Travels Thus Far 3 ~ Touring the world ONE city at a time!!

Travels Thus Far 3 is a yearly recap of the adventures I had undertaken in the ending year. Initially I shared it as part of the 25 Days of Christmas series in 2014 then did recap in 2015. It is a series I did not think I would continue doing, in fact I did not do one for 2016. This wasn’t because I wasn’t traveling but as you know this blog is only updated intermittently. This year I felt it was important to do another Travels Thus Far 3 post to share my adventures of 2017. I realise not many people can travel as often as I do but I hope it motivates you to travel even locally. Local Adventures can be just as far if you’re willing to give them a chance like I did this year.

Travels Thus Far 3 – broken into quarterly chunks!!!

As is tradition with this type of post I like to break them into chunks. Some times I take it for granted just how blessed I am to be able to travel as much as I do. But nonetheless I am forever grateful for the opportunities I have to be able to do this.

travels thus far 3

January – March 2017: 1 local and 4 abroad

This year I made a decision to ensure I visited at least one UK city each quarter. As much as I love flying abroad at times it can get tiring and a local reprieve is essential. For the local adventure we went to Birmingham with my sister for a concert. We didn’t get to tour much of the city but looking forward to doing so next year.

When February rolled in I had made plans to explore Budapest with a good friend on mine. March started with us flying off to Cyprus, an experience I won’t soon be forgetting. Soon after returning from Cyprus I took off to Stockholm – such an expensive city to visit.

As life would have it, I managed to get invited to the Paris office for work which I extended further. I had been to Paris twice before but was excited to be back again to enjoy the Eiffel Tower.

April – June 2017: 1 local and 6 abroad

When April came round I couldn’t wait to fly off to Zambia for my bestie’s wedding celebrations. Since it was being home back home, it gave me chance to visit my extended family too. But before I went off celebrating I decided to visit Berlin as it’s been on my bucketlist for the longest. In May I did not do much traveling, I was in London with my sister practically every weekend.

Come June and I was abroad every weekend in June trying to complete my 30 before 30 bucketlist. I started the month of visiting Bali via Doha, Qatar for my pre-30th celebrations. Then came back and went off to Basel and Lucern where I met a fellow blogger on same flight. I ended the month with a visit to Bucharest which was absolutely amazing and can not recommend it enough.

July – September 2017: 3 local and 1 abroad

July was a pretty big month for me, it has been smiling like a kid as I type my Travels Thus Far 3. I turned 30 and I had one plan, to spend my 30th abroad and as luck would have it I did, DUBAI! August seemed to be the month I was destined to get some rest from flying abroad. Instead I focused all my attention into local attractions most notably London attractions.

September rolled in and it was all systems go, I started my local adventures by visiting Bristol, Bath and Blenheim Palace. Aside from these local adventures, we did a lot of reviewing festivals and restaurants which was a big step for us.

October – December 2017: 6 local and 3 abroad

End of September I decided to join the National Trust so I could explore all properties close to me. I was surprised by how many gorgeous properties they have in Oxfordshire and surrounding areas. In October I managed to visit Four National Trust properties which surprised me big time. During the midst of these local tours I also managed to squeeze in a visit to Barcelona. I can’t tell you how much I wanted this trip and how awesome it was to have gone.

It’s weird to think November was just last month and I managed to fly out to Rome. Another city which was high on my list and I couldn’t honestly wait to go. I also managed to add in two local adventures; one up north {Rufford House} and one down south {Waddesdon Manor}.

To end the year I decided I wanted to visit one more city and Frankfurt beaconed me. I did not know how much I would love the city but also that I would discover Mainz. It was such an amazing experience staying in Frankfurt for 4 days and just enjoying life. I have to go back during nicer weather and tour the city again.

I don’t mean to brag but I will go ahead anyway, I have been to 14 countries and 20 cities abroad in 2017. How did I get so lucky to have been able to Travels Thus Far 3 in life? Nothing has come easy to me I can assure you but I rejoice on positives and embrace the negative.

This is where I have been Thus Far 3, where have you been thus far?

I paid for all my travels in 2017 none where sponsored travels
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