  • If you have a pave engagement ring

So, you already have an eternity diamond band which means you can afford to keep it simple for the wedding band. This way it complements your engagement ring rather than overpowers it.

  • You have a coloured gemstone ring

If you have a coloured stone engagement ring then a good choice for a band will be one that also uses the same gemstone. Visit your favourite jeweller and check their selection for designs that mix and match the stone with a neutral one so it’s not all the same shade. This adds contrast and dynamics.

  • Three stone ring

You have chosen the engagement ring which features three stunning stones. This means the band you go for should also feature gemstones cut in a similar way.

  • Unusually designed engagement ring

Maybe your ring has an unusual shape or cut. It could be a bit more avant-garde or art deco. If this is the case, you should go for a band that is an accompaniment to the engagement ring and its unique shape. If it’s tricky at first, the jeweller will point you towards the best shapes to look for.

  • Your engagement ring has a modern design

If your engagement ring is modern in design, you want something minimalistic, smooth and low-profile.

The above are specific design elements but generally speaking, you will want to consider the shape and size of the band. Bespoke jewellers will give you the best advice on buying a ring in the right metal, style and design for your needs.

Engagement Ring With A Wedding Band

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