The Health Misconceptions to Avoid like Your Life Depended on It

If you want to truly take care of yourself, then you should most certainly be avoiding the common health misconceptions below. And, you should be doing so as if your life depended on it, because it could very well do!

Health Misconceptions

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You should allow illnesses the chance to heal themselves before doing anything about them yourself

Whether this misconception be born of a fear of facing up to an illness, a laziness in being proactive about dealing with an illness or a genuine belief that illnesses heal themselves, it should be avoided, excuse the pun, like the plague. It should be avoided because in no way, shape or form is it better to give illnesses free rein to fix and health themselves when healthcare can be sought. If you were to allow an illness of yours to fix itself, you’d give it far more chance of worsening than actually getting better.

If you need any proof of this being the case, then look no further than the case of hereditary diseases. These diseases are passed down through generations upon generations in families due to family genetics, meaning that for some they are completely unavoidable. But, just because they are unavoidable, that doesn’t mean they can’t be treated and tended to. But, they can only be treated and tended to if something is done about them and they are not left to fester and worsen. So, don’t think for one second that any illness that befalls you will just go — you simply have to fight it!

Vaccinations do not fight illnesses, they either do nothing or they cause them

Our world is full of conspiracy theories, and one that keeps rearing its ugly head is the one that claims vaccinations do not work. Yes, the conspiracy that vaccines do not work and actually do more harm than good is one that won’t go away, but it is one that you should ignore. It is one that you should ignore because if you didn’t and you took it to be the truth, you would put yourself in grave danger of falling ill.

The one vaccine that you are likely to come across at some point in your life is the flu vaccine, and no matter what you hear about it you should have it. You should have it because it could be the difference between you contracting flu during the cold months of winter and you flying through winter unscathed. And, if you actively sought out by medical professionals to have a flu vaccination due to your age or any ongoing ailment that you suffer with, such as asthma, then you should most definitely have it.

If you want to be completely healthy then you’re not allowed to have any bad health habits

Yes, the less bad health habits you have the more chance you will have of being healthy. But, completely cutting out all of your bad habits out of your life isn’t going to make you complete healthy, because nobody can ever be completely healthy. So, don’t try cutting out all of the things that you enjoy in an attempt to better your health!

What this means, for instance, is that you do not have to go teetotal and avoid alcohol completely in an attempt to better your health. Yes, it is not advisable to drink over your recommended amounts and it is certainly not okay to binge drink, but the odd drink every now and again is not too bad. So, whatever you do, do not feel the need to sacrifice all of the things in life that you enjoy in order to find that elusive completely clean bill of health.

Quitting cold turkey is the best way to banish unhealthy things from your life

That being said, if you do want to banish some unhealthy habits form your life then you should do so. But, you should never attempt to do so by doing cold turkey with them. To go cold turkey is to cut something from your life all at once, meaning you have to acclimatize to your life without whatever it is you cut from it instantly. Yes, this might sound like a quick way of cutting unhealthy things out of your life, but it is not the easiest way to do it and it is actually not the healthiest way to do it, either. Instead, you should seek to cut your unhealthy habit out gradually by cutting back on it over an extended period of time. By doing so you will give your body the chance to get used to whatever it is now lacking in, and this is vital if you want your transition into healthiness to be both as easy and as healthy as it can be.

Transition into Healthiness

First of all, it would make your transition into a life without whatever it is you are banishing from it far easier because you would instantly circumvent the initial desire to give into your urges and to relapse. You would do so because you would be supplementing your desires sufficiently to not want to relapse and, whether you believe this or not, this desire to relapse is fundamentally impossible to ignore and you would need all the supplementing you could get.

So, instead of, say, quitting the smoking of cigarettes just like that, you should either lower your daily cigarette consumption or you should switch to a far healthier smoking alternative, such as smoking vapes provided by reputable and accredited vape providers, such as Vape Shop. By doing so you would supplement your need to smoke all whilst cutting down on doing so. And then, one day, you’ll go a whole day or two without so much as smoking a thing and you’ll realise that you have Ade your transition away from your unhealthy habit without even realising that you were doing so.

Cutting down on unhealthy things gradually rather than all at once has its health benefits, too, the main one being that your body would not be put through the trauma of losing something it has become accustomed to as it would if it was sentenced to cold turkey.

Eight glasses of water a day are vital if you want to be in top condition

Water is healthy, there’s no denying that. And yes, you should drink a fair amount of it each day. But, there is no need to drink the recommended eight glasses of it daily, and doing is not necessarily going to get your health in top condition.

This is because, despite conflicting reports, our bodies are not as dependant on water as you may think they are. You see, our bodies do a pretty good job of self-regulating fluids all by themselves. And, this being the case means that we do not have to provide them with as much water as we are recommended to.

So, yes, continue to drink water and reap all the healthy benefits it provides for our skins and kidneys, but don’t feel the need to go out of your way to drink eight glasses it each day. Doing so may even result in you drinking too much water, something that can and has proven to be very unhealthy for those that do it.

Eating late at night will cause you to put on weight

Eating late at night is not advisable as it can make for a very uncomfortable night’s sleep. But, eating late seemingly does not make you put on weight, because there is little evidence to support the argument that it does. Yes, your body’s state of slumber might not do anything to burn off the calories that you put during your feeding time, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to get fat as a result.

In fact, the only thing that would lead you to putting on weight for eating late at night would be you eating something that solely comprises of fat or carbs. So, the moral of the story is, if you’ve just had no time in your day to sit down and eat, don’t be afraid to do so just because time is ticking on and your bedtime is approaching.

Your eyesight will be ruined by reading in a dimly lit area

Rest assured, the impacts of reading in a dimly lit area are short-lived and will only amount to a short spell of your eyes feeling strained or dry, they will not be long-lasting! Well, how do you think all those people hundreds of years ago got on when they had but a candle to read by? They didn’t all go blind, did they? Of course, if you don’t want to strain your eyes or cause yourself to have a headache as a result, try to read in areas that are as lit as they can comfortably be.

So, there you have it, a few common health misconceptions that you should be avoiding if you do in fact want to live a long, healthy life.


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