Top Five Friday – The October Recap

It’s already been 3 Fridays {including today} since I last shared the Top Five Friday with you all. I am a blogger whose pretty bad with keeping up with series and this time was no different. There is no rhyme or reason why I didn’t post the last two Fridays other than pure boredom. You could say I was not motivated enough to blog or had a blogging slump. Both which are equally true and very applicable to me those two weeks ago, slowly improving.

Thinking about what to include in the October Recap plus the first two Friday’s in November seems daunting. Not because it’s not been awesome, because too much has happened already. Besides the October Recap will be covered in the 12 Months of Happiness recap for October 2017.

Top Five Friday – The October Recap

Would be believe this blog is about to turn 4 nearer the end of the month and I am preparing nothing for it. This blog is one I am glad to have but too lazy to maintain and mostly surviving on guest posts. It is not that I don’t love it or don’t want it, time isn’t available for it. But regardless I love sharing various posts with my audience and I will continue to do so. When I was preparing this October Recap, I had to really think what I wanted to share. Without overloading with information I will be sharing in the 12 months happiness recap. Here is what I thought I should include.

The Personal Life

Honestly, there is nothing to share just looking at life’s disappointments. It’s funny during the summer I thought yep he could be it then he wasn’t. I was gutted but I am also glad it did not work out because I can not be controlled. Being an independent woman seems to scare some people away but that’s ok by me. So for now, watch this place for me whilst I go hunt!!!

The Social Life

I love to socialize but would also rather spend time alone at home watching TV. Lately my assistant has insisted on us having a social life, mostly to help me get back out there. It has been nice meeting a friend for dinner weekly that its something I look forward to. Earlier this week we went to Cinnamon Kitchen an Indian restaurant recently opened in Westgate Oxford. We had such bad service but the food was awesome, now we have conflicted feelings about it.

The Blogger Life

Whilst I am not good with series, I do love traveling and blogging about it. This is why the Local Adventures over on A July Dreamer are still ongoing. As mentioned, this blog celebrates 4 years since it’s inception and I am thankful to all who visit. This year has been the best in terms of blogging opportunities and readership though it hasn’t always been easy.

The Traveler Life

Regular readers of A July Dreamer know how much I love to travel and share my adventures. Of late I have enjoying being a local tourist in my own city and sharing memories made. Since the last Top Five Friday, I have been to Hugheden Manor, Waddesdon Manor and Rufford Old Hall. All these are National Trust properties and I am a member whose making full use of the membership. I have also managed to book a few travels above for remainder of 2017.

Next week I am off to Rome, Italy then two weeks later I am off to Frankfurt, Germany. I haven’t been to either of these places so I am super excited to visit them. Then 2018 I am heading to Prague {Jan-18}  and Tuscany {Feb-18} with my sister.

Christmas Preparations

For the first time in 10 years I have no plans for Christmas, and the ones I use last year I don’t want to again. For over 8 years the plans were the same, spend Christmas morning and lunch with my parents. Then Christmas dinner with the exe and his family. For the last two years it’s been with my parents which I love to death but not sure about this year.

Thinking about presents, this year I am way ahead of the game and almost done. I have gotten presents for Mum, brother, SIL all thanks to my amazing blog sponsors. I will sharing some of the gifts on this blog and A July Dreamer.

As you can see not much has been happening in some areas and rather busy in others. With only 13 days left in November 2017, I am contemplating what I should do to keep me busy. Then ago my job and graduate school are keeping me busy enough.

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

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