How do you maintain an active lifestyle?

Being able to maintain an active life is all about integrating physical activity into everyday routine. Those how know me know I do not exactly know how to maintain an active lifestyle especially at the moment. Living a healthier lifestyle has always been my aim but unfortunately for me, I love sweet things. I try to go to the gym at least three times but I have missed the last month. It is crazy to think how my life just seems to be spiraling as we close the year.

I am strong believer in implementing plans now than in the future, no better quote said it better. “Why put off something you can do today to do tomorrow?” The majority of my decisions are based around this quote and has helped me a lot. When I was thinking of how I can maintain an active lifestyle, I thought take it slow.

maintain active lifestyle

How to maintain an active lifestyle

Though I go to the gym for Body Balance class, I have not been for a while now. Yes I have work deadlines and blog commitments but I feel its important to integrate physical active. Because I always have a gym membership, I will continue with visiting the gym at least once a week. But that is not all ending there for integration of physical activity.

  • Change up the diet, obviously I won’t become vegetarian or vegan but make healthier meal choices. For me the biggest step is giving up on sweet things, which I know will be hard. Therefore I am not giving them up but just making better choices
  • Trust your body, having walk/jogged a half marathon without training I know what my body is capable of. I know if I push myself, my body would comply but I also know to take it easy. The idea is to start slow and build up your body but also trusting your body to know its limit.
  • Mind over matter, I was scared to even consider participating in a half marathon. But once I convinced myself I could do it, I started believing I could. Trusting your body is the first step to winning your mind over matter.

Balancing both work and fitness along with other daily commitments can be a challenge to say the least. As preparation is a key factor in fitness success, T.M.Lewin has specifically designed shirts and suits that make heading to the gym that much easier. In addition, they created a useful graphic detailing ways to implement exercise into your work schedule

maintain active lifestyle

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