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Hawaii is one of those destinations I designated as a ‘honeymoon’ destination for me and my love. Things didn’t work out on the love front and decided to start taking the bull by the horn. It took me a while to appreciate that I do not have to wait on the right conditions. The right conditions never come especially when it comes to travel unless you count retirement. It is for that reason I decided to start traveling and working through my travel bucketlist. One of the many destinations I included is Hawaii, which I am hoping to visit soon.

Romantic destinations like Hawaii require a lot of time and planning before traveling to them. I know it is not cheap but these mansions in Hawaii are worth considering when planning the itinerary. Having scoured the land of pinterest for ideas, I thought I shard my bucketlist. These are places I am definitely considering visiting once I am in Hawaii. This is not a comprehensive list but these are must places on my list which many have recommended to me.

If you’ve ever been to Hawaii, make sure to share some places I should consider, even must see places. As I am someone who loves to explore, make sure to include any must do day trips.

My Hawaii Bucketlist!!

With so many islands that interest in, I have been doing some research on flights and the best time to travel. Having an idea of when I want to travel giving me a starting point on the flights front. When searching for flights I often use Skycanner which finds the flights for me. It allows me to know when the best time to travel is and what destinations. But other companies like Expedia also offer an opportunity to search for incredible deals.

Hawaii - Haleakala

Haleakala National Park

Is there anything more beautiful than waking up just extra early to experience an incredible sunrise? This national park is one of the most popular and visitors travel wide and far to experience the sunrise. Haleakala means ‘House of the sun’ and as someone who watches Moana like daily, I like the legend. It is believed the demigod Maui store the sun then chose to imprison it on the island of Maui. The idea is so that he stole it so he could lengthen the day for the immortals. Be prepared to see some rare birds native to the island, indulge into the Hawaiian culture and more.

Good to know: Make a reservation before visiting, more information on HERE.

Sea Life Park Hawaii

Ever since my visit to Oceano in Monaco I have been loving adding aquariums on my itinerary where possible. The Sea Life Park was opened in 1964 and allows visitors to interact with animals. Though I won’t be planning to feed sea turtles like I did in Bali nor swim with the dolphins. It is something they offer and such a diverse park with marine life speak to Ohau.

Good to know: Plan your visit, more information on HERE.

Honolulu Zoo

If you’re into animals and want to see more than 1200 inhabitants then Honolulu zoo has to be on the list. I like aquariums more than zoos but then again I would like to see inhabitants of Hawaii. The Zoo is pretty popular with tourists and what I am loving is the educational aspect offered on site.

Good to know: Plan your visit, more information on HERE.

Ala Moana Center

Though I rarely go shopping when I am abroad, I do like buying one or two things specific to my destination. Ala Moana center is a shopping mall, one of the biggest in Hawaii opened in 1959. I have never been to an open air shopping center but it would be awesome to visit the mall. With over 350 shops and restaurants, everyone is bound to find something they like.

Learn about Hawaii’s History

Whenever I visit somewhere new, I think it is prudent of me to try to learn about the history of the place. Hawaii is one filled with so much history as well as legends told and known by the locals. I intend to spend some time learning about Hawaii, not just planning the beach life adventure.

Hawaii - Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor

No human alive does not know about the devastation unsanctioned Japanese attack on the state of Hawaii. Pearl Harbor is a US deep naval base and home to the US Pacific fleet. No one ever envisioned Japan would attack an Island of the United states. Therefore Pearl Harbor was largely unprotected resulting in so many casualties on the US side than Japan.

Good to know: Visit Pacific Aviation Museum to learn about Pearl Harbor, more HERE.

USS Arizona memorial

Located in the middle of the pacific ocean, the memorial ground is dedicated to all the fallen during the attack. It is the resting place of over 1100 marines and sailors who died during the surprise attack. USS Arizona memorial is one of the most popular tourist places to explore, and I want to visit. Not only to learn about the history but also attend the movie/boat tour. It takes about 75 minutes to complete the tour, tickets can be booked 3 months in advance.

Good to know: Package deals can be purchased HERE.

Bishop Museum

Founded by Charles Bishop in 1889, the museum is one of the largest in Hawaii with over 24 million Polynesian artifacts. The museum has an extensive collection of books about Hawaiian culture and the pacific and an entomological collection. It is open daily from 9-am to 5-pm offering many tours to learn about the history of Hawaii including the monarch.

Good to know: Plan you visit, more information HERE.

There is so much I want to do and see once I get to Hawaii, including visit Kualoa Ranch and Iolani Palace. For now I will settle for scouring the web of places people recommend until I visit for myself.

And that’s it for my Hawaii bucketlist and places I wish to see one day.

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