Top Five Friday – Oxford Half Marathon

Oxford Half

The Oxford Half Marathon will be held this Sunday 8th October 2017 starting from Oxford University Parks. For those who are able to attend as a participant or a spectator like me, all the information is HERE. I can not believe it’s already that time for my sister to run the Half Marathon, her first ever. Obviously the original plan was that I should run but I knew I wasn’t going to be ready in time physically and mentally. So my sister decided to take my place and I am so proud of her and very excited.

This week’s Top Five Friday has more good things than last week’s post. Life has been everything confusing of late and it’s been difficult trying to sort through it all but I like to focus on the good. On that note, here are the top Five Friday for this week.

Oxford Half Marathon

Obviously this is a huge event we are looking forward to. We worked with Virgin Sport who are the new hosts of the Oxford Half Marathon and kindly sent us tickets to attend. The Marathon has an early start of 9.30am but all participants have to collect their kit and do warm ups by 8.30am.

Local Adventures – for the last couple of months I have made it my mission to explore locally. Those who know me know I am always off jetting off somewhere but of late I decided to also incorporate local travels. It has been fun being a local tourist in my own county and can not wait to explore further.

Barcelona – speaking of being a tourist, I am off to Barcelona next week. Regular readers know how much strain I had been under the last few weeks. So I booked this trip to be a getaway from it all. I am so glad it is almost here and can not wait to explore this magnificent city.

Veeno Reading

last Saturday to close September we went wine tasting in Reading. It was such an amazing experience I can not wait to do it again with my girl friends. We enjoyed 6 different wines paired with breads and cheese platters finished with some tiramisu.

End of something new – so a few months back I decided to get back on the dating scene. It’s such a struggle to meet real honest people these days. I thought I had met one, being an opened minded person that I am. I always try to give people the benefit of the doubt, that is until they prove me wrong. Well I have been proven wrong again and not sure how I feel about it. One thing I know is I am taking myself off the market for the rest of the year. I am someone who is comfortable in my own skin and being by myself. This break will be good for me, time to reflect on things and enjoy life.

And there you have it, the top Five Friday for this week. Wishing you all a lovely weekend and hope you had a lovely first week in October.
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