The Best Free Walking Tours in Europe (Can’t Miss Them!)

Visiting a city in Europe soon? Good choice! Thinking about taking a Free Walking Tour during your stay? Awesome choice! But, wait a second, you said Free Walking Tour? Well, is it really free, what’s the trick?

Free Walking Tours are becoming more and more popular and not only in Europe. Why? Not because it’s free, but because it’s affordable and entertaining as you can give what you want at the end of the visit. So, no price doesn’t mean free, travelers are the ones to decide the price according to their experience and budget.

Well, enough talking, let’s now see a selection of the best Free Walking Tours you should take in Europe:

Walking with ancient gods in Athens, Greece

It’s fair to say that Greece has had its share of troubles recently. The country suffered considerably during the financial crisis. However, don’t let that put you off because Greece and in particular Athens remains a great place to visit. And due to the country’s economic woes, it needs tourism more than ever. As a result it’s pretty cheap.

Athens’ boasts world-famous landmarks such as the Acropolis and the temple of Apollo at Delphi, making it a unmissable destination. You can also see the main sights over the course of a few days and public transport links are excellent.

Best Free Walking Tours

Among the Free Walking Tours of Athens, the most popular is by far a walk with ancient gods that will bring you back in time to a couple of thousands of year ago in ancient Greece. While visiting famous sites of the Greek Capital such as the altar of Zeus, the temple of Hephaestus or the top of Filopappos, the traveller will learn about the moral and lifestyle of that time and enjoy an amazing sunset. Glorious battles, sex, death, love and passion, what else?

Have a Ghost Tour in Kraków, Poland

Kraków is not first typically on the list for European tour destinations. However, it’s more than worth the visit. Getting there from the US can prove a little tricky, but it’s easily accessible from most major European cities.

Once you do arrive however, you won’t regret it. During World War Two the Polish capital Warsaw was razed to the ground almost entirely, whereas Kraków managed to escape largely unscathed. As a result, tourists can enjoy a beautiful and historic city centre, offering classical European architecture. And as a bonus, you won’t be swamped by tourists everywhere you go, as with other cities like Budapest or Prague.

Best Free Walking Tours

You can enjoy many Free Walking Tours in Krakow, but the one that stands out is certainly the Macabre Kraków walk. During this visit, you will learn about the dark side of the city, contrasting with its charming old town. Besides the Middle Ages’ stories, legends and tortures’ methods, the guide will explain you the hard job of being executioner in Kraków centuries ago.

Get to know the old and hipster Vienna, Austria

Although this city doesn’t always come to mind considering as a cheap tourist destination, you shouldn’t discount it. Despite being second largest German-speaking city in Europe by virtue of population, Vienna is surprisingly affordable. What’s more, its rich mix of culture and history, including the music one, makes Vienna one of the best place to visit. The main sights in Vienna such as the Hofburg palace and St.Stephen’s Cathedral are within close distance to each other, either by walking or using public transports, meaning you can see a lot in a short trip.

Best Free Walking Tours

There are many Free Walking Tours of Vienna related with the history of it’s the amazing city center. But there are also walks about the modern life of Vienna, taking a street art tour or a hipster tour using a kickbike, a hybrid of bike and a skateboard. There is definitely something for everyone in Vienna.

Say hello to Jack the Ripper and Harry Potter in London

No introduction needed for London! Despite its high prices for nearly everything, the city is very international and proposes a big range of activities for travellers, such as its prestigious museums, its emblematic royal buildings, numerous parks and its diverse theatre offer.

Best Free Walking Tours

This exiting city was home of the most popular writers such as Shakespeare and J.K. Rowling and also of some of darkest killers with Jack the Ripper as one of the most famous.

So, it’s all natural to find a walk about the Harry Potter saga and another about the mysterious murderer Jack the Ripper, among all the Free Walking Tour in London, from East to West and from Soho to the South.

Experiencing la dolce vita in Florence, Italy

Tuscany is much more than just wonderful landscapes, a rich past and architectural gems. The traveller will not only know about the history of the Italian old town but also about its renowned lifestyle, la dolce vita.

Best Free Walking Tours

If the all region has completely been romanticized, attracting millions of tourists, it’s because every corner of its cities and every hill in the background give an enchanting atmosphere and is worth a postcard. That’s exactly what you can expect from a  Free Walking Tour in Florence, bringing you back to the golden age of the city, during the Renaissance period, learning about the Medici Family and Dante.

Which walk would you like to take? Tell us by leaving a comment below!

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