How-to prepare your wardrobe for winter

How you prepare a wardrobe for winter depends entirely on your location and dare I say fashion sense. I was born in a warm country which rarely got cold therefore my wardrobe was more summer than anything. I had a couple jumpers and sweaters but no coats because it never got that cold. Fast forward 16 years later we moved to good old cold England and it was a shock to my system. Not only did I not dress in my summer clothes for the first 3 years in England, there was no actual summer weather. I mean nothing 30+ degrees of heat to got used to as a child, my sister was definitely friend and so was my closest.

Prepare your wardrobe

In a few short weeks it will be winter hence why today I am sharing my tips on how-to prepare your wardrobe for winter. Though most of us have already pulled out the winter coats, here are some must have items in your winter wardrobe. And luckily for you, we are collaborating with JD Williams to bring you these awesome fashion must haves.

How-to prepare your wardrobe for winter!!

Starting bottom and working my way up, when it comes to footwear for winter *Boots are a no-brainer. I have such cold feet that I am always thinking of wearing warmer footwear. Though I am not big on socks, I did love these chatty feet socks I got last year. Now that we’ve kept the feet and legs warm, let’s move up to the bottom half. Those who know me know I rarely wear tights therefore rarely skirts and dresses. So for me and obviously the most practical thing is warm bottoms and my parents swear by long Johns for warmth. I once found amazing thermal pants in TK Maxx which I really loved and now searching for a new pair.

Next up is the top half, do you have suitable *outerwear to keep you warm especially in winter months? On A July Dreamer I shared the *Cardigan and *Coat I pick for my SIL and my mum. Both items are super warm, stylish and comfortable too. My mum took her coat immediately for a trial run upon receiving it and she absolutely loved it. I am thinking of borrowing it a couple of times to complete an outfit when I visit my parents.

So just to recap, to prepare your wardrobe for winter, you need:

  • Comfortable and warm footwear like Boots
  • Warm and comfy socks are a big sell for me
  • Never too old for long johns or thermal wear
  • Cardigans, Jumpers, Jackets and Coats are your friend in winter.

Obviously it would be foolish to forget about having; Gloves, Scarves and Beanies. But for most of us these are more in accessorizing closets than winter wardrobes.

*sample product

** Collaborative post

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