Top Five Friday November Recap

This is now becoming a trend because I can not seem to catch up on The Top Five Friday series. But as always I am hopeful I will be able to keep up with them even with just recaps. Can you believe that today is the first day of December 2017? Like how did that even happen, one minute we celebrating the new year and next its end of the year. I must confess the last few weeks have been pretty hectic but excited to see what December 2017 has in store for us. Before we get to the bright future December is promising us, here is my Top Five Friday November Recap.

Top Five Friday November Recap

So The Myrabev Life turned Four years old and any other time I would have celebrated this milestone. But honestly running two blogs and having a life outside it makes it hard to celebrate. I will not lie, it has been hard trying to maintain this blog but it has been fun too. It’s weird to think I only started this blog because I didn’t want to lose the name Myrabev. Four years on and I don’t actually need it as my life has changed now and evolved so much. Anyway enough of that, here is are my Top Five Friday November Recap.

The Personal Life

Again nothing on the personal life front, rekindled some friendships but nothing really. As I mentioned in the October Recap, I am taking a step back and silently hunting. I have had chance to seat back and review my previous life disappointments aka men.

The Social Life

I have been busier than usual throughout November, my friend and I have dinner one day a week. It has become our thing and honestly I love it, last week I introduced my good friends to each other over dinner. Today we are off to Rola Wala to try out there new menu with my sister and my friend. The social life of Myrabev has been pretty busy hectic and loads of fun.

The Blogger Life

Throughout the month of November we worked on over 30 collaborations between The Myrabev Life and A July Dreamer. It has been an incredibly busy month for me being a one-man band managing two blogs but its been amazing too. I do not take these opportunities for granted because most times they are helping me financially.

The Traveler Life

At one point this year I thought I was going to slow down with my travels and spend more time at home. Alas as life would have it too many deals fell in my plate and I am traveling again. Due to the change in weather, there are only a few local adventures I can do. So I have gone back to traveling abroad to some tourist-y destinations like Rome and Frankfurt.

The Post Graduate Life

It has been incredibly busy and expensive, much more than I realised when I started. This month I have three assignments to work on. Two are due really soon and one is due in January but want to make a start whilst it’s still fresh. There is light at the end of the tunnel I just need to get there first.

And there you have it, my Top Five Friday November Recap and hopefully will be back next week Friday from Frankfurt.

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