Top 6 Stay-Healthy Tips During the Holidays

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The holidays area good time to reunite and celebrate with our loved ones. On the other hand, others also favor this time to flee to unfamiliar climes and get a break from everyday routine. Yet, although the holiday season offers moments for merriment and festivity, it also has its downside in terms of keeping healthy habits. For in this period, people tend to clamor for more courses on their grand family banquets or indulge in non-stop drinking until 2:00 AM as they try to catch up with the latest updates on their different lives.

Exercise routines are oftentimes quickly forgotten. People get deprived of sleep and consequently, sleep deprivation leads to weight gain. This is because the lack of sleep negatively affects hormones that control hunger.In addition, individuals are more likely to get ill.

However, this most wonderful time of the year doesn’t have to cause you misfortunes due to the excessive gratification of your desires. You can still take delight from the celebrations while remaining physically and mentally healthy.

Stay fit and happy with these top six tips during this season of joy.

  1. Dine right and feel good.

The best trick of being successful in your healthy diet regimen is by surrounding yourself with the right food and beverages. Although you’re expected to prepare a bountiful entrée,make it favorable as you ready a buffet for your family.

As the holiday may necessitate social gatherings outside your house, preferto cook a healthy dish that you can bring and share to the group. This way, you’ll never get an excuse for not sticking to your plan of staying in good condition.

Pick food and drinks those that are low in caloric content and high in nutritional value. You can always accomplish your objectives if you plan and do proper implementation.

  1. Be smart in your choice of snacks.

No, this doesn’t mean that you should totally get rid of sweet treats. You definitely can still have one from time to time but remember to never over-indulge. Your snack choices are very important as they affect your next meal. If you overdo snacking, you might be tempted to skip meals. As you may already know, skipping meals may entice you to overeat by the time hunger strikes.

There are many healthy snacks for the holidays to choose from. These are nutritious, delicious and satisfying ones. Notable examples include frozen yogurt fruit bark and zucchini pizza bites.

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  1. Beware of high-caloric drinks.

Alcoholic drinks are almost always present in every party. But beware because alcoholic beverages supply empty calories. They have caloric content but provide only very little nutritional value. Know that you do not have to deprive yourself. If possible drink them in moderation.

If you can not say no after a glass of alcohol, it is best that you just totally avoid it and stick to the non-alcoholic kind or the best —water or some healthy fruit juice.

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  1. Stay active.

It is tempting to ditch workouts as party schedules, holiday errands and preparations fill your to-do list, right? But there’s no excuse if you want to consistently manage your weight throughout the number of parties you attend to. If it gets extremely hard or challenging to stick to your usual exercise routine this time of year, you don’t have to throw out the towel just yet because you can always adjust how you do it to your own convenience.

Instead of going to the gym like you used to on normal days, you may do it at home or wherever you are this time. 5-10 minutes will already be sufficient. Select convenient exercises at a moment’s notice, such as push-ups, curl-ups or planking. Then step up your game for this short while by moving at a higher intensity.

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  1. Travel safely 

Luck favors the prepared. So whether you’re traveling to the best restaurant in town or to your parents’ house halfway across the world, you better give yourself plenty of time to research about the holiday traffic, weather conditions and heed warnings.

Bring with you emergency kits and pack non-perishable foods just in case there might be an unexpected turn-out of events in your trip. It’s always best to make sure that your mind and body is in good condition before you travel. Otherwise, just stay at home and rest.

  1. De-stress!

Celebrations might become a stressful time for you as there might be an overwhelming amount of job to be done. Such as those that are required as you host special events at home. You may also feel the financial challenge as you budget for gifts and party essentials. Acknowledge these sources of pressure and develop a scheme to withstand the daily stress.

Although this may mean that you should commit to lesser get-togethers or set a tighter budget, you shouldn’t feel bad. It is better that you stay mentally healthy than feel sorry later.


Whichever way you want to celebrate the holidays, do not ever forget about these 6 stay-healthy tips. Make a stand —eat healthily, stay active, and don’t spoil the fun.

Happy Holidays!


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