How to Have Thick and Shining Hair

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Hair loss is a severe problem that makes millions of people seek for hair transplantation every year, according to The Hair Transplant Hub. Moreover, another issue that people are concerned about the most is thin and dull hair. Just like stopping hair loss, this goal is completely achievable too. The only need is to change your habits and care properly for your hair.

What Do Your Hair Need?

Your hair need nutrients to be thick and shiny. Vitamin-E is one of the most important nutrients needed for good hair. It can be found in essential oils such as almond oil and castor oil. Oiling hair once or twice a week provides enough nutrition.

Hair thickness and shine can also be improved by revamping everyday diet. Vitamin B is proven to improve and strengthen hair. Milk contains proteins pertinent to thickness and shinyness of hair. Washing hair with milk is also a good idea. Moreover, Omega-3 fatty acids also improve hair appearance.

What NOT To Do

Applying shampoo to hair every day might seem like a good idea but it is not. Most experts agree that shampooing hair thrice a week is enough and more than that is counterproductive.

Brushing hair when they are wet is also detrimental to their good growth. Hair must be left to be air-dried. Applying brush while they are wet breaks them. When they have dried, a wide-tooth comb must be applied and a hair dryer must be avoided.

Hair dryer and iron must only be used when absolutely needed as heating tools adversely affect the thickness and growth of hair. Moreover, they damage hair follicles which are mainly responsible for hair growth.

Getting your hair cut regularly does not result in thicker hair. However, getting your split-ends trimmed has proven to be rather beneficial.

Do not go seeking chemical solutions or hair transplant surgery if you have not tried other natural methods or consulted with an experienced doctor.

Thick and shiny hair now is not a far-fetched idea. By incorporating the right habits and the right lifestyle choices one can have thick and shiny hair in no time.


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