Why Has My Diet Failed? Find The Answer Here

So, you decided to get in shape, and you’ve been working on it for a few months. Unfortunately, up until now, you haven’t seen much improvement in either your diet or your physique. If anything, you might have put on a few extra pounds. How is that possible? You’re working out, you’re eating well, and you’re doing your best to stay healthy. Well, the answer to why your diet has failed might surprise you because there are a number of things that could be going wrong. Let’s take a look at a few and see if we can get you back on track. 

Wait…That’s Fatty?

Why Has My Diet Failed

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We all know that certain foods and drinks are bad for but what’s less apparent is why they are bad for you. Take alcohol as an example. You might be under the impression that alcohol is bad for you because of the impact that it has on your mind or the fact that it can be quite addictive. But that’s not the only issue. Alcohol also tends to contain a lot of calories, so if you’re trying to stay healthy, you need to think about how to stop drinking. Many people on a diet make the mistake of skipping desert and having a lovely glass of wine instead. What they don’t realise is that calorie wise this is exactly the same as eating that sugary treat.

It’s not the only thing that you can consume that is surprisingly quite bad for your diet. Another one to be aware of are ready meal diet packs. Microwave TV diet meals often have friendly messages on them, claiming that they are good for you and low in fat. That might be true, but they tend to be high in sugar. They need to be because otherwise, they would taste foul and that is why if you are trying to lose weight, you should avoid ready meals altogether.

I Haven’t Taken Any Days Off!

Why Has My Diet Failed

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Most diets recommend that you take a day off your diet at least once a week. By doing this, you can still make sure that your body is getting the fat, the sugar and the salt that it needs. Remember, a little of each of these is good for you in small quantities. Some people decide to skip the off days completely, hoping that this will lead to a faster result. Why doesn’t this work? Usually, because rather than having off days, these individuals accidentally treat themselves more often with little snacks and these all start to add up. As such, make sure you do take an off day every so often when you’re on a diet or a cheat day because it will help keep you honest.

Measuring At The Wrong Time

Why Has My Diet Failed

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Lastly, you might find that your diet is helping and that you’re just measuring your progress incorrectly. If you are checking your weight, you should make sure that you are taking it at the same time of day, typically in the morning. Our weight fluctuates throughout the day due to the meals we consume. By always checking your weight in the morning, you’ll get a clear picture of whether you really have lost weight.

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